(Aran Mathai’s own words)

Thank you to Neil Parish MP (Chairman of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee) who joined Boycott Dogs4Us and Stop pet shops selling puppies and holding puppy ‘stock’ outside Parliament. Thank you to him and other MPs for speaking strongly for a ban on the sale of puppies in pet shops during the debate as well.

Here is Aran Mathai stood with Mr Neil Parish MP for Tiverton & Honiton. We contacted Mr Parish and told him the truth about Aran Mathai and his associates, ie, that they are unemployed benefit scroungers some with criminal convictions, who persist in targeting licensed and regulated businesses. We also forwarded links about Mathai’s warped views.

Mathai and his mother told Mr Parish that they were his constituents!


As you can see from the letter (below) to Dogs 4 Us from Mr Parish he was deceived by the Mathai’s.

Mr Parish also apologised for standing with Mathai and does not support his extreme animal activist views and did not realise that the banner he was holding was in relation to attacking the business of Dogs 4 Us.

We accept Mr Parish’s apology and believe he was deceived by this group as are so many other people!

8 thoughts on “MATHAI LIES AGAIN !

  1. Unbelievable! The lengths these people go to. Just shows they are not credible in any way by haveing to lie to get people on their side.

    They lied about this and all of their campaign is one big fat lie too.

    Shame on the boycotters! Get a life.

    • I think everybody has well and truly seen fatty bum bums true colours. He has over 15,000 followers but only a handful of like minded fruit loops who bother to show up in London or any other protest for that matter.
      People walking down the street even give them a side glance then speed walk past.
      I’m sorry but anybody with half a brain can see the miserable looking scruff is a nobody and not worth a millisecond of anyone’s time.
      His so called campaigns are worthless and have no meaning to any sane person.
      Goodbye Mathai, the end is nigh, just close your page, gracefully bow down and say ADIOS!

  2. So Mathai plasters the fact that Neil parish supporting them is the best thing ever then you prove the total opposite…. if this is the best his campaign has got then he really needs to rethink it!

    Stupid little boy has got egg on his face now!

  3. It seems like the BD4Us & SOP fall out from a few months ago is expanding to other members, with yet another splinter group being created in its sad attempt at closing Dogs 4 Us. Pyatt & McLean being 2 who are no longer willing to listen to Robinsons egotistical dross.
    It just confirms that when you put people of a similar mental attitude in the same room they most certainly do clash, especially when they are all trying to be top dog – so to speak!

  4. What an absolute joke… no one supports these people. Only a handful of tree huggers which campaign about absolutely everything turn up at his protests.

    Massive FAIL! Well done mathai you have truly been humiliated now you and your mum have been exposed with your countless lies.

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