Aran Mathai

Aran Mathai Animal Activist Aran Mathai extreme animal activist who attended a protest along with the rest of those crazy activists on Sunday 22nd July.

He and several others screeched through a megaphone that Dogs 4 Us are animal abusers of all things. No one will ever accuse us of abusing animals. We take great exception to this as previously stated.

Due to the unruly protest and chants that went on for hours on end they upset the animals on our premises and in our boarding facility to the max.

Considering you profess to care about animals we find that hard to believe.

If you regard this as a “peaceful” protest we think you need to consult the Collins English Dictionary.


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  1. Only 1 megaphone was used which caused no distress to the puppies in your establishment.
    The most noise seemed to be emitted from the music system on your premises (this can be heard on videos that are widely available for all to see and hear on the internet)) You fail to mention this .. why is that??

    • One megaphone or ten megaphones the noise coming from them was directional.

      You were not inside our premises so are not in any position to comment that your screeching and chanting did not affect our pups and animals on site. They were agitated and distressed for the length of time you were there.

      The police did not see us playing some music (in a rather feeble attempt to drown out your malicious lies of abuse) as a problem.

      However, they asked us to turn down our music slightly so they could properly hear what abuse you were hurling through that megaphone and as it was deemed totally unsuitable and inappropriate you were issued with a Section 5.


    • @ mclean
      F*** off yogi bear ! Because that’s who you sound like ! You are a total pea brain ! God I hope you don’t have children poor souls!

    • Listen yogi bear ! The little pr*t screaming a load of lies down the megaphone did upset the dogs in boarding kennels, cos I was there ! Why did the police fine you ? Because you are nuisance to society ! Learn to speak properly you moron !

  2. Another one that fits the profile of “cyber stalker” loads of sites in his own name all saying how great and clever he is and all the photo’s on those sites taken from a distance with dark glasses, what is he trying to hide? Animal Activist ? in reality they cannot deal or interact on a person to person basis with people. What is it they world says about the British ?…….. the British love their animals because they cannnot love each other. Sad really.

  3. ‘EGO’ is correct …….they want fame and martyrdom …….and mainly acceptance and admiration from their fellow activists, it’s really all about their ego’s
    sad Ble*d**s

  4. 2 dogs on the protest and lots going by not one stressed out. If your dogs are stressed its because of you.

    • Your arrogance is evident and compassion for our animals is non existent. Are you suggesting that we would go out of our way to stress out our animals?

      They were stressed because they are not used to hearing the constant screech from a megaphone and chants for hours on end.

      We feel sorry for your own pets that you subjected to the very hot weather on that day (no place for animals to be in direct heat on a main road) whether you had water for them or not.

      Please show some respect for our animals and your own.

      • “Are are suggesting that we would go out of our way to stress out our animals?”

        Yes. Dogs that have not been mistreated can handle noise fine. Our dogs are happy and were very happy at the protest.

        • What absolute utter kibosh Aran Mathai, it is because you are so ignorant about a dog and it’s phsyci that you make wild allegations.

          Dogs do not have human mentality and emotion and to suggest they do is a form of cruelty in itself, however, dogs can be born with an anxious nature, some suffer from stress, some are of an extrememly nervous disposition, a few become like this not because they have been badly treated, but exactly like humans many ARE born like it, are you suggesting everybody who smokes cannabis to calm them down was abused? or every single person prescribed valium or seroxat was abused?

          What a pathetic comment for you to make.

          • Of course not but well looked after dogs can over come such issues and if they havent should not be kept outside or anywhere noise can cause an issue. The protest was not loud enough to effect any inside a building.

          • I think you will find that translates into your dogs have become immune through constant persistant exposure to loud noise, that is a form of abuse with canine ears being so sensitive.

  5. Just out of common curiosity how many pets have you got Mr Mathai?

    How many animals have you rescued over your time as an animal liberator/activist/lover/whatever?

    How many animals have you re-homed in the, lets say last 12 months?

    What contributions have you seriously made to animal liberation/activism/whatever, whether it be financially, emotionally or physically?

    As a practicing ‘Law student’ do you not find it a little against the ethics of law that you have a biased opinion in relation to Dogs 4 Us before finding out the true facts and all related evidence.

    Have you ever been arrested?

    Do you not as a law student you find it unlawful in what you do in targeting various people and businesses throughout the UK for your own beliefs and self gratification?

    Just thought it would be nice to know a little bit about you and how you help animals in your spare time.


    • They are all megaphone and madness, they are not helping dogs and they will never stop the breeding of any animals, close one shop and more shops will open.

      This is just a malicious campaign which ‘they’ started and they get off on it all, meeting their pals at the demos and getting’s a social event to them.

      • Why can’t you openly comment?

        You are always piping on about honesty – telling the truth – not hiding anything – so come on then start the ball rolling.

        Lets see if you are a hypocrite or a real fighter for animal welfare.

        I don’t have anything to hide it is a genuine set of questions from a genuine person just don’t want my details given out to people I don’t know. Internet security and all that, you must know where I’m coming from?

        Now if your going to tell me we must have the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth !

        • Because it is not fair that you have my name and photo and I know nothing about you. Stop hiding and show yourself then we can talk.

          • You choose to make yourself a very public figure Aran Mathai so why would you not want to publicly state your contribution to the rescue of dogs and your motives ?

          • Listen, It’s pretty obvious you don’t want to answer the questions.

            Lets’s cut it short then and just answer the animal related questions, truthfully.

            I get the feeling that you can’t/won’t because your reputation will blown to smithereens.

            I also guess that if any of your followers read this they may ask you the same questions, you may or may not be as popular, it’s a risk you will have to take.

            If you do not wish to reveal your answers, Just leave it at that and I’ll make my own judgement.

          • A) I am not a public figure B) what have you got to hide email me with full name and details, you can post the reply where you like.

          • Looks like I’ll have to leave it at that then.
            Ridiculed by your own self ignorance and ego, pathetic!
            Whats up too much to hide, eh?
            What will the rest of your people say?
            I certainly will never ever give you my name and ‘details’, to somebody like you.

            If you want to make a difference to animals, volunteer in a rescue centre, especially the Dogs Trust. They obviously need a lot of help.
            They have been in existence for around 120 years now, a long long time before Dogs 4 Us was around, so there has been a problem for a very very long time, even generations before you couldn’t sort it out.
            Oh, and the Kennel club has been going for around 140 years, so if I was you I would put 2 and 2 together.
            Which one came first the chicken or the egg!!

            I’ll leave it now if that’s ok with you.

          • A law student and supposedly one day a practising lawyer I doubt you would advise a client to give any details that may identify them to a person with a criminal conviction for harassment.

          • Was gonna leave coming back to this subject, but,
            I just can’t get the fact out of my head that somebody who shouts so loudly about animal liberation/activism/welfare/whatever will not shout out and brag about what he has done to contribute to the upbringing/rescue of animals.

            How much time he has spent volunteering at a rescue centre or did a sponsored silence to raise money for an animal charity, something, just anything.
            A person like you would jump at a chance like this to big themselves up.

            I’m going to take a wild guess that you don’t keep pets, probably haven’t had many, if any, during your lifetime.

            I also think that you do not physically get off your backside to help any animal charities or rescue, which is highly hypocritical.

            At least you haven’t lied and put any old rubbish…like you normally do!

  6. Aran and co…the staff at D4U really care for the puppies and boarding pets in their care and work very hard, you are all becoming boring now, it’s the same old same old and none of you are helping dogs in real need by your actions.

    Why didn’t all 40 odd of you spend the day helping at a local rescue or adopting a homeless x breed…imagine if you had all adopted a dog that day, 40 new homes for strays (99.9% of homeless dogs in shelters are x breeds ) these figures are FACT …because Pedigree dogs do not get ‘abandoned’ as regularly as x breeds…sad on x breeds but all living beings become ill with something or another at some time, dogs included.

    You can choose the best breeder in the world, both parents health tested etc etc: and sadly as with human babies pups and dogs get the same illness’s as humans…there are now 800 rare genetic diseases in babies/ children in the world, all incurable and all genetic and very rare, just because money is paid for a dog does not mean it may be illness free.

    Dogs are anatomically and physiologically the same as humans I.e.they suffer human illness’s like influenza, chest infections, joint problems and many more genetic illness’s which cannot be avoided by pre testing as they are in many cases autosomal recessive….one cannot expect a dog to never have problems for all it’s life…

    Example: a baby develops liver shunt and requires surgery just as some (rarely) puppies do…so do you blame the parents or God for your baby being ill ?….there are no tests for the rare genetic conditions as yet.

    Yes I am comparing babies to puppies because they acquire the same problems and illness’s.

    • Not really an expert on puppies or other animals of the 4 legged variety, but am I not correct in saying that a lot of the medicines used in the treatment of humans are extremely similar or the same to what they use in animals for the same conditions.

      It is a pity that members of our society don’t show the same kind of respect for children as they do for animals…don’t start me on that one.

    • @ sallyanne

      I know a lot of the staff at d4u as i go regularly for my supplies (mostly on a weekly basis)
      they are a great bunch of girls and guys.

      The puppy staff,boarding staff are all exceptional and i speak to them regularly as im always popping in to see the pups. Im not being biased but all the pups they sell there do look happy and very healthy all beautiful. Real chunky monkeys some of them lol

      I just dont get why these activists target them consistenly, they are never going to stop breeding and it is a ridiculous misconception to think it will happen.

      They should lobby the councils if they think they have evidence of these so called puppy farms or whatever they call them and take the evidence directly to them.Sitting at a keyboard defaming them all day and standing outside this pet shop blaming them for people who have been granted a license is not the way forward.

  7. Another example.
    Rage syndrome in cockers etc,caused by in breeding for the show ring.

    Although the scientific evidence is limited, rage syndrome has been described as an epileptic disorder affecting the emotion-related parts of the dog’s brain.[9]

    There is also some evidence that in at least some cases it is an inheritable genetic disorder. In English Springer Spaniels, the appearance of rage syndrome has been traced back to a winner at the Westminster Kennel Club show who went on to become a top stud.[8] (see Popular sire effect)

    So a champion winning show dog was carrying the gene and was studded out so much that the genetic defect was passed on through the show breeding community (no one knew it at the time) but here you have the real cause of rage syndrome…this has been proven by back testing DNA.

  8. In conclusion. No matter how well bred…. all animals can and do get ill at some point in their lives like we do, there is no perfection in biology, it’s a sad fact of life and people need to realise this.

    • This Aran mathai guy looks a weirdo ! With his vampire teeth, but that’s only to be expected because animal activists look and act like weirdos ! This n*b head has been in and out of court (at the tax payers expense) for ranting on about stuff that doesn’t exist !

      What a silly little boy ! Get a job you lazy a*se, and contribute to society! Like the mainstream do ! You are a joke and so is your mother! That’s obviously where you get your weirdness from !

      Oh by the way you all left your stella cans behind ! And the air was rife with cannabis ! Eco granny ? Nice to see you took notice and left your child behind !

      • Drinkng Stella at their demo

        Did they leave a mess …Beer cans etc: ? Well they are obviously there for the beer and day out then

  9. Aran Mathai, you sorry excuse for a human being. You have no compassion for animals. Like d4u have already said, you are not in a position to say that animals were not stressed out because of the constant drone of your boring squeaky voice. You were not in the store. Nor was I, but what do d4u have to gain by not telling the truth? Nothing!

    You are so ignorant and focused on only trying to become famous through your childish antics. Your mate ronnie promoted their sorry gatherings as peaceful. Yours are far from it. And when you first started getting involved like the little (or not so little) hitler you are, she didn’t want anything to do with you. Now, queen bee is promoting your shameful protests! and she is facebook friends with a lot of you.

    She also claimed she had no connections with animal rights activists. How wrong was she. What a liar!

    Eveything put on this site by d4u is correct. But Lambert is a down right big FAT liar! Proven!

    Keep sharing this blog ronnie, this site too is climbing up the ratings and people can really see how false pl is.

    Just looking back at the language these protestors use on fb, its disgusting. I’m glad no children were present as if they talk like that on the net, who knows what they may hear at these demos.

    Peter Gane I wish you would slither off too, but don’t worry, you have not been forgotten, and something tells me we are going to find out a bit more about you.

    No need to get the limbo bar out as we know how low you can stoop.

    By the way Aran, I have a brilliant dentist if you want your teeth fixed. As for the face, well, maybe a dermatologist can recomend something? if not apparently clearasil do good products.

    • “but what do d4u have to gain by not telling the truth? Nothing!”

      You lot lie to make us look bad, like the thing about beer above – no one was drinking at the demo. If you lot stopped lying all the time about us then maybe Id agree with you.

      • If dogs4us did not have a picture of a child having been taken to the last monthly demo you would have called dogs4us liars then.

        • No because there is nothing wrong with a child attending a protest with his mum. 1 million people marched against the Iraq war many with children with them.

          • Marched being the operative word not SAT in the same place for hours on a pavement while adults spouted mealy mouthed comments, can’t you tell the difference? I am starting to think an aducation was wasted on you.

          • Aran where are you from ? …when I ask this I mean not just you but where is your mother from because you have mentioned the Iraq war ! Whatever ….anyway

      • The only difference is a march is long and tiring for children, demos with lunch and video games are fun for kids. There was tons of swearing at the Iraq war demo even in the chants ‘1 2 3 4 we dont want no f**king war’ being one of them – there was no swearing at that demo with the child.

        I won’t bother mentioning the irony of you misspelling education.

        • You are being very silly aran.

          Demos, video games and lunch do not happen in conjuncture on a pavement sited on a busy main road and are not looked upon as fun by children (in this setting) and responsible parents! How absurd!

          Your EDUCATION was wasted on you.

        • And I won’t mention the irony of “id” and “havnt” mine was a typo what was your excuse lack of education ? are you sure you are studying law, we only have your word for it.

  10. I work in a rescue, it has pedigree and cross-breeds residing here. Mostly given away or left wandering/straying by fu**wits! Whether you buy your dog from a pet shop or a breeder the fact still remains that people give up on their dogs too easily, you shouldn’t have a dog full stop if you arn’t prepared to dedicate yourself to that dog for its entire life. No one can argue with that!!!!!

    • For once I agree, Lets look at Bob Geldof with the 1984 bandaid, millions thought it wonderful, all contributed and felt good as all were helping innocents worse of than themselves ( just like a dog rescuer feels ) however the other side of that is, It is now widely suggested that this aid did more harm than good and in the long term caused millions more to suffer :

      Could not the same be said for all these dog rescues ? is there interference unwittingly causing more dogs to suffer and adding to the problem?

    • @ Ms fits

      Im sorry i have to disagree.

      Someone who has invested hundred of pounds on a pedigree dog is hardly likely to leave it wandering the streets or hand it in to a rescue.

      But naturally i do agree that a dog is for life and i am sure i speak for the majority when i say that?

  11. @ Marion, please believe me, they do hand over very expensive pedigree dogs. We have Labradors, Dog de bordeaux, malamutes. Admittedly they do usually go to breed specific rescues but we have them here. It’s sad but true. I’m not saying they were bought from pet ships, they weren’t. These were bought from registered breeders living in homes who coincidently did not want them back!!! It’s a sad fact which is very often over-looked.

    • In effect your saying some of these pedigree dogs were bought from registered breeders,where people like pl and pat james advise them to go rather than a petshop, and after researching the breed they want, go to a registered breeder and still end up handing them over to rescue’s? so who can be held responsible for public stupidity? lets face it there are loads of people unfit to have children, but it is their human right to have children , so what chance does a dog stand ? you cannot legislate for public stupidity.

  12. And for once I agree with you also Lyn. It’s a sad state of affairs for the poor dogs and I’m sure many breeders will scorn me for having the audacity to say that SOME breeders refuse to take their dogs back, but this is the case.

  13. @ lyn

    Veronica Lambert and the saddos contradict themselves a lot! One minute they nicked the phrase from the USA, ‘dont shop, adopt’ then the next they have one of her breeder associates doing their dirty work taking photos of licensed petshops.

    You saw correct – breeder! And it appears that Ronnies mate Emma Robertson breeds Dogue de Bordeaux’s – wait for it…. outside in kennels!

    Her ‘beloved’ ruby is pictured in what looks like a kennel (unless her house has painted breeze block exposed inside) with many puppies, well I counted 12.

    Now we all know d4u is licenced and vat registered, but is ronnies friend the same? With 12 pups at say £1,500 each thats £18,000. I hope she pays vat on them like the licenced premises ronnie’s worker bees protest against.

    So there you have it, that’s just one of ronnies mates, there’s more, remember Lynn Hodd? The unlicenced beagle breeder who does not keep her dogs in her house in sevenoaks. Well, she is also a member of pl.

    • Aran Mathai fails to understand that some of his messages ARE being posted on this page and it is a opportunity to explain his views and get a message across.

      On his own site’s if you disagree or dissent from the common view you get deleted, so people will decide for themselves on who is being more open to constructive debate, but that is the thing Aran Mathai does not want a debate his opinion is fact …….. end of story so ” ego” rather than “eco” is the correct word.

      Before he tells me that this page does not put ALL his posts up, it might surprise you to hear neither do all mine go up ! Maybe we should take a leaf out of PL book and create our own fake site so that we can abuse people, what do you think? PL Myths has a nice ring to it.

      Nobody is hiding on this page dogs4us are responsible for it’s content, if a law student I am sure Aran Mathai would be aware that any person/group can apply for an injunction or issue various writs which could result in email address’s and IP’s being disclosed, so who here is hiding?

      If as he claims he is a studying law student then he must know he is on very thin ice with his recent criminal conviction, any further convictions could prevent him practising law in the European community (LPC), they might accept minor convictions but examine conduct since those convictions, as it stands his conviction(s) would very probably prevent him ever being invited to The Bar ( BVC ) and becoming a Barrister/QC.

      I notice he says ” I will respond when I know who I am dealing with” as he has added Veronica Lambert (posing as Ronnie Smith) and cohorts to his fb we must assume he knows them well and condones their actions and methods, not just their alleged cause but I would be interested to know if they knew Lambert only lived 20 miles from dogs4us but cannot be bothered to attend her own demonstrations there. I doubt the answer will be a truthful one.

      @ Chris

      I saw that shared link, heat lamp, the dirty flooring with chipped breeze block walls, old bits of wood on the floor to make a lay area, but did you look at the outside shots? rusting wire kennels, hardly big enough for that breed to turn round in, thick green gunge on the concrete walkway’s, and what were those dirty things piled up at every kennels? not the dog beds surely?……. I would not class that as “home reared”…….. and they have the cheek to criticise other commercial breeders.

      There you go their motto should be “do as I say not do as I do” 🙁

    • What I do in my private life is my business and I do not appreciate being brought in to your bitching and slagging off session when you actually know nothing about me. For your information as I have nothing to hide, yes they were born in a kennel outside and yes they sleep there. Oh and a Licenced breeders who is inspected twice a year by the local authority.If anyone who ever bought one of my puppies and they could no longer keep it for whatever reason I would be taking it back as I’m responsible for those puppies until the day they die as I made the choice for their mum to have them.
      Now I hope my name will not be dragged through this again.

      • Emma Robertson,

        You brought yourself into the ‘pet shop owners community’ by going into a licensed pet shop at your own free will taking pictures of the premises and you ‘having a go’ at the staff. You also posted them on the internet and they found their way to your mate Veronica Lamberts fb page.

        Your friends go on about how licenced means nothing and that ALL dog breeding should be banned for 10 years, dogs should be obtained from rescues, or if they are bred to be done in a home environment.

        I got news for you darling.

        1 – you breed dogs (pl being a hypocrite)
        2 – you house them in kennels (pl being a hypocrite)
        3 – you are licensed (something pl do not agree with in any way possible!)

        So how can an organisation that tells the public that licensed breeders are the root of all evil have a friend and pl member as a licensed breeder?

        Come on Ronnie, yet again you have shown yourself up.

        Hypocrite for having licensed breeders as members, hypocrite for saying you have no links with animal activists and hypocrite for saying protests are peaceful.

        Keep sharing this link Kiz, you are looking dumber and dumber as time goes on and yet again people see you and your group for what you really are!

        And Emma Robertson you say you are inspected twice a year like you are proud, well guess what sweetheart, so are the licensed breeders supplying us. You may want to tell your mates that?

        And I have to say anyone who ever promotes the kennel club like you do has lost all credibility. You show lot are the worst, inbreeding dogs freely commanding stupid high prices for dogs and then putting a badge on them to justify it.

        I feel so sorry for your dogs being dragged up to Birmingham to be paraded around and sat on benches for hours on end. Now that’s natural behaviour for a dog – NOT!

        Just out of interest, do you declare your puppy sales to the tax man?

        And looking at the run your ruby and pups are in – I would say it’s a bit on the small side, BUT if your council licensed it, then it must be adequate.

        And you are responsible to the day they die? Bloody hell that’s a good guarantee. You are telling me that if one of your puppy has a problem relating to the breed eg; Bloat, Hip Displaysia, Elbow Displaysia, Heart Disease, Hypothroidism, Skin Conditions, Panosteitis, Ectropian, Epilepsy and stomach torsian, that you are going to pay for it?

        Sue Chan, if you want to see maturity at it’s lowest go on your activist friends fb pages for example: Luke beevers, Aran Mathai, Steven Mclean. There you will see lots of swearing, just like they were outside d4u premises.

        Pl members should practise what they preach, I pity the fools!

        • Very well put Chris, those dogs of Ms Robertsons did not look happy on the benches, I saw all that on pl last week and thought the same.

        • From Emma Robertson ‘ Oh and I met 2 customers in there who I really don’t think had a clue where these puppies had come from !! Also they had bought one in the past and said even though the price for these puppies was £1500 the shop were quite happy to take £800 … Wtf Oh and would you pay £800 for a mongrel as at the end of the day thats what a lot of them are. Some people have No Common Sense and toooo much money !!!…end quote.
          So it’s ok for you Emma to sell your pups for £1500-£2000 then ? …what’s wrong with x breeds anyway oh and why do you people stick your nose into other people’s business whilst at the same time breeding for money !!!

          • Going around pet shops and shouting the odds and filming etc….who made you an expert …you make thousands out of your Dogue de Bordeaux pups

          • Her statement that customers “didn’t have a clue where these puppies come from” implies that Emma Robertson does know which breeder they came from, and if so why do these people not make any business aware of the situation ? it is already proven that when this information is given to business’s that a breeder falls below standards they no longer purchase from these breeders.

        • @ Chris she did not state she was going to pay for medical attention, just “take it back if they could not keep it” not much of a guarantee is it? she didn’t say she refunds their money tho……I bought this large dog on my credit card easy come easy go and if I don’t want it the woman will take it back ,and probably sell it cheap to another totally unsuitable owner that has watched Turner and Hooch.

        • If they are such excellent caring breeders why are they trying to sell puppies over the internet on puppy selling sites ? which has wanted adverts such as this on it:

          Type: Dog Wanted
          Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier Wanted
          Description: im looking for a bitch around 1/2 yrs must be house trained and good with other dogs, children etc , not speyed must be KC reg , this is to be a family pet and company for my younger dog . please send pics i am willing to travel within reason .

      • Bitching and slagging off session does she think she is still on the pl page? Or is it oh dear we must not have an opinion on your home from home premises?

        Tip for you – spend less time on the internet and get some soda crystals and give your concrete paths a good scrub, they are disgusting and a danger to the dogs which might slip on the green algae slime and injure themselves.

  14. Gemma Krzesinska
    Gemma is now showing her true activist colours I.e resorting to abusive comments, and there was I watching and reading her comments and thinking that …ok she is a protester and activist albeit misguided,but at least she has some dignity and manners ….till now……true colours sometimes take a while to come out don’t they!
    You have disappointed me Gemma,I thought ( even though We disagree ) I had thought you would be a bit human,a bit rational and you seemed normal in the beginning but going by your latest abusive comments you have now too descended into the mire of abuse,were you on the Stella ?
    Shame, we like a bit of serious debate here and we don’t do scummy remarks so you are now on our list of ‘let’s not bother with that one ‘

  15. @

    These are very valid points and it’s obvious he hasn’t helped any animal rescues or charities or he would have been bleating about it on here.

  16. Most of these people complaining about dogs being confined in unsuitable conditions have at some time or other owned and kept a rabbit in a hutch, a budgie/canary in a cage, fish in a tank, rats, mice,snake or even something totally unsuitable like a parrot………. all things meant to be free to explore the world at will, not living in somebodies house just because ” I want to OWN one ” and can’t/won’t see the hypocrisy of their current views or accept the suffering they have caused.

  17. Taking up@5’s point on how long the Dogs Trust has been going here a a few other Dog related animal welfare groups established :

    The Dogs Trust founded ……. 1891
    Battersea Dogs Home ……. 1860
    PDSA ……. 1917
    Blue Cross ……. 1929
    RSPCA …… 1824

    The animal welfare concern and re-homing problem is certainly all 21st century and Dogs4us causing it……………….. NOT !

  18. Wow…. despite the revelation that a pl member is a dog breeder who sells for profit and keeps her dogs in outside kennels, pl founders Veronica Lambert and Gina / Kevin Owens have not spoken out.

    Feeling a little bit red in the face after pl announced their belief of ALL breeding should be halted for the next two years?

    Or what about this next bit…. your friend Luke Beevers has been arrested for aggrevated trespass, Intimidation, breach of the peace, three counts of criminal damage and conspiricy to blackmail. All in an eight month period.

    This is just one of ronnie/Veronica Lambert/kiz associates and this woman claims she has no connections to activists. Hypocrite!

    Food for thought ronnie !

    • Zoinks…I think it is about time that ShaggyLuke spent a little more time looking after Scooby Doo.
      Maybe then he wouldn’t get into so much trouble. Tut, tut, tut !

      As an idea maybe Ms Parrish can come along as Velma, “My glasses, I lost my glasses!”
      Then when she eventually finds her specs she would realise what a complete drain on society you are Mr B.
      Do something constructive – Donate your travel to protest money to animal charities, they will appreciate it more.

      Don’t expect 95% of the UK population to be behind you when you get locked away, but then again have they ever been behind you or any of your campaigns?
      Hold on, what is 95% of 63,1 million people erm, erm, Oh Yeah 45 !! Whoosh that was a close one.

      PS. When you go, Don’t drop the soap at shower time, sweetheart ! Mwwaaaah !

      Have a nice day – Scooby dooby doo!!!

    • All Animal activists end up with a criminal record/s at some point because when trying to force their personal opinions on the rest of society they overstep the mark and the police are well briefed on them due to the extreme nature of many of them.
      So Beevers got time? ……good

  19. A message for Mandy or Amanda Gwilt from Crewe…
    don’t start doing a ‘Joanne Elrod’ .I.e posting libel without back up on your pals FB page,you like making stuff up to look good don’t you yet you don’t name the vets surgeries or names,I would like to have them If they exist (which they don’t) …because I’m sure the vets or their staff wouldn’t want to be Involved In a libel case,be very careful what you say Ms Animal rights extremist Gwilt.

    • Mandy Gwilt should exercise extreme caution with what comes out of her mouth or she just may find that fb ban her for good. I wonder if she realises how people think what a nasty individual she is with her cheap skits at d4u, she is so desperate to discredit them by telling blatant lies.

      She really should be careful what she says on the internet as she appears clueless to who is watching.

      Now i wonder who these vets are she is talking about? as im sure d4u would be very interested to know?

  20. Luke Steele got off lightly with 18 mths…… article here :

    29 July 2012 2:00PM

    Response to Aran Mathai, 29 July 2012 12:42PM
    Scientists and doctors now oppose animal testing on human health grounds. Please do your research on the Safer Medicines Campaign that campaigns for an end to animal research purely for the benefit of human beings.

    Scientists and doctors? How many, what proportion? If you make an argument back it up with some numbers.

    Aran Mathai made the this comment and was challenged by ntaylor to come back with some facts…….as per usual just like this site when challenged he had no reply 🙁

  21. People say go to a rescue well let me tell you my experience was not a good one.

    I adopted a yorkshire terrier from a rescue and had to take it back two days later as it attacked my young son. they told me it had been brought up by an elderly couple,i was not informed of this before i took the dog so was very upset to say the least.

    anyway it had a happy ending as i then went to d 4 us and purchased a beautiful yorkshire terrier puppy i am so happy with it. i have had it nearly a month now and its so sweet natured and fab with my children.

    Thanks for everything d 4 us i cant recommend you highly enough.

  22. Hi just been reading d4 us blog and could not resist telling you about my experience.

    I bought a choc labrador from a private breeder some 9 months ago id had him checked by a vet and he was fully vacinated, etc. Just a few days ago Max was playing in the garden and suddenly without warning he just keeled over and died. We were mortified. We tried to contact where we got Max from but the number was unavailable,The vet could not give me any answers as to what had happened without carrying out tests.

    The very next day (as we had a terrible night and was so upset at the loss of max) I called d 4 us and they had three pups available. We fell in love with another female choc lab,we did not want another male as we did not want to compare it to our beloved Max.

    We have now had milly approx two weeks we are over the moon with her, all at dogs 4 us were great and very very helpful and sympathetic.

    The moral of this story is it does not matter if you buy direct from the breeder, it just goes to show that things can happen in life and so wherever you decide to buy a puppy, you just never can tell what the future holds.

    Anyway, thanks d 4 us we shall certainly recommend you to family and friends.

  23. I usually support rescue’s but have heard many very bad experiences after people have given a rescue dog a home, one killed a visitors 15yr old dog, how distressing…… I guess most of these rescues really do not know how these dogs will react in the home environment with a different owner which is totally different from being in kennels.

    Glad your happy with your new pup though 🙂

  24. No word from pl camp regarding having proven links to animals rights extremists and their own members breeding for profit themselves despite announcing they wish a two year ban on the breeding of ALL dogs.

    Any one heard what happened to Danial Webb? Maybe he is still stuck up boxhill with his bike? My guess is that he is feeding pedantic peter a webb of lies for his forthcoming ‘expose’.

    Speaking of Peter Gane, have you stopped posting as your alias’s Maureen King and Gladys Bull?

  25. Just ordered me T-shirt for the anti-protest protest in Manchester and Leeds this month.
    Can’t wait !!
    Gonnna bring me bongo’s and a disposable barby. I hope it doesn’t rain, coz it’ll soak me sausages.
    Will have to bring a tin of beans to go with it…can’t beat it, Beans & Sausage, mmmmmmmmmm.
    Must remember to bring a pan, oh and a strong spoon!
    It’s gonna cost me a few quid to get there n back but it’ll be worth the trek, but if anybody is available to give me a lift that’d be great, Don’t like to come across as a scrounger or anythin’, sometimes it’s just a way of life when you have a cause to fight?
    Some people have likened me to Rocky coz of the way I speak,
    Rocky: Adrian!
    Adrian: Rocky!
    Rocky: Adrian!
    Adrian: Rocky!
    Rocky: Adrian!
    Adrian: Rocky!
    You’re all doin’ the voice in your heads whilst reading that bit, that’s the only reason why I put it on. Ha, ha.
    Any way must get me hair done, have a shower and a shave before I set off on the day, or should I leave it so I look like most of the women protestors from the other camp. Decisions, decisions…

    See Ya There
    Adriaaaaannnn !

  26. @ David boon

    We could ride tandem to the Manchester anti protest protest ? Im game if you are? I will bring the beans!
    lol lol

  27. Will be very interesting to see how dedicated Peter gane is to the cause, I do not think that this person has ever attended a protest?

    So dedicated that he has used a free blog platform to vent his rubbish as opposed to putting his hand in his wallet and paying for a domain name and doing it properly!

    What a bunch of amatures you have against you d4u, maybe he donated the money he would have paid for a website to be done properly to a rescue…. me thinks not!

  28. Must say I’m glad that picture has gone of Matty.
    Could you send me some details via my email of the anti protest protest please I would be very interested in attending, If I’m not working.

  29. Isn’t it funny that when the pl lot get challenged or exposed for what they really are that they avoid it and shut up?

    Lamberts mouth is like one big bellow, blowing away at Peter Gane, spurring him on to try and blacken the name of the owner of d4u.

    Their campaign is clearly made out of an obsession and jealousy from what I can work out.

    After all, welfare is not high on the agenda as all they do is comment on the personal life of the d4u owner.

    Gane has some ‘pressing business’ sounds familiar? Well Webb also took a break from his hate blog by saying he is off cycling for the spring.

    Not only does Peter Gane like to pretend to be Maureen King and Gladys Bull but he has copied the same tactics as Danial Webb, first by creating a very very similar hate blog, then taking a break. Watch out Veronica Lambert, he may do the same as what you did, claim that he is the founder of pl when we all know it was Kevin and Gina.

  30. Me too he is real weird looking but seeing some of the pics of this lot, dreadlocks, scruffy clothes, matted hair, they all look the same in need of a good scrub. How can they walk the streets like that? They look terrible!

    Megaphones, saucepans and wooden spoons? weirdos!

    • I feel sorry for any children they have……..or may have in the future………..or even their grandchildren, who will know what their past is( kids don’t always follow their parents beliefs) never mind employers cos most of them have no intention of getting any job anyway 🙁

  31. @ Chris

    …….. so Peter Gane has pressing business eh? Funny how pl go quiet when he is not around spreading malicious gossip, or perhaps Peter Gane is now the owner of pl and nothing can be done in his absence? Oh I forgot Lambert likes to use false sites belonging to Peter Gane and Danial Webb to keep pl’s public profile clean, good tactics really as who would support them, other than domestic terrorists, if the public really knew what pl got up to and are about ?

    That is what these animal activists who cross the line and break the law are classed as by authorities is “domestic terrorists” and Lambert/ Gilmour/Gane merrily adds themselves to their facebook friends, so now anybody can rightly make a claim that pl have criminal terrorists links.

    You started off exposing what pl really are Dogs4u and in their zeal to get one over on you they have helped you prove it.

    Looks up at the sky to heaven…….(@@)

  32. Yes Lyn, they have not helped themselves in anyway!

    Lambert is a liar when she says she has nothing to do with the noisy and outragous protests outside this licensed store.

    ‘Liar Lambert’, has a ring to it doesnt it?!

    I don’t understand why they have gone so quiet? Can she not explain the fact that her members breed for profit yet in the next sentence she wants dog breeding banned?

    She thinks she’s so in there with her mate Gane just like she did with Danial Webb. I think she needs to look up the word trust!

  33. Talking of Mr Gane, whatever happened to Maureen King and Gladys Bull?

    Can I just recap; is Gladys Bull the woman who bred Labradors in Wales? was she also the one who ran a very succesful business and paid millions in taxes? And why did she suddenly appear on the pl scene then vanish? I would like to ask her a few questions about breeding labradors.

    Can’t wait for the protest against a protest! Got tshirts and everything!

    • @ Salt and pepper

      im sure she went to d4u to buy a labrador,why dont you ask d4u to pass on your contact info.maybe she wouldnt mind answering your questions?…….worth a try?

  34. @salt and pepper

    Hey thats a few of us interested in this anti protest now. ive asked d 4 us if they will forward you my email addy and then we can talk further? Hope you dont mind?

  35. My bet is that Peter Gane has gone orf to delve into some poor souls background to bring out some more useless information, that has nothing whatsoever to do with the welfare of any animal and just feeds his persistant ego and the pl lot will swoon and adore him even more.

    little men like little dogs always make most noise.

  36. Hi there,

    Rachel here.

    Wandering if you could help. I was at the protest yesterday in Leeds and I am getting very worried about my son.
    He is very well behaved EXCEPT he continually tries to run off to chase vehicles, he also shouts and screams at them.
    If we are away from a road he won’t chase anything or run away and 90% of the time returns
    immediately I call him.
    When I walk along side a road he mostly spins round lunging at vehicles as they pass us (he’s worse when they go fast) and it’s sometimes difficult to hold onto him.
    It is actually very frustrating because the other day he swung around that fast I dropped a full bag for life of Tofu and soya milk and the milk went all over me leg-ins, that means I might have to wash them now.
    I’m really afraid he’ll go out on the road sometime and then be a danger to himself and drivers, He has nearly knocked a few push bike cyclists by lunging at them, if it wasn’t for me grabbing him by his hoody god knows what would have happened (Oddly he doesn’t chase motorbikes).

    This is the only time he gets really excited/stressed and won’t take any notice or pay attention to anyone else.

    Any ideas about how to stop this behaviour would be greatly appreciated.

    PS He is also quite prone to chasing Ginger boys.

    Hope you can help

    A very concerned Mum.

    Dear Rachel,

    It seems that he may possess a herding instinct this could be possibly due to the fact he has no real friends.

    This could also be due to the fact that he has a sh*t childhood and now wants what he never had.

    Maybe, as a starting point I feel that during the normal day/week he is not getting enough mental and physical stimulation.

    You need to redirect his drive onto an acceptable item or task, for example a job or maybe a proper education.

    You may want to try picking up on something he will really love, maybe a girlfriend !

    Rachel you need to let him know you have her and how much fun she can be, by chatting about normal everyday things like, dressing up to go out, what you have watched on tv, shopping for new wellies and how to do your hair (for one play session)….make a big deal out of it.

    After the first ‘play session’, so he knows what it is, NEVER let him have that specific thing again.

    That’s your toy, guard it with your life.

    When you go out to the shop always take the reward item with you (girlfriend), but never reveal it to him.

    When you see a vehicle approaching from the distance (and from now on it is YOUR job to spot them before he does…you must be vigilant) present the girlfriend and ask him to perform a simple command, like ‘Get a life’.

    As soon as he complies, let him have his reward for a few seconds (What a tease that can be), making a big deal out of it.
    Then get the girlfriend back and repeat.

    Its very important that he does not lose interest in the girlfriend so do not let him have her for too long, only a few seconds at first (just to break him in slowly).
    He will eventually understand that when the girlfriend comes out, it’s time to pay attention and work.

    Fat chance TBH

    PS. If the girlfriend idea doesn’t work, simply replace with a Ginger boy or a Fiat Punto.


    *No offence to ginger people intended, meant as parody, Thanks.

  37. Can’t believe 15 people can make so much noise.
    I counted 3 with them megafone things, lucky they didin’t get them rammed down the neck

    I live about 100 metres away and ive had to put up with so much disruption on my day off work. Last time they were there they was just as bad,, shouting and screaming allsorts of rubbish.

    please can you forward me the details of the leader of that group of nutters so I can contact them directly. my address is attached but please remove before putting it on.

    I complained to the police and even they dont seem to bother. Somethings got to give with these people, I even noticed they had got some local kids in on it, disgusting.
    They think they are so perfect, preaching to people and calling them scum, to me they are worse than the god squad, how can they call themselves animal lovers when they show no love for mankind.
    if anybody needs gagging its them lot, lock em up and throw away the key.


  38. @not happy
    I imagine it’s awful for you if you live local,you need to contact the police chief super at
    Pudsey Police Station
    Dawsons Corner
    LS28 5TA
    Open 24 hours, 7 days a week.
    Full disabled access.
    0113 2414859
    Explain your distress these Activists are causing

  39. Mathai,Proctor,Gwilt and the rest are not of this planet….
    Mathai dislikes ‘humans having offspring’ -(feel sorry for his mum)
    NAR or little Jonny Proctor says- ‘Newcastle Ar@
    Northern Animalrights (4 days ago)
    ‘Thanks to Those from MAA who came today ya’ll were a welcome sight and made all the difference it should be noted we had one of the BEST DEMO’S YET at dogs4us Not long now Close down D4u’-?

    Won’t be much longer now before you are all carted off because the local residents have had enough…bye bye

  40. Any Local Leeds residents disturbed by the protesters i.e. shouting,screaming,megaphones etc:please contact below OR your local police.

    ‘The service is available to everyone but for legal reasons we cannot accept anonymous complaints. The details of the complainant will be kept confidential during the investigation, In cases where noise nuisance has been proved an abatement notice will be served. If this notice is breached the perpetrator can be taken to court and prosecuted and a fine imposed. The fine can be up to £5,000 for domestic premises and up to £20,000 for commercial premises. Furthermore, if the person responsible for the nuisance breaches the notice persistently, their noise making equipment can be seized under warrant and retained to prevent further nuisance occurring.
    Leeds Noise Service now operates virtually around the clock. If you are bothered by noise problems, phone us on 0113 222 4406 during office hours, (8am – 6pm Monday to Friday), or 0113 3950143 (at all other times).

  41. …still waiting to find out how many pets you have Mr Mathai and how many animals you have actually assisted in the rescue of.

    What was that I hear you say?

    Too busy campaigning for animal welfare ?

    How’s that then ?

    By developing (sorry creating) your network of Dogs 4 Us whistle-blowers.

    Now then you and your imagination keep up the good work – the next time you dig yourself a hole that you can’t get out of just delete all the old messages and hope the people you offended didn’t notice.

    One day you may offend or come across somebody who will not tolerate the abuse you give out – that will be the time when you will be playing the victim – and nobody will truly give a toss !!

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