29 thoughts on “Boycott 4 Paws Dog walking – Manchester

  1. Can you please forward all
    These images to the local council they need to be made aware of this woman and that she is breaking the law .
    There are many suitable places to walk dogs, a cemetery is not one of them
    Disgusted !

  2. Just an idea, why don’t you hand out leaflets to everyone of your customers
    About this woman McNeil, explaining how she conducts her dog walking business. I.e. Letting dogs run loose in agecroft cemetery?

  3. Glad to see there is a Boycott page for her dog walking business, she’s breaking all the rules so how the hell can she keep her licence !!

  4. I have to comply to all regulations as I’m a self employed dog walker and having air con in my vehicle is one of them . Any professional dog walker would have to invest in one of these as an important comfort and health factor for any animals in your care. Dogs can overheat very quickly,
    Has anyone contacted her licensing authority?
    As for walking dogs in a cemetery I’m speechless she would stoop so low 😔

  5. I’m so pleased you are showing awareness of this disrespectful so called dog walker!

    How she got a license to board dogs at home I dont know. You can’t swing a cat in her house and those two poor dogs having to give up their own space for boarders.

    It’s just not fair on them.

  6. This woman allowed dogs to urinate on headstones in our local cemetery at Agecroft! how would she like it if dogs urinated on her relatives graves?Disgusting human being!
    Boycott 4 Paws dog walking!

  7. I’m shocked that she would even contemplate such a thing
    The cemetery is where I go and talk to my loved ones and to think she is making a mockery of their resting place is unthinkable
    I’m very upset and hope people will rally round and ask the council to ban this woman from the grounds of Agecroft cemetery and write to her council about it

  8. Just to say I am an experienced licensed dog walker, and I would never walk dogs in a cemetery let alone off the lead, I’m sure there are signs in agecroft cemetery saying as much, this woman shows absolutely no respect for people’s loved ones, if I ever bump into this woman I will give her a piece of my mind! Disgusted

  9. I was intrigued by what I have seen posted on Facebook so I decided to check the 4 paws Facebook page as their website is down? ( maybe it’s gone down because complaints about the cemetery?)

    I will be phoning the council tomorrow to complain about this company. Not only do I disagree with their ethics by allowing animals and I presume herself to walk across the deceased human beings, but I have seen photos of the so called ‘boarding area’

    The size 100% does not comply with current regulations for the size of two dogs.

    Being houses in a converted small downstairs toilet is not acceptable in anyway.

    A google map search of the outside space that they have to share with her own two dogs is not acceptable. It is not big enough for the amount of dogs housed there.

    The dogs and establishments they protest against have larger areas than what they provide.

    I will get this closed down.

  10. I agree with frank, the area that McNeill is offering for boarding dogs is not big enough to house a mouse, I’m sure the licensing authority need to take a look and decide if this is a big enough area, I certainly wouldn’t put my Rottweiler in that tiny space !

  11. Is that really a boarding facility in her house and more importantly have the council inspected it?
    It’s so tiny how has this been passed as suitable for dogs ?

  12. It looks to me like she’s taken the toilet out of the down stairs loo, and called it a boarding facility??? It looks very small and inadequate, think a phone call to bury council to check what size it should be is on the cards !

  13. So let me get this right, McNeill offers a boarding facility for ADULT dogs in a tiny room (old loo) and she rants on how experienced ( only been doing it 2 minutes) she is at looking after dogs ? She needs a visit from the council!

  14. What an interesting day – Looks like this establishment breaks the current dog boarding establishment regulations!

  15. So before posting this I wanted to make sure I was correct in my thinking as unlike Ms McNeill, I will only post the truth and not malicious content.

    It seems as though she is not so squeaky clean herself when it comes to her own business.

    Before reading the riot act to dogs 4 us by claiming that they do not comply with regulations (which they do), she needs to take a look in the mirror.

    Current criteria states ‘Animals to be kept in accommodation suitable in respect of construction, size, temperature, ventilation and cleanliness’.

    Well for one – the size is very questionable. Whoever condones locking up two dogs in a small cramped downstairs toilet seriously has lost the plot. In my opinion she also contravenes the current animal welfare law.

    Then there’s construction. The environment where a dog is kept should be made out of smooth and impervious material – wood is not smooth and impervious.

    There is a plinth of untreated and porous wood at floor level. It maybe be fun for the dogs to chew but not only does this not comply with construction requirements but also cleanliness.

    Speaking of cleanliness the small HAND sink is not adequate to properly disinfect feeding bowls and utensils let alone mop buckets.

    There is a reason it’s marketed as a hand basin in diy shops – Claire McNeill take note!

    I’ve got my eye on you – seems like you should have stayed at your previous job, you’re gonna need it. I’m like a dog with a bone. Woof woof.

  16. I have 2 dogs, and walk them every day it’s no big deal walking dogs, you don’t have to be massively intelligent, even a child can walk a dog, but what you do need is common sense, and that’s what McNeill is lacking, you don’t let dogs off the lead in a cemetery to pee over the headstones of loved ones, McNeill you have no morals and no remorse for your actions, you disgust me!

    • Ha ha yes and her bestie (Robinson) claims now to be a puppy specialist!!! lol wasn’t long ago she was a common cleaner,
      Cuckoo land ???

  17. Just seen that this 4paws is doing a little gathering in heaton park…. would love for her to bump into some protestors who do not agree with the conditions she keeps her boarding dogs in.

  18. Ok folks these are the true facts in black and white, that cannot be denied by anyone
    Dogs4us is a licensed and regulated business trading for 50yrs, they buy from licensed and regulated businesses, they are doing nothing wrong whatsoever, also they are the only establishment in the country that give a guarantee with every pedigree dog sold FACT !

    Nicola Robinson, an ex employee who was sacked from Dogs4us for gross misconduct, i.e. Thieving, substance abuse, bullying, fighting, etc etc, Robinson is fit and able to work but prefers to screw the benefit system for all she can get FACT !

    Claire McNeill a Walter Mitty person who claimed she was a lawyer, which is so far from the truth, it’s laughable, now she turns her hand to dog walking, and takes dogs in her care to the local cemetery, lets them off the lead, and watches them pee on the headstones of love ones, FACT !

  19. Alert! Alert! Alert! Folks just heard that a one man builder, by the name of Neil Pyatt is asking people to donate money to a certain cause that has no prospect! You know what they say never trust a small time odd job builder, I think this is a scam ! Don’t be fooled by this man !

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