Meet Veronica Lambert ~ Also known as Ronnie Smith & Kiz

Welcome to the Hub centre for PL

Here is where Veronica Lambert the founder of PL lives,  we thought you might like to see where she operates from and writes her scathing attacks on our legitimate licensed business.

For years we have taken her and the rest of those animal activists staged protests and disgusting vile images of puppies that have nothing to do with the business of Dogs 4 Us outside our premises and on the internet.

They regularly stood outside our premises holding their cardboard placards and horrendous pictures, taunting our staff and customers. They made images of a relative of a staff member, made a video of their day out involving a poor police officer who they made mincemeat off and loaded it on the internet. This PCSO was belittled by Ali Firth (BAR) who was behind the camera, he simply got his words mixed up and no wonder with the way she was speaking to him.

The rest of the motley crew were holding placards stating we are a “Concentration Camp” of all things. The police made them take this placard down and rightly so. This was a blatant insult to our beautiful licensed premises, gorgeous pedigree puppies and our wonderful caring staff who have worked here for many years.

It saddens us to think there are people like this who carry on attacking our business in whatever way they can, so we decided enough was enough and we have been showing the public who and where these people are.

After all, we feel we should reveal as much information as possible after they and associates of PL launched their scathing attacks on us in the first place.

So Victoria Lambert, Ronnie Smith, Kiz and whatever else you call yourself. Remember, unlike our puppies who do not bite, as you are aware we at Dogs 4 Us do and will continue to do so for as long as you try to discredit our good name and all associated with it.

Have a nice evening!

More information to follow on these activists soon…..

167 thoughts on “Meet Veronica Lambert ~ Also known as Ronnie Smith & Kiz

  1. oh you would expect her to live in something at least like Beckingham Palace, what a disappointment, I wonder if she has any rent arrears?

    • that looks like an ex council house, no wonder its bought and paid for, she probably got it cheap on the ‘right to buy scheme’ after living in it for years lol not like the rest of us who started from scratch having to work hard, get a deposit together and then a mortgage…she sounds like saint lambert doesn’t she?..makes me mad!
      Wonder if she has ever got up off her behind and employed staff and contributed to the country and had any form of responsibility by owning a business or businesses and employing people, apart from writing her crazy scathing attacks on people and legitimate businesses and very personal info??!!! which her mate webb had already done and she had allowed the links from his site to be posted and liked it!, did webb pass all the info over to Gladys (or maybe he is gladys) we should try and find out as much personal info about her too, and her mates down at pl and publish the lot on here? 🙂 i say to you lambert, smith, kiz you are a complete and utter fool, you have no idea absolutely no idea! You are hell bent at aiming you venom at this business and i really hope this backfires on you woman! Your title The Crazy Gang was so apt! Thank god i never had a granny like you!

  2. @ Dogs4us sorry about the name confusion. I think I’ve fixed it now 🙂 @ Lyn (one) I was talking to another Many Tears supporter this week about this blog and she said she was also a supporter of SPEC who I have never heard of before. They are activists who protest outside Pet World and also support Debra Tranter.

    • I am not sure of the point of your post Lyn2, and wonder if it is to try and take the heat off PL ?and re-direct it at spec which won’t work because as far as I am aware unlike pl they do not launch scathing attacks on the internet or allow people to create vile blogs of a personal nature nor do they attack MT, they rise above it. It is alleged the Spec group broke away from pl because they were not happy with the way lambert was acting/taking it.

    • Yes we have heard of her. She sent a vile message to our site, so we couldn’t post it on here.
      In answer to her post though, which she will no doubt understand…..Never!!!

  3. I wonder if the donations pay for that car she has.I’d like to know where they do go.Why all the fake names ?? something to hide i wonder.pathetic !

  4. I think its only fair you fight back Dogs 4 Us,you have taken what they have had to dish out for a long time.I’v seen them post some really nasty things about you as a company and target members of your staff,even photos of the owners home and photos of your my eyes they are bullies.

    • D4U stated in their introduction they were going to reveal these people so it should come as no surprise they are being named and shamed,(whats good for the goose and all that)Lambert should have known as one of the “ringleaders” she would come under the spotlight at some point im sure D4U have enough evidence to support what they have stated in this blog.I personally dont know when she has time to clean them windows,she must be sat at that laptop all day?!!! ha ha ha ha ha

  5. Ronnie Smith or Lambert whatever you are called when you air your dirty linen in public, it always comes back to bite you on the a**se. You should have retired gracefully and taken up bowls 🙂

    • i assume all the income tax i pay to the government, helps pay towards the council house, miss lambert kiz etc etc lives in and all the other benefits she probably claims for ! people like her make me sick, instead of sitting at her lap top all day [paid for by the tax payer] blogging about how dogs should be bred, and trying to discredit legitimate businesses who provide employment and contribute to the government, she wants to get off her fat a*se and get a job, and stop sponging off society !!! its time all the working people in this country start protesting about the lazy *as*ards that dont! now that is something worth protesting about!

  6. Looks like Webb cut his cycling stint short as he is already voicing his opinions once again. What i want to know is how this idiot was allowed to sit at his council desk talking c*ap in tax payers time and thought he could get away with it?! You are right snoopy we should be protesting about that!! Let’s take a trip down to the council offices where he works, make a few banners string them up outside, would you like that Mr Webb?!!!

    • Better idea snoopy, everyone should write to his council bosses complaining how he wasted taxpayers money, its disgusting and if he hasnt been sacked yet then maybe they will consider dispensing with his services, if you can call it that! it makes me mad to think i and lots of other people pay for the likes of him to sit there doing buggar all except slating legitimate businesses

    • @jackie
      See Webb has reared his head again.. has he got a laptop strung to his bike or has he been telling porkies again? ha ha ha ha That guy has got some front!!

  7. The simple thing is they thought they could get fake names and never be traced and held accountable for their actions wrong! when you attack people be it a council official, rspca, rescue or legitimate business’s somebody is going to bite back, they keep complaining that Carmathen County Council won’t work with them or give them any info, they post on the net that the head of public services should be called “phil the dill” and he is useless or has relatives that are puppyfarmers then cry ” he wont work with us” do they not think that CCC also follow threads ? Intelligence is what they lack silly silly women

  8. My advice to you veronica lambert is if you cant stand the heat stay out of the kitchen your actions are backfiring on you lady and why should this business not have their say?? You dont give a damn about what you are trying to do to them do you? i regard you as a sad individual i have taken a look at their facebook pages and those pups are beautiful and look the picture of health to me. you are obsessed woman. oh and as for harassment you have been doing it for years i gather, a dose of your own medicine will do you good! 🙂
    p.s. i also bought a pup from there my fab little westie, he is now five and the loveliest dog i have ever owned

  9. @ Lyn (one) I thought this blog was against activists who protest outside pet shops. I’ve been through all the posts though and it seems that you like Many Tears, you think CARIAD is OK and ‘professional’ and
    you don’t have a problem with SPEC. So all this blog is really about is PL Campaigns? So why isn’t this blog called Dogs4us ‘setting the record straight about PL Campaigns’? This is very confusing because it seems more that you have some very personal issues with PL Campaigns. And if you don’t actually work for Dogs4us or are related to the owner then I don’t understand why you are using this blog to air them. And since none of the other organisations mentioned support the sale of puppies in pet shops, why are they OK with you? Surely they’re all cut from the same cloth?

    • Hi again Lyn 2, you seem to follow the same traits as pl which is making assumptions from what they read and twist it to suit themselves, I have to wonder if you are adopting another of their traits by becoming obsessed with people rather than respond to the many comments on this blog, I think that I shall follow your lead and make the assumption that as you posted the following “I am not a religious person but I do believe that we are here to protect the innocent on our planet” that you believe PL are “one of the innocents” so I shall not respond directly to you any further. 🙁

      I am sure dogs4us and chris kent are more than grateful to you for your important input on other activists and may/may not follow it up as they see fit. Please do continue to watch this blog to find out! 🙂

  10. Oh dear it looks like you have really upset Lambert by showing her house, funny how she only pastes derogotory comments to her facebook page and not the ones showing them to be unprofessional amateurs who have insulted county councils until they refuse to co-operate with them.

  11. Don’t you find it interesting that when pics of Dumont, Clapham and Gilmour were posted all that was mentioned on pl facebook page was : to those of our members under attack stay strong. Clear message that you can attack the workers but not queen bee without her coming out in arms, that shows her level of loyalty for you folks!

    • Seems like this lambert woman has suffered a complete memory loss. did she forget webbs vicious attack on dogs 4us, and also putting peoples houses up on the net,attacking a rescue centre, legitimate licensed breeders and last but not least those vile images of a lady from dogs 4 us posted on the internet? oh and gemma hall and her lies about dead dogs behind dogs 4 us, threats of packages, calling them scum, etc, etc
      Well i havent, its all there for everyone to see and believe me mrs lambert i dont think you will come out of this smelling of roses no matter how hard you try!
      You and your activists friends are dispicable and i genuinely feel dogs 4 us are doing the right thing, why should they not show you on the net? you have had your say now in my opinion its their turn. You lady have been harrassing and bullying them for years!!

  12. Wow! Ms Lambert really is upset isnt she?! I see Danial Webb has reared his ugly head on their Facebook page and he says I quote ‘ Absolutely disgusting behaviour from colossal bullies’. I would like to remind everyone that this is coming from the very person who made a blog and posted one of the directors of D4U house on it. As I said before – on ya bike Webb!
    Now when this wretched man did this, I did not see one member of the hideous PL crazy gang say that that was wrong. In fact they revelled in it! Well guess what.. what goes around comes around.
    I also see that Ms Lambert thinks threatening statements have been on here. I have read through the blog and cant find one threat! She really is deluded! Why would people make threats to her? What are we? Petshop mafia? I don’t think so. Just merely exposing these people piece by piece.
    I would also like to point out that not one criminal offence has been made on this blog – so Dumont, what did the police say about that one? They also seem to be contacting the ultimate Sh*t stirrer in the ‘dog world’ Beverly Cuddy. Once she opens her big gob about this blog it will be great. Even more people can see what these crazy protesters are really like and it all comes from the horses mouths – us pet shop owners who suffer their insults and actions day in day out.
    I wonder if Lambert bought her car from the proceeds of the donations made to PL? I reckon Mr Tax man would be interested in this!

    • @ Chris all the fuss is because dogs4us have stated they have sent letters to Lambert and have stated she has not responded, in my opinion to save face she will have been telling her followers that she has never received any letter as dogs4us do not have her address, NOW a picture of a house has been shown and she has admitted on facebook that this is her house so dogs4us must have her actual address, so what reason can she give her followers now for not responding to legal letters ?

      • Dogs4us….you can tell Lyn she lives in cloud cuckoo land, what a load of rubbish she writes…as do the rest of your followers.

        Everyone writes “she will have done this….she will have done that, etc. I suggest your followers make sure they have the FACTS before writing anything!

          • Hello, no I’m certainly no activist, I’m just an ordinary member of the public. I don’t even know what Alf Web is?

        • @ amanda jones it has been mentioned on pl facebook page that their supporters messages don’t get posted on here, yours does not make any sense so is it any wonder ? again taken from their facebook page all they seem able to have asked and not posted is ” where do you get your puppies from” why don’t you try asking M&S, Debenhams, Topshop, Adidas, Reebok for the name and address of any of their suppliers? and satisfy yourselves that no business will give you the name of their suppliers, but of course you want to twist things that it is only dogs4us because they sell pets that won’t tell you.

          And for those still convinced that I am associated with dogs4us and or Petland, I came upon this site from a direct link on PL facebook page which showed Danial Webb on 25th jan advertising his dog politics page and his attack on MT,( screen shot taken) ( most people would not allow a link to be allowed on their site unless they supported the cause behind it ) from the dogpolitics/ web page it brought me to here. So pl facebook page is directly responsible for my being here.

          • I’m sorry Lyn but your posts don’t make any sense to me either. I think you see me as a supporter/activist? which I am definitely not. Even your post above doesn’t make any sense at all to me….why mention M&S, Debenhams, etc? You sound like a very bitter person for some reason. As for this Danial Webb, I don’t even know him or anything about his alleged attack on MT, only know what I’ve read on here.

          • Me…well I know very little! Your assumptions are wrong! I am NOT an activist nor do I have time to sit at a computer day in and day out. I’ve not been on the computer or this blog for a while and quite frankly I don’t have the time to sit here and read all the posts on this thread. So please think before posting unfair comments.

            To answer what I said about everyone writing ‘she will have done this, she will have done that etc,’ I was simply suggesting that Dogs4Us followers make sure they have facts before writing anything. Saying ‘she will have done this or done that’ is not stating a FACT, is it!
            Amanda Jones

        • @amanda jones
          just seen your reply to marion.. finally,if you have no connections with this group why do u say lyn rights a load of rubbish and other d4u followers that seems very biased to me?. You also say make sure they have the FACTS before writing anything! as if you have inside information????

          • Sighhh…………..see post above regarding FACTS. As for being biased, I do have a right to voice an opinion of my own.

            Don’t bother to respond because I’ve got better things to do with my time and won’t be coming back to read anything else on here.

          • I have been reading this with interest and mirth and it seems all they attack is “Lyn” so should we read all her/his posts once again ?

  13. Unbelievable that PL are complaining on their Facebook page about this blog !!
    How they and Danial Webb have the front to complain after their scathing attacks on you Is beyond me really,after 4 years of publicly slating, protesting and harassing you (and other Legitimate business’s)
    Did they actually think there would be no recourse ?
    All acting like victims now are we? well tough s**t PL you deserve arresting for victimisation and harassment

    • @Ed
      Yes Webb,who started a Nasty vicious blog and hid under anonymity whilst doing so, just like PL hide under pseudonyms ,what gives these people the idea that they can go public and try to ruin reputations just like that,and they have the cheek to complain now they are getting some comeback

  14. Obviously the comment I attempted to post this afternoon about your professionalism touched a nerve as it has now disappeared from this blog. I’m guessing this comment will be deemed ‘not appropriate’ by the moderator and not posted either; in case it is, just to let readers know, I attempted to post a comment questioning the blogger’s professionalism as it seems to me that this blog is a waste of time. The blogger should be getting on with looking after the dogs rather than blogging all the details of anybody who disagrees with them, which I personally consider to be unprofessional. As I previously tried to state, companies such as **** surely are targeted by activists about issues such as child labour, but they do not spend time blogging the details of these activitists as they are professional companies who rise above such trivialities.
    I see now that this blog is merely an outlet to rant on about activists, as any comments that attempt to deviate from this and question the blogger are deleted as part of ‘moderation’. I am sure that this will not be read by anybody other than the ‘moderator’; through the inability of the blogger to allow a post that may suggest even the slightest negativity, I am confident it will be deleted. However, I decide to post again to assure the blogger that, due to them not having the confidence to explain the reason for their actions, I think I will be purchasing my purebred puppy through other channels: breeders who are not afraid of questions.
    Thank you for your time.

    • We have posted your comments for the avoidance of doubt, however, your comments are completely “off thread”.

      Indeed this blog is related to our Company and those crazy animal activists who have been targeting our business for years, outside our licensed premises and on the internet, just in case you are unaware of this. Do you understand the meaning of “the right to reply”?

      Also, I am the moderator employed by Dogs 4 Us dedicated to this blog. My job is not to look after the pedigree puppies, we have trained, qualified staff to do just that. You are really are a silly woman to come out with a remark like that.

      I deleted the details about the very large Company you talk about as I am sure you wouldn’t want their legal bods knocking on your door would you?!

      One last thing, as the moderator responsible for this blog you really need to be sat on my side of the screen to see the most disgusting, tacky messages we have received from these animal activists. These are waiting for the police when they wish to carry out their investigations on the hard drives involved and all the websites they have purchased using staff names. Does that put you in the picture?

      To conclude, naturally it is your prerogative where you choose to purchase your puppy from, however, unlike Dogs 4 Us they will not give you a six month guarantee or the after sales service we provide.

  15. i have just looked on dogs 4us face book and OMG they have got the most beautiful dogue de bordeaux puppies for sale ! so dark and wrinkly!! i have just phoned about them, they are so reasonably priced and as usual you get a 6 month guarantee, my friend is travelling down today from sheffield to have a look! i just dont dont dont understand how anybody without some degree of mental illness can accuse this company of selling sick puppies??? if you are one of these people then i suggest you go and see your local psychiatrist as you may be suffering with pre senile dementia or similiar ! i mean come on all the dogs they sell are gggoouurrrrrggggeeoooouuuuussssss !

    • @Snoopy
      I have to agree, they do look beautiful puppies, how these activists can link them to puppy farms is alarming. They are stunning all of the ones i have seen on Facebook and i have been to look after all this furore, i found the staff very helpful and informative, really switched
      on, there was no pressure whatsoever, I am definitely going to buy one from D4U in a few weeks as soon as i have done some research into the breed i am considering. I think it is very wrong these people have targeted this business like this.

  16. Putting it all in perspective, What is laughable people (including those reading the PL facebook page, Pl put a poster up last Thursday ” dying to have a puppy- they are” 20 people like this 6 comments, on April 3rd they put a blog up about investigating complaints in late summer of 2011 alleging they got better conditions for dogs, 20 people like this and 9 commented, they post a youtube video on petshop puppies on April 1st , 6 people like this and 4 commented, on April 2nd they post a youtube “lean on me video” 16 people like it and 9 comments,in fact the highest comments is 30 on any subject other than putting up a picture of lamberts house 90 Comments! get my drift people on what is really important to these people 🙁

    • @bulldog
      Thank you for bringing this to our attention. This comes as no surprise from this wretched woman, considering her previous actions and comments which are well documented, you have seen how they operate no doubt. Vile! Vile!

      45years of trading we are proud of our beautfiul, quality pedigree pups and so are the many satisfied customers we have served over the years. In fact we have been extremely busy today, as most people just fall in love with our pups, they can see they are well bred and simply gorgeous 🙂 with the added comfort of a six month guarantee which no other pet shop offers.

    • I see Mr Webb Is now trying to ‘backpedal’ as If he Is the innocent party In all this (lets not forget HE began the malicious smear campaign)…In effect Danial Webb Is causing nothing but trouble for PL and PL cannot see It..

      • @ Ed did you miss the bit where Webb stated pl have given him tremendous support and he owes his sanity to rosie and ronnie and when he went wrong they put him right? I would say that could be interpreted in court as collusion.

    • I have only just noticed this,it is shocking they are saying such things,i hope this is well documented in case it is needed for reference at any time in the future

  17. Hilarious, just got back from a weekend away and thought I would catch up on the Veronica Smith/Lambert/kiz/sad old woman with nothing to do saga. After reading the 120+ comments, it really looks like this blog has hit a nerve. Like lyn I went through the rest of their posts and couldn’t find any with that amount of posts on them.
    Sue Price, if you cant contribute in a more lady like manner, then I wouldn’t bother at all. Your post sums up what you lot are like.
    Webb still thinks he is in the right even though his site has been taken off line – strange man! Why pull it off line if he was so ‘innocent’? Maybe his bosses didn’t aprove. I doubt that they condone the 3 hours a day (as he admits on PL facebook page) that he probably worked on his site in the tax payers time whilst at work.
    And as for Amanda Jones, open your eyes to the real world darling. Two words for you woman, LICENSED and REGULATED. Thats what D4U are and its breeders. Theres the facts you wanted. And unlike the PL cult and their leader/guru/god Lambert, we are not followers. Just giving you the facts you wanted and putting right the rubbish and venom which is spread through her and her followers.

  18. I have seen lots of pics that they have put on the internet,including pictures of your staff,pictures of the owners house.even links to staffs fb PL and Webb one rule for all.You can’t complain.YOU started it !

  19. The comments that come from PL are ludicrous, referring to the Sky news programme on dog pages in 2010 Ronnie claims “it was because of pressure brought about by our film that the WA (Welsh Assembly Government) finally admitted the problem” I should advise them it is fact that the WA had set up a pilot project on dog breeding in West Wales in well before the Sky news programme aired in Aug 2009, and this was set up directly because of Pedigree Dogs Exposed which aired in 2008. A statement of this can be seen on the BVA ( British Veterinary Association) site.PL are not and never have been on the list of consults for the proposed new WA dog breeding legislation, they have access for input like any other member of the public, and may well have been invited to hand their input in to the WA ,for the 2nd time to a secretary, all other animal welfare groups that are not consultants will have the same invite.

    Statement from the Elin Jones WA on proposed new legislation : I am keen to emphasise, however, that where welfare requirements are fully met, it is a legitimate business and meets the demands of those wishing to buy pets. ( did they miss that bit?)

    As for ignoring requests for their legal representatives, if they are so desperate to expose dogs4us why not go for it? I hope their legal advisors are giving them the best advice and not seeing pound signs, your agents are stating in the many placards in photo’s, ” this place sells sick puppies ” to protect yourselves from litigation that means you have to produce a respected vets/expert statement within 24hrs of purchase that at POINT of sale the puppy was sick, not have “evidence” that a puppy became sick later in life, which could be attributed to an inexperienced owner or genetic defect that was previously unknown.

    As for the lady trying to point out the errors of your ways( Easter Sunday), well done but they won’t take on board your valid points, one being that members of the public seeing pl leaflets at a store would safely assume that PL had checked and approved the store and their suppliers .Like jan gilmour you also live in Scotland, don’t be taken in ! be very wary of any involvement (even email) with these people, or as you already stated risk being placed by their supporters “on the hit list” but it appears from the nasty comment you received on your facebook you already have.

    • she had already said she would be placed on the hit list and later she made a statement to the effect ” and to person who sent me the message about eating sheep They are my rescue sheep and all have names” 🙂 so it did not take long for pl supporters to get on to her.

  20. Don’t be fooled by a fool folks, dw has stated he spent 3 hours a day doing his blog, the amount of blog on the page must have taken the fool many hours and he alleges he was on writing another blog, when he decided “he did not have the time” so if that was the real reason why delete the whole contents of the Blog ? that he has so studiously worked on. You wouldn’t waste your work you would just leave it stand and not add anymore, and if he has not got time why keep the site and name dogpolitics ? because in his many comments answering that lady who dared to criticise and stand up to them he stated he could be contacted at a email addy.
    Oh btw he also states all the research he had to do, that didn’t take him long, pl and pat james already had it, as it is the same rubbish and allegations they have been spouting over the net for years.

    • Make no mistake the documentation/evidence Dogs 4 Us hold is quite alarming (from PL/Webb’s perspective). We give you below an example of one group actually opened on the internet by Webb.
      The group was created on December 2011@ 4.53 p.m.He renamed the group on January 1st 2012 @7.36 p.m. ” Dogs 4 Us sell dogs from battery farms.” We have all the details of the people who posted and comments they made. The majority of them were PL members (are you tuned in Ronnie Smith, Clapham, Clark, Gilmour, Macfarlane, Dumont, etc and of course Webb himself)
      On this forum, one of many that these activists created and we subsequently had closed down by the authority figures who deemed them unsuitable and damning to our business, he was also posting details of the blog he had created specifically targeting our business on this public forum. Below are a few snippets of conversations from this forum:

      Jan Gilmour on December 30 2011 @ 10.27 p.m. quote ” Look out Danial they will have your page removed – hee hee hee”
      Danial Webb on December 30 2011 @ 10.32 p.m quote “No they wont!”
      Danial Webb on December 30 2011 @ 10.33 p.m.quote “I already have details of their webmaster handy, along with a list of his clients”
      Jan Gilmour on December 30 2011 @ 10.36 p.m. quote “Good”
      Ronnie Smith on December 30 2011 @10.44 p.m. quote” Good for you Danial”
      Anita Clapham on December 31 2011 @ 1.15 p.m. quote “You’ll be getting letters from his Mrs shortly, with a list of good causes you should be supporting, instead of trying to sully D4U wonderful reputation”
      Annie Macfarlane on January 1st @ 12.08 a.m. quote ” I think your very brave Danial”

      We won’t bore you with the rest aside to say we have so much more of this kind of material. Are you listening Mrs V Lambert/Ronnie Smith/Kiz??

      These are the reasons we have created this blog to show the malicious, vindictive nature of the individuals participating on their scurrilous campaign to attack the business of Dogs 4 Us.

      • Well done dogs 4 us ! Good to see you have documented all these idiots blogs, times, dates etc ! I am sure this will be useful in the future !

        • Looks like D4U have done their homework,wonder how many more incriminating dates/ times they have of webb carrying this out whilst employed by the council?! 🙂

      • It’s good you’ve kept copies of everything, I imagine after 3 or 4 yrs. of this lot you can fill a skip up with paperwork !!

        • Your right Ed, the sheer volume of evidence over 5 years, I would need an assistant to help carry it to court. and I stress that is totally separate to any dogs4us or Chris Kent hold. This is the reason I call them unprofessional and amateurs , making wild allegations on the net hiding behind pseudonyms assuming they could not be connected so deny accountability for them.

  21. Don’t forget all you animal activist it’s grand national day on Saturday ! So get your blue Peter placards out ! Get down to aintree and try and convince all those thousands of people who have gone there to enjoy themselves, that this 200 yr old English tradition which is watched world wide, should be banned because half a dozen of you sad b—–ds don’t agree with it ! Good luck

  22. Posted in Aug 2011 by Ronnie

    1st Aug 2011, 11:05 am

    ‘No worries, we had good day thanks to Manchester AR group . No pups sold and lots of leaflets given out’

    Thanks to Manchester Animal rights group says Ronnie Smith who has said they are nothing to do with AR groups !

      •  Post subject: Peaceful Protest Against Puppy Farming LEEDS And MANCHESTERPosted: Sun Jul 03, 2011 9:56 am 

        Joined: Thu Jul 12, 2007 8:10 am
        Posts: 1629
        Location: A Council Estate in Leeds
        Please join us if you can for a protest at Dogs4Us, Leeds and Manchester on Sunday July 31st at 1pm. This is a combined effort of animal rights campaigners from Manchester, Bradford and Leeds. All are invited, wherever you are from..

        • Fattysplash Anita LEEDS
          Supporter of Animal Rights
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          I could go on ….lol

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          • Glad you mentioned hunt saboteurs Ed, as that is what most of these are ex hunt saboteurs, now hunting has been banned they have moved on to puppy farms,because they need a cause, and they need to ask themselves have they become more respectable in the eyes of society because hunting is now a banned sport? are their criminal records any less real now ?
            One event relayed to me was, it was alleged that there was an incident during the last foot and mouth crisis and the hounds had to travel through a foot bath and while out a couple of women put acid in that footbath so that when they returned the hounds feet were burnt.
            If you support hunting or not the hounds are dogs and innocent victims merely doing their owners bidding but this shows the mentality you are dealing with.

        • Any pictures of this house? wonder if this is a council property or also bought on the right to buy scheme that jackie mentioned? Fattysplash? Isn’t this the clapham woman? It’s nice seeing where the Crazy gang live 🙂

  23. Hi, My name is suzanne, i am an employee at Dogs4Us Manchester and have first hand experience of Protests at Manchester and Leeds and would like to say a few things.
    Firstly, PL state that they have only ever protested peacefully outside our Leeds branch,when in fact over the last few years PL members have gone out of their way to antagonise members of staff by childish name calling “Miss Congeniality not” “She with arms folded” “Cruella Da ville” to name but a few. These are references about members of staff posted on the internet for PL members amusement.
    Secondly PL state that they have no connection with Animal Rights Activists,yet Steven McLean who is a member of B.A.R and M.A.A has been a regular face at Leeds and Manchester protests,as has Luke Steele,both of whom seemed welcomed with open arms by PL members. On Luke Steele’s last visit at Leeds armed with his Megaphone,staff were subjected to a bombardment of wild accusations,which included calling the staff perverted.On the last protest at Leeds Ali Firth waged a personal attack on myself,shouting that i was a disgrace of a human being and questioning my capabilities as a mother.
    Does this sound peaceful to you?
    Thirdly, Jan Gilmore recently stated that PL have only ever protested outside Leeds,which i find strange as the leaflets handed out by protesters at Manchester are in fact PL leaflets with PL website and contact details on !!!
    PL and Danial Webb have also recently stated that when Danial Webb posted the picture of the home of the Director of Dogs4Us that it was unoccupied which wasn’t true.
    At one of the protests at Manchester i confronted one protester, namely Ms Gemma Hall and asked what relevance the pictures in the leaflets she was handing out had to the puppies in our kennels,after evasive attempts answer she stated “none”.
    To sum up PL protest have never been peaceful,PL members have gone out of their way to antagonise staff and cause disruption.Protesters have been invited in on two occasions by myself to justify the claims they were shouting outside,my invitations were declined.
    In my opinion these do not seem to be valid protests but more of a social gathering and a bit of fun to these people with nothing better to do.

    • your very right Mod, I have a copy of fattysplash saying “do come we have a great laugh”.
      And I thought they were serious about saving puppies?
      I also have a copy of her bragging ” we turned 3 away today” if Dogs4us is such an atrocious place why would they want the puppies to have to stay a moment longer.
      So like you say all a laugh to them.

    • Sorry you went through that Suzanne….Police should have arrested her,there Is no need for personal attacks on you,wish you had this particular incident on video x

      • Sorry you were subject to that Suzanne, I doubt you personally are either breeding or purchasing puppy farm puppies, and simply because you are in gainful employment rather than be a “dole dodger” you get vilified and subjected to abuse and how does that help puppy farm dogs? Look what happened to the poor dogs in my previous post. Pl have a lot to answer for in their quest for martyrdom but hey it was for the puppies so that’s ok, I seriously doubt any Judge will agree with that sentiment.

      • @ Ed

        We do indeed have this incident on video. The vicious verbal attack that was aimed at our employee was inexcusable. More examples of their “bullying” and “harassment” on what they call peaceful protesting. This has never been the case with these activists.

    • Yes Lyn,
      PL seem to think only ‘they’ care about dogs ref Jan Gilmour comment…

      Jumping on someone else’s bandwagon again Marc? Tel me what did you do to raise awareness about puppy farmed dogs and pfs before you were advised of Puppy Farm Awareness Day last year?

      Posted by Jan Gilmour on: August 18th, 2010 4:03 pm

      • You would think they (PL) would all be happy to join up with others like Marc the vet and support the same cause wouldn’t you ? But no,it’s all about them and their self opinionated ego’s !

        • Initially of course, I had wanted to highlight the work of MT Rescue (was told not to) and PL(wouldn’t attend).

          As for saying ‘if you knew us better’ that was another reason for inviting PL; I really wanted to meet them at long last, but I never ever expected this backlash as I thought we were all on the same mission?

          So regarding Pl’s e-newsletter/press release, I find it absolutely amazing how quickly they can jump to conclusions and then subsequently put them into action without any proof, purely based on scepticism, with no facts at all, and from comments on a blog that weren’t even about them?

          To try to ruin my reputation like that will only ever (in the public and pet-industry eye), belittle the work we’re ALL trying so hard to do in achieving results for these poor dogs, delaying progress even more.

          A real shame.

          Posted by Marc on: October 14th, 2009 10:05 am

      • This comment of jan gilmour shows just how much their ego’s are important to them and they want public acclaim or credit, the silly thing is that this was not a pl original idea, they found the link from America or Australia where it had been going since 2008, so it was pl who jumped on the bandwagon.

  24. PL Campaigns · 1,069 like this.
    24 July 2011 at 08:32 ·
    Dual protest 31st July at Dogs4us Bramely, Leeds LS13 2EF and Agecroft
    9 people like

    24 July 2011 at 21:03 · Like
    Danial Webb I will try to be there.
    24 July 2011 at 22:22 · Like
    Danial Webb Which would you prefer me to go to? Equally easy for me?
    24 July 2011 at 22:23 · Like
    PL Campaigns Either would be fantastic Danial x
    24 July 2011 at 23:02 · Like

  25. Fattysplash 26th Jun 2010, 7:45 pm Post #1
    From: Leeds

    I would like to invite you all to join us in Leeds ; where we will stand outside this delightful shop for a couple of hours exchanging witty banter We may also hand out a few informative leaflets, talk to some very interesting passers-by, and have some leaflets returned to us in a very unimaginative manner Above all, we will have a bit of a laugh & bring awareness to some would-be customers about the vile trade that they support, and the misery that Dogs 4 Us create and sustain I hope to see you there

    Dogs 4 Us
    Waterloo Way
    LS13 2EF

    Sunday July 25th 12 Noon

  26. I have copies of pl being more than willing to post pictures of their members on their open public access who are easily identifiable from the accompanying comments, one of them being Gina Owens. So will there be an uproar if you decide to post a picture of Gina Owens when it is already in the public domain?

    I also have a copy of this same open public forum where Anita Clapham has been more than willing to post a picture of a very young child standing alone which she identifies as her daughter. Now it really would be below the belt for dogs4us to use the image of a child to further a cause, but Clapham was willing to.

    And they wonder why they are called hypocrites.

  27. I have evidence that gilmour has taken out a profile as “crummocksteps” on USA web sites using the ” Apache” server. ( although they all trace back to the UK )

    The American law on freedom of speech is much more liberal than UK law, for instance will remove a comment and the same comment can be made on and be left.
    Maybe we should all follow the example and get a .com address?

      • Gina Owens……the hidden woman! She is one of the ghastly administrators on
        the PL site. Who was the previous owner of PL site I ask? The information I have
        is that it changed in 2010 to veronica lambert?…. I wonder why? Do you think
        changing the name protects anybody? Is the previous owner still not responsible
        for what was written before the change? The same as YOU are fully responsible
        for any posts made on fb or other sites under the user name ” pl” as it
        could be either you or lambert making em!!!!!

        Maybe I should contact other people you have constantly slagged off during your vicious hate campaigns and see what pops up? Like they say, any publicity is good publicity that works both ways.

        Lambert/Smith (whatever you have decided to call yourself this week) – the loud
        mouth behind pl writes “things have taken a sinister twist with them putting a
        picture of my house up” ………now nobody would have known for sure it was your
        house if you had not reproduced the image on your own fb page!!!! How
        sinister are you lot turning up at peoples houses under false pretences ? Your
        members posting names and addresses on the net under pseudo’s so PL stays clean

        @ gilmour The lady far away in Scotland who does the posting as crummocksteps
        on other sites with peoples full names address’s and even postcodes- with pl
        proven links to activists that could be inciting violence, maybe I should get in
        touch with some of the poor people who’s addresses you plaster everywhere and see
        if they have had any sinister people lurking around?………… after all I have their
        full names and addresses thanks to you ! Have dogs4us posted your address’s or
        even town you live in? – Don’t think so!

        @ Lyn thanks for highlighting gilmours pathetic post, I like his response, quote
        “So regarding PL’s e-newsletter/press release, I find it absolutely amazing how
        quickly they can jump to conclusions and then subsequently put them into action
        without any proof, purely based on scepticism, with no facts at all, and from
        comments on a blog that weren’t even about them? ” unquote …………says it all
        really !

        @ Jen who is confident her comments would be deleted this is not a chat room to
        debate the LEGAL and LEGITIMATE business of selling puppies, go contact your MP
        about it ! or even better DEFRA. You know who they are don’t you? IF it ever
        changes and it is not legal anymore then and ONLY then is when I will stop! But
        dog breeding is legitimate and there is nothing wrong with it. Check out the
        thousands of breeders who are registered with the KC which allows inbreeding.
        This is something I would not condone! This blog is about exposing activists and
        their associates !!!( more on that to come) if you lay down with dogs you get
        fleas !!! Keep scratching .

        Now I would love to hang around a bit longer but I have got a new car to test
        drive… ta ta

  28. Ok so let me get this straight.groups of animal activists can attack people and companies,say whatever they like,lie about whatever they like and say anything they want really and get away with it,iv just been reading pl page and the language is terrible.f*****g this and f*****g that.they just seem to attack everyone,its like they are full of rage…….about everything ! I hope you have lots of screenshots dogs 4 us,It seems to me you have nothing to hide but they on the other hand.They shouldn’t be able to get away with this.

    • Whether you believe this blog is right or wrong Dog4us have put their name to it and not hidden behind false sites as these activists do.

      • @Lyn
        What i would like to know is how can this PL lot use a FB site to sully the business of Dogs 4 Us, which is licensed and legitimate without redress and use foul language and try to discredit the Welsh government and people?! It needs looking into this, promptly!

        • Nothing eloquent and coherent about Webbs written “masterpieces” on legitimate/ licensed establishments, individuals and rescues was there?!! This guy really considers himself to be important,,writing this scathing material in the Councils time when he should be working (yes paid for by us taxpayers!) i have spelt it correctly!(or should i say it is all one word) Is there anything he is not an expert on?and while on the subject what qualifys him to be such an expert on dogs and their welfare, when he works as a policy officer for the council??….or should i say when he manages to get round to it?? So glad it was brought to the attention of his employers 🙂 Thought he had stopped commenting, but he’s sprung back into action again!!! Thank goodness i dont have to listen to him day in day out he would drive me insane!!

  29. I have emailed the link of the PL facebook page, along with screen shots of their attack on Wales and the Welsh People to The Senedd, which for those of you outside Wales this is our Government HQ.

    I have stated that it has been established this campaign group have links to activists, aside from publicly belittling the Welsh people and their appointed Officials. They claim to have been invited to The Senedd and any meeting with them should be as preposterous as the British Parliament having a meeting with Al Qaeda.

    Please email: if you have any comments on this matter.

    Thank You
    Maria Evans.

    • I’m just catching up with this blog,so well done maria, i will follow your lead and send my own views to the email address you have provided, thanks so much. I will definitely be airing my distaste for this very malicous group, the things they have been saying are truly bad. So very unfair for a business to have to put up with the constant attack from these individuals.Glad they have the guts to expose them. By the way, when they have stopped all the legitimate licensed breeders and the rescues are empty, what then?????

  30. Well Well, Chris Kent posts on the pl news page and pl tells him any further comments will be deleted. You must not use your own name to argue with them Chris or you will be deleted ! they want you to follow their lead and get a pseudo to attack people.

    PL states : As we have stated time and again none of us have criminal records, none of us have ever been arrested, nor do we know anyone who has, so just what is your point?
    PL states :We do not have links with any animal rights extremists.
    There is written and film evidence in existence to prove that PL has had members/close links with extreme activists.

    These people are like children, when a child puts its hands over it’s eyes it thinks you can’t see it they think because DW page has been cleared that as we can’t see it now, so it was never there.

    For all of PL bleating about lies, sinister happenings and intimitaing reason for a photo of a house to be put up, I believe it was done to show you cannot hide behind a web page or pseudo names…………. nothing more sinister than that.

    They posture about evidence of bad practise in breeding, instead of posturing and assuming that pet shops are complicit. Have they ever taken that evidence to a pet shop ? Because if not they are as complicit as anybody else in the conditions of these animals.

    If they have evidence and the licensing authorities/rspca do nothing about it, why have they NOT taken their own civil action against the perpetrators ? So all pl supporters think on, pl CAN take a civil action against any of these people at any time instead of bemoaning that others don’t act.

  31. I never thought of it that way Lyn…….I have been following them for a while and have believed what they say, are you suggesting they are not prepared to be witness in court for these dogs?

  32. well said Lyn,I think Dogs 4 us are well within their rights to create this blog,they stayed silent for years,why shouldn’t they put matters straight,they have been verbally attacked/abused by these activists for too long.I have been to see the pups and in my opinion they all looked clean, happy and healthy. these activists want to give the impression they are at deaths door, this is very wrong and they need to think what they are saying before writing this slander. They say don’t buy a dog from there it will die, including all the other horrendous things they are saying, its apalling. See they dont make ANY comments about their activists mates who have made an absolute mockery of this company with the sordid banners and statements they hold up.Claiming they put dogs to sleep, dead dogs, underage dogs, hope dogs 4 us have all of this for the future if they need to refer to it. Every business which is legitimate and licensed is allowed to trade. A judge/jury would not approve of these individuals who are trying their utmost to stop it from doing so.Awful individuals, sorry but they all look weird to me.

  33. @ Sue have you ever heard that they have? they do so love to blow their own trumpet I think we would have heard about it wouldn’t you?

    Marion, It must really frustrate/agitate these people that the hours they spend embroiled in bitterness writing the guff that dogs4us are still in business, which of course they would not be if all these wild allegations were true, the puppies sold would be dying by the hundreds by now.

    Katy, I don’t think any judge would approve of their methods, especially when there are other less sinister options for them to take.

    Marie I am glad you have brought this to the attention of the WA, these people cannot keep attacking officials and then bemoan they will not work with them, that is exactly what being professional is : working with people you don’t like, can’t stand, hate the sights of but working with them to move forward rather than get their backs up with insults so you get a stalemate.

    Although Amanda Jones was demanding to know what comments Chris had on Owens they have not responded I have to wonder if they have something to hide?

  34. You have opened my eyes up, I came to look on this site because of their talking about dogs4us on facebook, after now reading some of the stuff you have pasted from Marcthevet and other sites, I am disapointed that it seems they would rather argue with people, who genuinely want to make things better for dogs, than go and make things better themselves.

  35. For those of you that have seen the latest posts on the pathetic PL blog, you will see that I have made a comment to get the truth across.

    In response to my post one of the PL administrators has replied by saying I am not welcome there and any posts I make will be deleted – charming!​​

    Anyway, as it was one of the administrators, I have no one to direct my response to, so, Veronica Lambert aka Veronica Smith, ronnie, kiz, Jan Gilmour aka crummocksteps, GINA OWENS, KEVIN OWENS, Patricia James aka puppy alert and haycroft and whoever else that may be an admin at PL, please read on….

    You say ‘we do not care one jot’ in relation to this blog. If this is true why take the time to near enough dedicate a post on your blog about this one? Furthermore, why post about this blog on your Facebook page and say that my post would be deleted?

    I will let the readers come up with their own decision but I think you care quite a few jots!

    You also say you have no links with extremists? How very wrong are you? Trying to deceive the public? It is well documented that Luke Steele and various other extremists attend your not so peaceful protests! I also came across an interesting website. Animal Rights, where you feature on the front page and under their links to other organisations, explain that one! (I can send you the screen shots if you like?)

    Regarding my comment about your defamatory comments against D4U. – I do hope you have a good solicitor as you have openly admitted to it! – Silly woman!

    You are a menacing group that harass legitimate businesses by making defamatory comments about them on the net and protest outside their LICENSED establishments. I should know, you have been doing it to me for the past three years!

    I have never said that I went to one of your harrassing protester members’ house taking photos have I? No! – I hope you have proof of your allegations! Looks like your motor mouth is a bit of a loose cannon which can get you in trouble, maybe you should get a solicitor to go throgh every post you make on the net so you don’t get in trouble…? oh sorry looks like you use your psuedo names to stop that legal action. i.p. addresses give you away though. Shame!

    I am not denying money is to be made in the trade of animals, why would I deny that? But only when it’s done properly and to a very high standard! Again your posts always seem to boil down to money…. I thought it was the dogs you are campaigning for? Very questionable!

    Mandy1 – I do care about animals living in sub standard conditions. That is why I do not buy from places like you portray we do. What is the point in buying puppies from a place which is not up to standard?

    No one has any evidence that I buy from the kinds of places that you lot describe!

    Puppies, historically, have been sold in pet shops since the beginning. Times go on and welfare standards have changed. That is why you would find D4U and myself adopting the best possible practices for our industry in our premises.

    Mandy – I think you should direct your comments to the KC. They are the ones damaging the breed standards. Also with regards to the elbow displasia, ask any vet. You can get two perfect dogs with perfect elbow scores, put them together, 9 pups could be perfect and one could not. There is NO guarantee against it! And certain breeds are prone to it, BUT, if you did your homework before buying your dog, you would already know that. Not trying to teach you to suck eggs here!

    Puppy Alert – one irresponsible blog? Look closer to home old lady – don’t you think Danial Webbs blog that you posted on was irresponsible? You know, the one that put the home of the owner of D4U on it BEFORE this blog was created. Tell me, why has that been taken off the net?

    Sylviasp – the best possible way is to use licensed, regulated breeders who conform to all welfare standards, practices and the five freedoms. You know what they are? The shops which sell them to be licensed, regulated, records made, vet checked more than once, microchipped, vaccinated, insured, housed in good conditions, exercised, fed a quality diet, bathed and groomed, air filtered rooms, heat where needed etc etc I could go on but this is just some of the things myself and D4U implement in our premises.

    Back to PL again – people are enlightened. They are enlightned to your actions. The truth of your proven links to animal rights, your obsessive behaviour and strong intent of personal vendettas against us using underhand tactics. I could not count on one hand the amount of times you lot phoned my council. Add that together with the amount of calls to the RSPCA. Wasting their time from helping animals which are in need as they had to humour your menacing calls.

    Dream on girls, wake up and smell the coffee. Again I say, dog breeding is legal. People do it in every town in every city in every county in the UK. You will never stop it. I would actually support your cause if you went about it in the way it should. You discredit yourself. Focus on the bad breeding practices/places and not us. You are dillusional!

    If I was one of your members I would be interested in where the donations which you ask for go? You are not a registered charity but DO ask for donations. Does the tax man know about your extra income?

    Also what I would like to ask is why did PL change from the Owens to you? I am sure there is a story behind it?…….

    • @ chris
      they are not answering your question about why it changed from owens are they? bit like gladys really, when you challenge them they back off, me thinks you have to have a very good memory to be a credible liar, d4u and their supporters are running rings round this lot lol

  36. I think pl should be bitterly regretting that they got involved with Danial Webb, They and Pat James cannot understand why real dog lovers couldn’t care less how MT is run and I will tell them why, because MT have rescued more of these dogs in ONE year than the whole of pl and their activist friends have rescued in a lifetime ! they do what it says on the tin re-home dogs.

    You keep quoting the RSPCA and Dogs Trust advice ” see a puppy with their mother ” however neither the RSPCA or Dogs Trust say ” do not buy from Dogs4us” your venom and twisted hatred against Dogs4us is why you have this blog dedicated to exposing what you really are.Your own words have shown you to be spiteful bitter people. I am shocked at the sheer number of different web pages you have been posting on over the years, when do you get the time to help these dogs? I suspect you are only interested in cases that you can film, do tell us who you have actually helped that did not involve the press and TV cameras? Do tell us how many good people have joined pl and walked away because of your obsession with officials , MT etc? You only have to read the “Dackel” thread on your members introductions, for just one, you really cannot understand why she left. Please do re-read it and enlighten yourselves.

    Do you seriously think that Dogs4us or Chris Kent condone the conditions your images show? Have you approached ANY pet shop and given a name to the place for them to access the situation? Nope! and these films could be coming in from Australia/ Ukraine for all anybody knows. NOBODY condones the conditions of the animals you produce images of, but you produce no proof/witness statement that they do not come from any RSPCA cruelty case involving an animal hoarder ! but once again you are so embroiled with hatred you cannot conceive of any other option other than to spit venom.

    Carmarthen County Council lost patience with you long ago and blocked some of your email address’s on the grounds of their ” repetitive nature” so just how many animals have suffered because of your uncontrollable repetitive obsessive nature?

      • @sue
        I agree, i have just seen that they are harping on about spelling mistakes again!!! How many individuals have they had a go at for that! Not one of them has a very good command of the english language, no punctuation etc lol Notice they are sat up at past 4 a.m. posting…whats that all about?? Get a life for goodness sake, you are making yourselves sound and look ridiculous!

        • @ bulldog ha ha ha I have just read it, Can’t they sleep? blinking heck 3 something AM and 4 something AM, how sad to be on the net at that time , and all they can pick on is typo’s perhaps they were too tired and could not think of anything constructive to say ?

  37. agree with Sue but sadder is the attacks on MT just because MT will not give them names and address’s where the dogs come from, pl have plenty of names and address’s of bad breeders, nowt is done because they do not sell to petshops and that dont make a tv programme. that is really sad.

    • It is sad Janice, they portray themselves as an “animal welfare” group they should have added “only when there are TV companies interested ” Perhaps they should rename themselves as ” TV campaigns group” or “Media campaigns group” ?

  38. Okay, I see that there are few other pathetic comments on the infamous PL blog – so here is my reply to them as my comments will be deleted by one of the many administrators at PL.

    Isabel – ‘the real truth’,yes darling, the real truth! The truth that these pesky protestors constantly have hounded myself and D4U for the last three years. They claim I buy from puppy farms but no evidence to back this up with!

    Now some of my comments may be a bit childish but who cares, I am only 25. When you have had these sad old women on your case slating your name, hounding me outside my premises, calling my licensing council, calling the RSPCA all the time, you don’t care how you sound. The point is I am telling the truth of what these people are like as are D4U. For 3 years now we have kept a quiet and dignified silence, but enough is enough. They have tried to destroy our lives and we are just showing them for who they really are. Again, all of what we have put on here is backed up with proof.

    Who in their right mind would buy a puppy from me? well love, many people do…..

    How am I sinister? I am just laying everything on here so people can see what they are like. Don’t you think its sinister that the PL site was once owned by the owens then changed to lambert? Ask the reason behind it, in fact why don’t they tell everyone why they did it?

    By the way, I looked in the mirror like you told me to and guess what…???? I loved what I saw!

    Back to Sylvia – Why do we think most of you are on the dole? Maybe because you are on here 24/7 posting ludicrous statements and accusations. It’s rather obsessive. Get therapy, if you can afford it.

    Gina Owens – For your information, we know more about you than you can possibly ever imagine. Read the blog woman, we know a lot about you awful people, we may not be making it public at this time! Oh and by the way, your friends over on the PL blog can’t spell either. And you lot call me childish? come on, how low and pathetic can you get! One thing I didn’t know about you was that you were an english teacher. Honestly, grasping at straws are we?

    Mollypop – I am not annoyed at all, thankfully we have this blog as a platform to reply and show what they are really like. You wouldn’t believe the amount of hits this site is getting. Im so pleased that people are finally seeing the activists for what they really are.

    Suzie – did I drive around one of the protestors house and get a photo? I do hope you have proof of your allegations. I ask you, did you see the blog where one of the PL members posted a house of the owners of D4U. Glass houses!

    And stalking? Mandy dumont has made 70+ post on one forum alone about me. Attended protests outside my store, came in my store ‘undercover’ trying to take photos. Now whats that trying to acheive? How is that campaigning for the welfare of dogs. That is stalking. And what about Anita Clapham, monthly without fail standing in all weather conditions with her poor kid outside a petshop shouting. Would you seriously drag your kids in the street doing that?

    Jan – for your information I traded under Select as I bought a business in a garden centre with that name. We then expanded into a larger premises under the name of petworld until the building was sold. It’s now a car showroom. Theres your answer, two names.

    PL – Champagne is how its spelt, not champaign. (Jan, people in glass houses shouldnt throw stones should they)

    I have read that PL claim not to be a dog rescue group. WHY do they ask for donations if they are not helping the dogs? Thats sinister.

    Basically I have interpreted their message that they are not a rescue group but a group which campaigns, in other words a group of grannies with nothing better to do than pester legitimate businesses that sell puppies. They aim to blacken their name whatever the cost. They know where these puppy farms are but are not getting the dogs out? Instead trespassing to gain entry to film the dogs then leave. All this so they can get on the credits if their footage is used on a tv programme. They are against puppy farms but why don’t they target the farms? They ASSUME that all pet shops buy from them. Guess what? They dont!

    • Hey Chris
      Seems Ms Gilmour is getting her feathers ruffled as Scottish Coordinator /Admin. Remember ,she has that big motorbike she zooms around on! Funny she says how flexible she is though as D4u state she was never at the protests with the rest of the crazy gang 🙂 rofl

      • I see somebody called roberts has just come into the boxing ring! dont you just love watching them get wound up lol lol
        P.s. I’m still waiting for the info i asked you for Gladys ?? old chap/ess??

  39. This statement pasted from facebook has me in tears of laughter, every time they write something the foot goes in the mouth !

    “Just to clarify for those that can’t read or understand, pl is NOT a dog rescue group, we are a campaign group against puppy farms/pet shops who sell their pups/dealers and all those others who profit from the exploitation of breeding dogs. However there have been occasions when we are on our investigations that dogs are offered to us for free. These dogs are passed on to ethical rescues/fosterers for medical treatment and then rehomed to excellent forever homes.”

    Are they accusing you of selling dealers now dogs4us? I do hope you vet check them and they have had their jabs before you let them go to their new homes! as they are human could you make sure they are house trained please……………. looking for a new husband ladies? don’t bother with dating sites Dog4us have now got them for sale!

    So dogs are offered for free during “investigations” What do these money grabbing breeders do, throw a pedigree dog at you and beg ” please mam don’t put us on the tv” ?
    As for being passed on to ethical rescues, it’s a shame the person who was given them does not have more ethics ! and instead of just wanting to gain film, helped the other dogs left behind.

    You really have no idea how many people are reading this site do you? you also have no idea over the last 3 years how many people you have pointed towards Dogs4us in their quest to purchase a puppy? you got frustrated because despite of all your efforts Dogs4us are still trading so you stepped up your game and reduced yourself to a level of personal attacks on the two people you are most obsessed about, Dogs4us and MT whilst hiding behind DW to do it. This site is your repercussion for that.

    I do hope your activist friends realise how little you actually do to help suffering animals and you become their next target.

  40. dont they talk a load of cock and bull over on the crazy gang site and isnt it sad to see gladys didnt have any friends listed on her fb profile lol …who are they trying to kid?!!! lol lol

  41. Dear Gladys Bull, thank you for your input on PL news page : Gladys BullApril 23rd, 2012 at 2:11 pm ,what a lovely little lady you look, I am sorry Dogs4us did not post your comment on this blog and you feel they are not open minded, I suspect the reason it was not included or accepted was that you made this statement, : ” I found this blog through the link from the Dogs 4 Us website ” Sorry to tell you Gladys but there is no link on the dogs4us web page to this site, so I suspect they thought you and everything else you said was fraudulent?

    • I’m quite sure that this response will not be posted either, but since ‘Lyn’ is clearly able to see it, you obviously haven’t looked at the Dogs 4 Us website recently as the home page most definitely does contain a link to this blog.

      • Well i for one am very interested in establishing your credentials ms bull, so come on lets have them, if you are the outstanding citizen you claim to be?? You sound a bit like webb who is always trying to correct peoples spelling and punctuation, this is a blog for revealing activists in case you handed noticed? Stop ranting woman!

        so….We are all waiting with baited breath as to what you did to pay a million in taxes?

  42. And to address the alleged comments made by the lovely Gladys Bull, Carmarthen Council can and do act quickly with complaints from OTHER sources. Anybody reading this who is Welsh or who lives in Carmarthenshire should know that Carmarthen is the largest county by area but the least populated council county in Wales, that is why things MUST be reported to them by a credible source so they can take action to improve conditions, not just film then bemoan and antagonise them with petty name calling and allegations of film evidence.

    • ROFL @ GLADYS BULL the hours they spend making up profiles and talking to each other with them!!!! Poor Gladys Bull with no facebook friends ROFL don’t they know yet u can find time and date a profile was created on facebook ROFL !!!!

  43. Gladys dear shall we play lets use search engines( pick any one or more than one if you like) to find out if any gladys bull is mentioned anywhere in infinity as ” training gun dogs or any dogs” ? shall we play lets ask Dogs4us if your IP number comes from Wales? or shall we play does the IP number match the server? which one would you like gladys?

    • @lyn
      what i would like to know is why do these people create these fake names and think they can hide behind them?How can anyone take these people seriously with all the stuff that has been revealed on this blog about them, their nasty, vicious attack, they just wont let go! it is now proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that they have no intentions of saving dogs, it has become a vendetta against the business of d4u and always has been. Lyn you were right all along, these activists are not making any headway into saving dogs, this is a game to them, they havent got any time to help dogs as they are sat at the keyboard all day long!!!!! just in it for the glory. I have just noticed someone posing as kris talking about dead dogs in a kennel, i have taken a screen shot in case d4u need this. The more trash these activists write, the more foolish they look, im so glad everyone can see what they are doing. It really is just a handful of sorry individuals that clearly have nothing better to do and deserve to be exposed in this way for their ludicrous malicious campaign and i personally hope d4u continue to do so!!

    • @ Lyn
      Well poor gladys really is getting her pantaloons in a twist, i did not understand one word of her “non compos mentis” statement on the pl site, you still haven’t told us the name of your business gladys dear because i would like to check you out. Oh for your info i have a beautiful bulldog, called stan (hence my pseudo name, they all use em over at pl when it suits 🙂 so you were wasting your time trying to research my surname name, shame you should have asked, could have saved you the trouble) my real name is Brad Pit.

  44. Looks like our friends over at pl are just as childish as me as because they don’t like what they hear from me, they say I’m throwing a tantrum. Far from it ladies! Just revelling in seeing you lot for what you actually are!

    As for being ageist… Grow up! I merely just describe you. Take a look at dumonts pic outside harrods, how else would you describe it other than butch granny? I’m puzzled!

    They say I have no wisdom? Well I’m very wise to what activists they are linked to thanks to this blog!

    If this crazy lot are so concerned about the welfare of dogs, then why would you delve into someones business affairs. I thought they were a group campaigning for the welfare of dogs in puppy farms. Again, they have shown their true colours. Jealousy will get you nowhere. It all boils down to money and their unhealthy obsession with D4U.

    I see Gladys is a dog breeder herself? What affix is she under? She claims she has paid over £1m in taxes. That’s a lot of puppies. What sort of establishment is she running. I hope ALL her dogs are health screened and tested like pl go on about. Maybe she could provide that info?

    • @ Chris Kent
      Very interesting point you make chris. So gladys bull what was the name of your dog breeding business and where did you trade from?

  45. Oh dear Gladys does not want to play these games, she/ they would have us believe that she stumbled on pl facebook page by accident directed by this site, my my she certainly has an axe to grind within two days of finding them!! do tell us Gladys……. what do your rantings have to do with puppies? saving puppies, helping sick puppies, stopping the sale of puppies in petshops or stopping puppy farming?

    Has anybody else found a link showing Gladys Bull as a dog trainer?? she tries to give herself credibilty by claiming she was one but I have failed to find any evidence to support it.?

    I guess the pl lot use a free IP tracing service, I guess dogs4us use a paid professional comprehensive service which will produce evidence that will satisfy our legal system. 🙂

    • no links found for a Gladys Bull as any sort of dog trainer or even to do with dogs…………….. sounds like a load of bull to me 😉

  46. @amanda jones
    I see there is still no response from this person, amazing how they shut up when you ask a direct question? lol

  47. Lets get back to exposing/establishing PL member/links to extreme activists which is why this Dogs4us blog began after PL started the ball rolling :

    On their news page they state : We were also pleased to see ITV Wales expose a puppy dealer and are proud to have been involved with the programme.
    “involved” ? An extreme animal activist group web page is inferring that they were filming for this ITV programme ??

    There are video’s of these extreme activists showing just how extreme and violent they are prepared to be to further their cause.

    There is evidence that one of the founder members of this extreme animal activist group was a phantom member of pl.

    There is evidence that these extreme animal activists have done the filming that PL “claim” as their own.

    There is evidence that these dogs that were given “free” to PL during “their” investigations were in fact given to one of the founder members of these extreme animal activists who was masquerading as a dog rescue. This is easily proved.

    This evidence shows that pl admin do very little other than write repetative emails and play petty,spiteful little games using false identities that has nothing to do with the welfare of animals ( which is why good active members leave their campaign group in droves) Maybe this activist is no longer playing “ball” with them and pl are more than willing to see them exposed while pl themselves are being exposed?

    After being criticised by an MT supporter for posting on DW page PL replied ” if I know the truth I will say it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ” I hope they do not mind others sharing their sentiments?

  48. In their haste to respond they don’t read properly ! As for the litter of pups rescued, they did not come from anywhere near a puppyfarm, they came from a backyard breeder that Jan Gilmour identified and visited locally to herself and rescued them, totally of her own back with no direction by pl, who simply because gilmour was a member took credit for the rescue. ( before you dig a bigger hole please refer to your staff room topics people)
    And well done her for that effort. !

  49. I do wonder why “Gladys” has suddenly taken an keen interest in D4U as a business and commenting on myself. I thought that animal welfare was at the top of their priorities. Obviously not!

    Funny that she claims she is not associciated with PL but is quick to find them on the net and join in their pathetic games.

    At the end of the day dog breeding is not illegal and done the proper way in which D4U and myself have adopted, its ethical. All my breeders are professionals in their field. Most of them have 30+ years experience. They are all licensed with excellent facilities as are D4U breeders. That means they are inspected and conform to all standards. The 5 freedoms are met and brood bitches are only bred a set number of times. The KC also stipulate that bitches should breed to a maximum which matches council legislation.

    Gladys’s last post said that D4U have avoided a question. – Have I missed something.

    I recall myself asking what her KC affix is. Still no answer though!

    These people are targeting their bully tactics by protesting and posting slanderous comments at the wrong people.

    IF they really are concerned about the welfare of dogs then why not lobby their local government or DEFRA who can make a difference?

    And why do they come to pets shop premises and take pictures and film ‘undercover’ ? What’s that going to achieve?! Nothing! They are jealous people who want to continually make a nuisance!

    Maybe Gladys made her millions by being a teacher, as she’s quoted a word from the dictionary and it’s meaning. Come on PL, you gotta do better than that. People can see that all you do is deflect anything which is aimed at you.

    Who does the filming for this nasty group? I take it it’s too far for butch granny dumont, granny gilmours all the way in Scotland plus she may get her walking stick stuck in the mud, and ronnie won’t do it because she’s stuck with her posterior in her arm chair doing an interview in her little conservatory. (awful decor by the way, stuck in the sixties).

  50. What makes me laugh the most is that it is the same five or so people commenting on every forum or post ….
    PL aka Ronnie
    Jan “so annoying” Gilmour
    Puppy Alert (who is sooooo effective at what exactly?)
    Mandy, Mandy D, Mandy 1, 2 or 3 (take your pick)
    Gina Owens

    It also makes me laugh that PL will post something and all the others will make out how good the post is and infer they are nothing to do with PL ie: Jan Gilmour saying “well done PL for that post”

    I see there is another blog (gossipdog) and, although the author says they will remain anonymous, the fact that it is about D4U and Marc the vet and his pupaid campaign….. hmm… who can be the author of this???? Danial Webb seems to have gone very quiet on his blog so maybe someone has decided to take up his mantle :o)

    What I think is really sinister is why Jan Gilmour would have “copies of the various accounts and company information” of D4U… Why? To what purpose exactly?? VERY STRANGE!!

    • At least Gilmour is not going to lie for once about how they got the puppies in their lean on me video, the point you are missing Gilmour is pl are claiming they were rescued during investigations, to give themselves credibility, when they had nothing to do with any complaint pl received or investigation. In my opinion that’s fraud.

      I am not sure if pl are dyslexic because this is the statement I made in my original post : There is evidence that one of the founder members of this extreme animal activist group was a phantom member of pl.

      That does not state a member of an extreme animal activist group was one of the founders of pl !

      To clarify this further I have been given permission to quote from emails sent to and from pl server:

      ” who is B***** they are always showing online but they never post anything?” response ” it is C***** she likes to watch what is going on” Evidence that C ***** is one of the founder members of an extreme often violent animal activist group exist.

      As for Gladys Dear, if you paid one million pounds in income tax then I really would not rely on advice from your “accountant friend” as he is not very good. And the thing is Gladys any company with a turnover or that amount would have a firm or accountants for advice not just a “friend” Please don’t make yourself look silly.

      I hope Gladys did not train dogs,because she probably bored them into submission ! despite your lovely little old lady photo Gladys, your personality is boring me, Bye Bye.

      • @ Lyn
        Well said lyn, i keep asking gladys for her personal info (as she’s happy to talk about others,) why wont she answer my questions???

        • The thing is Bulldog, since Chris Kent posted that they were all responsible for whoever writes comments under their site name, You have Owens come out as “Gina Owens PL Admin/Joint owner” Gilmour has come out as “Jan/PL Scottish Coordinator & Admin, and gilmour has stated in one post ” I have posted as pl”. Well done pl ! what they fail to grasp is: if it is proved to a judge that “plc” statements are lies (which can be proved on more than one front ) the Judge would direct that all three be marked as “tainted” “unreliable” witnesses, it does not matter what people reading this believe .

  51. Armchair protesters the lot of em.Get a life.What about all them dogs out there that are neglected or used as fighting dogs.why not target them.that I could understand but a legitimate business that clearly has spent a lot of time and money to give the best start to their puppies.It seems to me that these people just want attention,maybe its lacking at home.enough said.

  52. Whoever is hiding behind the Gladys profile, we had a game of family fortunes while you lot weren’t looking (we had to be quick though) we asked a hundred people to give five other words for ” long drawn out meaningless statements”, the results were :

    Wittering = 5%,
    Rambling = 6%,
    Ranting = 7%
    Venting 12%
    and at the top with 70% was Verbal Diarrhoea.

  53. @ Bulldog

    – a pic of Lambert you ask? Funny you should say that…….!

    Gladys the Bullsh***er still hasn’t provided her affix name and details of the health screened parents that pl recommend.

    Hold on, pl claim that puppy farmers puppies end up in rescue, surely this goes to all dog breeders? Or is it because Gladys is a pl member so she is exempt?

    And what about the Mrs Lyn Hodd? A pl member and beagle breeder in Kent who also has an unhealthy obession with me screaming at demos out side my premises. This woman took some of her dogs and stood outside my premises in the height of summer for hours and provided NO water!

    Clearly this is not acceptable so I directed a member of staff to go outside and present a bowl of water to the dog. I was told that as the dog eagerly went to lap up the water her was tugged away. Mrs Hodd then tipped the water away. What happened to the animal welfare they ‘care’ about.

    This is the kind of people that pl are happy to have represent them at their not so peaceful protests.

    Did I tell you about the ‘dog listener’ Carmen Cole another proud pl member…..?

  54. As the moderator for this blog I have now had time to dedicate to dear Gladys Bull’s post, that she claimed she had copied on the pl blog. However, after checking her original post to our blog, which I had retained (screen shots and printed version) I’m sorry to say Gladys your original post did not match the one you published on your new friends site! (I shall be very happy to put up a copy of your original one if you like) In other words, we think pl have been left with egg on their face. How silly they now look that they did not perceive that I would take time to check this out. Oh dear, no wonder Gladys appears to have fled for the hills and doesn’t want to answer questions anymore. I really must contact Facebook to ask them to check out your profile as we have been very suspicious all along!

  55. Pl just cannot keep their fingers off the keyboard, they have to have the final word. Silly little statements that they cannot be bothered anymore, what a load of bosh. To any people who support them, to any people that associate with them, they have shut up because they know they can be proved liars.There is plenty more proof of that. But people have you noticed that as they “cannot be bothered” none of the other “names” have posted anything? Gladys has gone to ground, silly silly people. I wonder if more silly little profiles and web pages will spring up now because PL can’t be bothered ermmmm lets hope not or I will have to come back and release some much more serious ” Facts ” for Amanda Jones.

  56. Well done D4U i have to take my hat off to you and your blog, you have done a grand job in exposing these animal activists…keep up the good work..its better than watching t.v. ha ha ha!!!

  57. On PL FB page Jan Gilmour has the nerve to say the following about 80 dogs that are at risk in a pound…

    “Please C.A.R.I.A.D.Page seems some less than well intentioned people have put this whole rescue operation in doubt. And guess what? It is the dogs that will suffer!”.

    For one, I think she should read her posts more carefully because it doesn’t make sense and two, the bloody cheek of that woman when herself and PL have slated other groups and rescues placing them in the same situation that she is now complaining about. Double standards indeed!!!!

    • Golly gosh I very near choked laughing at hypocrite gilmour 🙁 less than well meaning eh did pl make the call then???? or maybe they got that idiot webb to make it who didn’t give a t*ss for any dogs who might suffer at MT

  58. ROFL!!!!!! happened to come across this post by Alwyn

    #1 (permalink) 06-04-2012, 05:05 PM
    Join Date: Apr 2012
    dogs4us attack puppy farm campaigner


    “Dogs4us, the petshop in Manchester and Leds that sells puppies from puppy farms, have decided to publish a photograph of the home of a leading campaigner against puppy farming.

    Meet Veronica Lambert ~ Also known as Ronnie Smith & Kiz | | Love Your Puppy Love Your Puppy

    “Here is where Veronica Lambert the founder of PL lives, we thought you might like to see where she operates from and writes her scathing attacks on our legitimate licensed business.”

    Of course, in doing this, they have compromised the safety of one of the most tireless campaigners against this awful trade.”

    Dont think many agree or care Alwyn cos u did not get one reply or response ROFL!!!!

    • Oh Danial opps sorry Alwyn your loyalty is commendable, do turn your investigative skills inward and get to know things a little bit better before your reputation is ruined 🙂

      • Hi every one!
        Just back off my hols, catching up with all the blogs ! Who the hell is Gladys the internet granny? God they are so funny the crazy gang what will they come up with next! Any way I have some news on mr Danial Webb (the computer bully) as well as working for the council (when he is not blogging ) he is the director of 2 companies namely fantastic events ltd, which is not trading and Lel 2013 ltd which the accounts show as having assets of £834 and liabilities of £6000 giving his companies a negative value of £ 5166 ! Some kind of business man he his ! Lol yet he has the cheek to slate people who have been turning over millions for years, and creating employment for many people ! What a nob ! I also have his full address if d4u require it ?

        • How laughable is Danial Webb with his negative value ! how laughable he is full stop ! on one profile site last year 2011, he stated he was 39, when in fact he was 40 in 2011, and is 41 in this year ! oh dear Danial are you going through a mid life crisis? is that what this internet stalking is all about? posted on pl fb you have put words to the effect “why are more people interested in a bulldog at Crufts than puppy farming” … Alwyn did not get any response to his post,…. it is not that people do NOT care, it is pl supplying the message they don’t care about. 🙁 do your research properly Mr Webb or you could get yourself involved in a web you cannot escape from.

  59. Quotes taken from BVA

    ” Breeding
    Another hugely important issue this year has been the response to the 2008 BBC exposé
    Pedigree Dogs Exposed, with the publication of the independent reports by APGAW (the
    Associate Parliamentary Group on Animal Welfare) and Professor Bateson, and the
    establishment of the Dog Review Board to set up an independent advisory council on dog
    On a more positive note, in Wales the Task and Finish Group on dog breeding has
    already made enormous headway in tackling the problems associated with puppy farms.
    Informed by research undertaken by the Companion Animal Welfare Enhancement Scheme
    (CAWES), the Group brought together representatives from the Welsh Assembly
    Government, welfare organisations, local authorities, the Chartered Institute of
    Environmental Health, the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors and the veterinary
    profession to discuss the existing licensing regime and legislation, as well as considering the
    compulsory microchipping of dogs.”

    Do your research properly Mr Webb there are also plenty of newspaper interviews given by Elin Jones in 2009 saying ” pilot sceme into dog breeding was already underway” . Have you considered that pl inexperienced meddling in this could have obstructed or delayed things?

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