Licensed Breeders

Below is a small selection of pictures of beautiful pedigree puppies from our Licensed Breeders. You can see that the puppies are healthy, happy, fed and bred together with their parents who are content and proud of their offspring.

View our full Gallery of Images provided by some of our Licensed Breeders.

Pedigree Puppies Feeding Time

Feeding Time






Pedigree Puppies Playing Time

Playing Time


Pedigree Puppies Sleeping Time

Sleeping Time



Pedigree Puppies Cuddle Time

Cuddle Time

2 thoughts on “Licensed Breeders

  1. Just got my beautiful chow chow from your place and can’t thank you enough for all the help and advice your staff gave,not had a chow for many years since my last one due to work and time restrictions etc but he’s settled in great and it’s a new chapter for me and my family.thank you.

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