THE ANONYMOUS BLOGGER REVEALED!!!! This is the spineless individual that sits blogging at his Council desk, spreading slanderous lies and libellous material which he thinks he can get away with. You and all of us tax payer’s who pay him to sit there during working hours to do this!!! On ya bike! Further information on this individual and other Animal Activists (as they call themselves) to follow. Keep watching our web site.

32 thoughts on ““DANIAL WEBB EXPOSED”!!!!

  1. This is the spineless individual that sits blogging at his Council desk, spreading slanderous lies and libellous material which he thinks he can get away with. All of us tax payer’s who pay him to sit there during working hours to do this!!! On ya bike!
    Further information on this individual and other Animal Activists (as they call themselves) to follow.
    Keep watching our web site.

  2. Hilarious!! And to think this is the guy who spouts on about openness, accountability and ethics. I hope the Council know what sort of person they are employing. No wonder council taxes are so high!!!

  3. Good to put a face to the Anon blogger and makes a refreshing change..
    well, Mr Webb started It so all’s fair as they say

  4. Caroline Kisko is someone I know and thanks to this site I have been able to pass on this info to Caroline at the kc who was very upset by Danial webbs personal attack on her and her husband,I hope she will take legal action as her husbands political allegiance has nothing to do with anyone, certainly not Mr Webb !
    I contacted the kc press office also who were very grateful for the info.

    • @ Molly
      We are sure Ms Kisko will take any action she sees fit regarding these matters. Danial Webb should concentrate on his position working for the Council. He is commenting on things which he has no first hand experience or knowledge of…Jack of all trades…..Master of none. Most of these activists seem to have a lot to say on the internet but are not actually at these protests? (We call them “armchair protestors”) In fact they protest about many other things sat behind a desk. If only they realised how ridiculous they make themselves look.


  6. Oh Dear, what depths will you sink to, or maybe we already know that. If you are truly above board would you really need to do this?!!!

    • The depths you protestors have sunk to over the last three years is disgusting. Your lies and allegations are disgusting! You are vile people, sat at your laptops all this time thinking you are untouchable. The fact is you are not and we will continue to expose you one by one while you continue to say such lies. i.e.dead and sick animals, concentration camp, etc. etc. This is all nonsense and blatant lies. You disgust us! There is a lot more to come yet and we plan to expose it all to the public and show just exactly what DEPTHS you animal activists have sunk to. You should be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves!

  7. Why was my comment not published are you only putting on the comments you personally vet and are in your favour? To reiterate, if you were totally blameless, why would you be entering in to this type of shameful activity. You would surely rise above it?

    • Your comment was NOT deleted as you say,SO WE HAVE PUBLISHED THEM BOTH FOR THE AVOIDANCE OF DOUBT. Dogs 4 Us is a licensed legitimate business trading for 45yrs do you understand the meaning of LICENSED and LEGITIMATE??? Now all you individuals posting your vile comments and scurrilous lies will be revealed. You are the ones hiding not us, so we intend to show everyone where you are, because Danial Webb started this and YES we are going to comment and show the public what you get up to. We are proud of our business and our puppies and everything we stand for. We are sure IF you had a business you wouldnt like people stood outside it telling blatant lies about you and telling blatant lies on the internet. Your actions are vile and outrageous and we are not going to let you continue without responding.

    • This isn’t ‘shameful activity’Marie,it Is Dogs4us and their supporters and clients setting the record straight… Dogs4us have a right to answer back and name and shame the trouble causers who started this in the first place….

  8. My apologies, I have never blogged before and was incorrect about my first blog. I am not a protester and never have been. I am a sane, rational person who would look at both sides of every arguement, however that would not appear to be possible in this case. I am shocked at the vitriol in your reply and hate to think what any other innocent individual may think having followed the link from your site to here! I have always believed that two wrongs don’t make a right and will continue to do so. Once again my sincere apologies for disturbing your ranting, you can be assured it will never happen again!!!!!

  9. How can this buffoon can get away with publishing scurrilous claims with no real proof. Especially as he works as a publicity officer!!!

  10. This Webb bloke should not have started this,you can’t go round telling lies and expect no come back.I’m totally disgusted that I along with many others go to work every day to do just that….WORK,I’m sure his boss would be mortified to find they are paying this guy to do this.

  11. You are mistaken about puppy farms being mainly in Ireland. There are many puppy farms in the UK, all of them licensed by the local authority.

    One recently was given the council’s blessing to keep 196 breeding bitches with 2 staff to look after them. So is that puppy farming or is that licensed breeders?

    Your FB page has lots of pictures of puppies but none of the them with their Mum or siblings. If they were lovingly reared in conditions that did not resemble factory farming why are you not proudly showing it?

    What is you view of the KC’s recommendation to always see a pup with it’s mother?

    • All breeders who supply us are licensed by their Local Authority and regulated and inspected as we are.
      Also, it is documented how many litters the bitch will have in it’s lifetime. This is the requirement laid down by the government, this is monitored and checked upon.
      However, this is not the case in Ireland as far as we believe.
      As for seeing the parents, that is a matter of opinion and there is little benefit in doing this, as there is no guarantee that the puppies will have the same looks, appearance, height or temperament as the parents. This is also evident in human nature.
      The fact of the matter is all of our puppies are healthy, good specimens, vet checked and come with a six month guarantee. There is no other pet shop/breeder that offers this service.
      We are quite happy for any of our puppies on our premises that we offer for sale, to be checked by an independent vet. Furthermore, we have thousands of happy satisfied customers, who return again and again.

  12. @Sally
    If the council grant a licence to a breeder to keep 196 breeding bitch’s (an extreme case) then It Is the council who have licensed them and so these kennels will be Inspected and regulated…. If you don’t like this situation why don’t you lobby the council and Government law ?
    Also how many litters can a breeder breed per year before ‘you’ consider them a puppy farmer ?..If a private hobby breeder Is breeding 8 litters per year and doing everything to perfection are they still a puppy farmer?
    There Is as yet, no ‘Legal definition’ of the word puppy farm, but there are good and bad breeders out there….to be honest someone breeding 4 litters per year may be doing a worse job than a licensed commercial breeder breeding 30 litters per year !

    • some hobby breeders are referred to as BYBs and advertise their puppies on gumtree and in the classifieds in newspapers and also in places like shop windows, and the loot.
      But on the other hand, there are some good breeders out there. They might breed their bitch maybe once every two years, often they have a waiting list of people interested in buying one of their puppies. Personally, I would prefer to get my pets from a rescue centre.

      • Are these licensed and regulated these breeders you refer to on gumtree? You should never buy a pup on the internet, just asking for trouble And why do you keep harping on about rescue centres, is that because you work in one? and what about the temperament of these dogs, if little is known about the background and they have just been handed in as you claim, how will they be with children, other dogs, thats why a lot of people prefer to go to a reputable pet shop and have the pleasure of bringing the pup up and enjoying its formative years

      • I would advise anyone not to get an older dog from a rescue centre, the reason being is simple, firstly you cannot guarantee the temperament in an older dog especially where children are involved, also if the dog has ended up in rescue it could have issues which the rescue are not aware of.
        I will give you an exact example,a couple I know took in a german shepherd from a rescue,the dog was 6yrs old,they had the dog 6 months and it was,by then,a part of the family…however one evening when the husband tried to take the dog out for late night walk before bed,the dog suddenly and quietly without any warning sank it’s teeth into his arm and began a frenzied attack (no noise or warning growls) ..there followed a struggle in which the wife managed to get the dog off him but he had to run bleeding and hide in bathroom as the dog was savage by this point! ….the man needed an ambulance and hospital treatment for severe injury,blood loss and shock,the bites went straight to the bone.
        The dog had been with them 6 months and they thought they had cracked it .I.e.lovely rescue dog all settled in, thank god it wasn’t a child involved

        • P.s.and before anyone says ‘well that’s a one off’ etc: I can tell you it isn’t a one off,it happens frequently and yes,the couple were ‘vetted’ and they were experienced with GSD’s having owned and bred them for 25 yrs

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