Firstly may we apologise to those of you of a nervous disposition, expectant mothers, infirm or easily frightened the photographs below are of protester and Dogs 4 Us hater Steven McLean. This guy has a bit of a habit of posting on social media about people being ugly.

We thought the public would be the better judge !!

McLean has been a prolific moaner…oops…protestor outside many a licensed business over the years but never seems to get any results…I wonder why? No credibility maybe?

Somebody during an online slanging match stated that the dirty thuggish hippies (including McLean) like SHAC and ALF supporters (Mathai and others were also part of these groups) should be spat on and executed, McLeans reply to this was, I aren’t dirty, I aren’t thuggish and I aren’t a hippy, I dress smartly and are well educated (that’s debatable).

We thought the public would be the better judge !!

Ever heard the radio advert ‘wanna get your moneys worth’? Well McLean certainly does, these smart pants and smart jacket certainly gave him his money’s worth they’ve been to more protests than Nicola Robinsons had KFC…and believe us that’s a lot!


If this is what Veganism and Roll-Ups does to you I think I’ll give it a miss thank you.


Finally just for the record, Mclean recently posted about having a photo of his house put up on a blog and stating that he lived their 2 years prior and was hoping for Dogs 4 Us people to protest outside his house he then said he was disappointed nobody turned up. How did you know nobody turned up if you didn’t live there any more? Also for the record a certain Nicola Robinson was the member of staff that was crouched under your window that day and nearly got spotted by you!

Proving once again she was 100% behind Dogs 4 Us and totally against the people who protested outside our business.

More to follow so stay tuned… to our blog

26 thoughts on “SUPERMEGAFUGLY – AKA AnimalMagic1

  1. ALL the Staff know it was Nicola Robinson who got her friend to drive her to his house to take pic’s, and he did live there at the time, as they sent text messages back that they saw him through the window and had to duck down………now who is the Stalker Robbingson ????
    All your own idea as were the many other pic’s you took and places you visited, all with text message back up!!!!!!!

    • Yes, all these years doing naff all for one single animal
      ….Waving a banner has really helped … Not !

  2. Omg ! This ugly idiot, has the Gaul to call other people ugly etc ! Need to buy a mirror McLean, think I’ve seen you in those clothes many times over the years you scruffy b—–d ! And get a ***job !

  3. I am an avid dog race lover, and I have seen this guy so many times outside belle Vue stadium, trying to push his views on to so many people who love the sport, and have gone for a nice night out, well nobody listens or wants to know him, and not only is this guy ugly, but thick as well !

  4. Looks like he is auditioning for I’m a celebrity get me outta here! Goodness knows what that is in his mouth looks like he’s swallowing a Bullfrog head first or is it Bulls**t coming out, I’d go with the last thought.

  5. Is there absolutely anybody who campaigns on the SLOP page that has got an ounce of credibility? The more I read things, see the things they get up to and comments that are made, I am under the illusion that they are all completely DAFT;

    D – Delusional
    A – Apathetic
    F – False
    T – Timewasters

    Nobody appears to be in it to win it, Just a bunch of loonies with no end in sight. They keep rattling on about banning 3rd party sales, Hello, that would give the underground breeding cartel and the kennel club (same group) the monopoly, So let’s throw it out there and see how many have rescued from a dogs home etc lets say in the last 5 years. Here’s mine x 3 dogs and 3 cats…Who’s next Mathai – No thats none then, …next Beevers – No, next Robinson…erm another no then…shall we carry on?

    • They keep claiming that ALL pet shop puppies end up in rescue’s, as they are so factual in their information, then any dog you choose from a rescue is going to have the same problems !
      Lets not take any responsibility for an inexperienced owner that ruins a dog , the one that is treated like a baby and allowed to sleep on the bed, lay on the furniture that eventually bites you when you want it down one day. ( there are some small breeds that are suitable to be treated like this) but it won’t be one of the working breeds! unless your an experienced trainer and it gets extensive exercise. People blame the breeding rather than accept they wanted a dog they fell in love with. They see other dogs of the same breed behaving wonderfully, without realising the hours of training that has achieved that.

      • Speaking from experience, I would never buy a dog from a rescue centre, most of them are not suitable for young families
        Many years ago I bought one, and on the first day it bit me, when I tried to feed it, needed 6 stitches in my hand, and no it didn’t come from a pet shop ! It had to be put down

  6. I’ve been wrecking my brain as to who he reminds me of and now I’ve got it, are you ready? Firstly I thought of the Munsters but no joy so I did a Google and came up with Lurch out of the original Adams Family. Google it guys!

  7. I wouldn’t want to meet him in an alley on a dark night…… fact not even if it was daylight hours.
    Amusing that Nicola Robinson took pics of his house and now he cuddles up to her hanging on her every word, I bet she laughs her socks off !

  8. It’s about time these people are shown for what they really are.

    People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Especially Nicola Robinson. There is no way was she investigating. True investigating is going in, getting the info and getting out… not four years paid work.

  9. mmmm undercover my a**e, did she ever refuse her wage?????
    I’ve been following her and watching what she gets up to, well cocky.
    Came to the kennels and bought a puppy last year they were outside I got loads of abuse on the way out they were saying my puppy would be dead by the morning, my kids were very upset at hearing adults threatening and swearing at us.
    How dare they speak to people like that I wanted to get out of the car and uuurrrrgggghhh winds me up.
    My dogs doing great thank you to dogs 4 us and I maybe back in the near future for another, these idiots will never put me off going there.
    Think she and the others just like the attention and the feeling of self importance …stick that in ya rolly and jog on love!!!!

  10. Ask yourself, if this man was trying to sell you a car would you trust him and buy it? NO

    Ask yourself, if this man was giving you a message would you trust him and listen to it? NO

    I guess that is why Dogs 4 us are still open after his ten years of his attention !!!

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