In his attempt to further blacken the name of Dogs 4 Us Aran Mathai and his cronies are actively encouraging people to leave fake Google reviews about our company.

These people have never had any dealings with Dogs 4 Us but are following like sheep Aran Mathai’s suggestions.

You and your cronies are treading very dangerous ground Aran Mathai  as in this very recent much publicised article in the national newspapers shows a case being taken to the High Court for the very same thing……  Oops!!!!

This has been well publicised in The Independent, Daily Express, Daily Mail & The Sun.


Aran Mathai animal activist in need of a reality check?

Your totally fake reviews as per the screenshot above where you actively encourage people to commit fraud may come back to bite you on the butt!

Same suit different protest!

Mathai is linked to the Animal Liberation Front and has been for many years.

Non-Humans first? But how many sentient beings have you rescued = None!

Pictured here trying to convince The Green Party & Leeds council! 

Even with numerous appearances in the UK courts he is still clutching at straws.

Dogs 4 Us recently received a letter from Mr Neil Parish MP for Tiverton & Honiton (see below) who apologised for standing alongside Boycott Dogs4Us outside Parliament. He was told at that time by Mathai and his mother that they were his constituents, however, he realised afterwards this was not the case but they were in fact animal welfare activists. He regrets any misunderstanding and is not calling for a public boycott of Dogs 4 Us

No politician or party is interested in what you have to say. You can create as many online petitions, protest wherever you want or attack business’s making false claims via social media but it is having no impact at all!


  1. False reviews on google could now result in a prison sentence, so mathai and his cronies could be locked up soon thank god, if you have the evidence to back up your claim dogs4us (I’m sure you do) then pursue these lieing idiots through the court!

  2. And he wonders why no one listens to him ! that’s because he has been proved providing the public with false information on many occasions.
    The Truth always wins.
    Along with the other numpties making up lies and false claims, you need to stop insulting the public’s intelligence.

  3. This is the stuff mathai doesn’t want put out in the public domain as he thinks it damages his reputation!lol
    Why is he not seen protesting other pet shops other than dogs 4 u in his home town or other parts of the country? That tells you a lot, bit of an egotist I assume? He looks very scruffy Would you listen to or trust this man? Nah!

  4. I find it slightly perturbing that these people who have been voted in to represent us, but do no independent research by contacting DOGS4US to hear their side as to if the rumours and complaints spun out by Mathai and his cronies are true.
    There are two sides to every story but there is no other side when this bunch tell blatant lies and make up stories.
    Oh dear my dog died suddenly shortly after purchasing it…. it will do if you allow it to chew through the fridge cable and it gets electrocuted !!

  5. Hhhmmmm interesting!

    These people are not credible!

    How can anyone take these people seriously. Just goes to show what they have to say is built on lies!

  6. There are others guilty of leaving bad and false reviews just for the hell of it
    About time someone brought this lot to task then they wonder why dogs 4 us names and shames them

  7. How many have been turning up at protests Mr Mathai? Not many eh? Wonder why? I’ll tell you why, people aren’t convinced by your political motives and your egotistical plan for self glorification! Joe public ain’t as stupid as you think they are matey. If your cause was of national interest maybe it would have a bit of clout, but it ain’t, nobody is interested…have you not realised that yet? As a man who has studied law you seem to lack a lot of common sense in abundance.
    Time to hang up your over sized musty & crusty £4.99 charity shop suit and go & do something more worthwhile with your life!
    Mmmmmmm what could that be? I know protest outside Mcdonalds, KFC, Burger king, Subway…thought not, wonder how many animals are ‘killed for this industry? And nobody gives s rats butt cheek

    ADIOS !

  8. Oh Dear, Mathai won’t like that letter, his ace photo set as his time line obtained by fraud ! Need I say more.
    As for the excuse that he had not read the banner and did not realise that it was asking people to boycott a business, well I guess a busy MP trusted them to be open honest, no chance of that with Mathai and his cronies, every thing is done by mental/physical intimidation, fraud and fiction.
    Maybe he should change his career choice and become a fiction writer, oh yeah I forgot he already is!!!!

  9. The sooner this online defamation and trolling of legal businesses is stopped the better
    It should have been made a crime long ago and it’s time to lobby the MPs on this very subject!
    This guy has targeted your business for too long . He’s so thick he can’t see what the future will hold IF third party sales were banned. The situation regarding the sale of puppies will be out of control as no body would be able to trace what is going on
    Is that really so hard to fathom?

  10. Just done some research on mr Neil parish, apparently he is a staunch supporter of fox hunting, and mathai is an extreme animal activist! And there they both are stood in harmony? That doesn’t stack up, maybe mathai doesn’t like foxes ?

    • Too right! Double standards and total hypocrites.

      Neil Parish and Aran Mathai. How can a vegan/animal activist stand with and be proud to receive support from an MP who wants fox hunting?

      And when I say support I use the word loosely as it looks like he didn’t know what he was getting himself into with these extreme animal activists.

  11. Mathai has delusions of grandeur, see’s himself as the next Mahatma Gandhi, I never heard of Gandhi using intimidation to get his message across, peace peace peace to every living thing including humans.

    Here is one of Gandhi’s quotes for Mathai
    “I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.”
    The dirt on mathai’s feet is his criminal convictions !

  12. As a neutral person, I have been reading this blog for many months now and this is what I have concluded, everything dogs4us has stated about mathai Robinson McNeill etc is true, simply because they have backed it up with evidence, however that can’t be said for mathai Robinson or McNeill they tell so many lies they are forever tripping themselves up.

    • Claire McNeil is only interested in promoting herself.

      It just so happens that the protests are her only way of self gratification. She is busy making money out of her little sheep selling them merchandise and going against PayPal’s terms and conditions by telling people to pay as family and friends to avoid fees.

      Full of deceit and lies this one. Not forgetting cruel to force her sick dog to go out on dog walks when it clearly has a physical ailment.

      These protest prove it’s a personal vendetta as they do not target other establishments.

      Other groups have seen through Nicola Robinson and publicly distance themselves from her. They see that both Claire McNeil and Nicola Robinson are a liability due to their false accusations.

      I take delight in knowing when you google both their names you get directed here!

  13. I recently stumbled upon Mathai on facebook, he calls himself a marketing expert! Looking at his profile it appears that all his likes have been gained by a pyramid style scam! I won’t bore you with how it works but to have so many likes from lots of likewise marketing people from around the globe with very little posts on his timeline…mmmmmm! I smell a rat tbh!

  14. Nothing surprises me where mathai is concerned . His attempts to manipulate the truth are not working Like someone said on
    this blog… time to retire your suit to the charity shop mr mathai, no one is listening to you

  15. Mathai,his mummy, mark the vet, scruffy beavers, and all the rest of his deranged cronies, have a look at dogs4us FB page and see all the beautiful gorgeous puppies with their new owners, do they look like they are sick and dieing lol or they come from puppy farms, no they
    don’t, heah and guess what they all come with a guarantee, you load of tree huggers need to get a bath, then a job, then get real !

  16. Actively encouraging others to leave false reviews is dispicable and illegal.this should be reported to google. Won’t be long before mathai & his cronies are locked up for this sort of thing . Can’t wait for the day

  17. Looking at the latest video of the Mathai Mafia stood lobbying for a ban on 3rd party puppy sales, it appears that Aran Mathai’s suit is close to bursting.
    Now then, if any vegan nutcases try to enforce their beliefs regarding a vegan diet being better for your health I’m gonna show them a photo of Mathai…lol!

  18. The lengths of what these pathetic people have to go to all because they want to inflict their ridiculous views on the innocent public is laughable. Luckily normal human beings can see through their hate campaign and it gets them no where.

    In addition to Aran Mathais miserable ways I can’t help but notice the fact that Nicola Robinson is trying her luck as she has been thrown out of two other groups.

    She has been proven to be a liar a fraud and a scrounger. Can work won’t work. People are waking up to her ways and know that she is such a liability they cannot be associated with her.

    Welfare of the dogs are not at the forefront of her sorry little Facebook page. Instead because she has no originality she has to copy pointless information dredged up by others.

    If animals welfare were the real reason I can think of better ways to help. Slagging off the owner of this business because she had to leave her employment because she could not control her own temper around the publics children is not one of them.

    She was happy to take the handouts and salary for all those years wasn’t she!

  19. I hope that the benefits people are watching Robinsons page… looks like she’s happy to work a full day in trying ridicule dogs4us but not a full days actual work.

    She even has time for a brew.

    No wonder why she wants to vote labour…. after all it’s them that will keep her in benefits and out of work.

    There’s nothin wrong with her legs…. get her out volunteering in the dog shelters if she cares that much. She’s all mouth and it shows she is against the owner.

  20. My sides are hurting. Anyone seen the latest video by Aran Mathai the extreme animal rights protestor who has been in court and charged numerous times?

    Well – just look at the state of him. How do people take the scruffy beggars seriously? No wonder no one listens to them. I think Nicola Robinson took fashion advice from him! Someone needs to tell this pair that house of fraser offer free personal shoppers.

  21. Perhaps its time to send this information to Mr Parish himself let him see what mathai and the rest of his crazy gang get up to , encouraging and taking part in leaving malicious and fraudulent reviews is shameful, particularly as these low lifes have never set foot on dogs 4 us premises.
    He needs to be made aware just what mathai, mummy and the rest have done over the years.
    Don’t think he would be happy knowing he stood next to you mathai. Did you tell him how the police took you to court and convicted you and mummy for harassing the business of dogs 4 us and its staff.?
    The tables are turning ….

  22. Well well this lot should be worried . ..very worried
    They should think carefully about what they put on the internet
    You never know what’s going to drop through the letterbox

    • People shouldn’t have to tolerate this type of abuse it’s wrong and they assume they are untouchable . Time for the law to be changed

  23. Mathai and his scruffy unemployed cronies take a look at dogs4us FB page and see the beautiful puppies they have for sale, all with a guarantee, which you don’t get any where else, do they look like they are sick and die as you state ???? No they don’t ! You are full of lies mathai, do something worthwhile and go and rescue some animals or lobsters and get a job while your at it!!!

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