Claire McNeill has an awful lot to say about our licensed, regulated and inspected business Dogs 4 Us.  She stages regular protests outside our business premises along with Nicola Robinson the ex disgruntled employee who no doubt you will have read all about on our blog.

As she cant stop talking about us we don’t think she will mind us returning the favour.

Claire McNeill professed to a member of our staff that she was a solicitor (telesales to you & us) but recently has turned her hand to being a self employed dog walker/home boarding although we doubt very much she has received any formal training or holds any qualifications in this respect. What a hypocrite she is using puppies and dogs to make a living.

With her band of merry men who turn up on protest days she states puppies should not be sold in pet shops and wants third party sales banned and has singled out our legitimate business trading in excess of 50 years in slating it non stop.  She alongside the ex employee Nicola Robinson who started a personal vendetta against the owner and our business because she was dismissed from our employment way back in 2012 for gross misconduct.

What double standards Claire McNeill has as we have seen on one of her facebook videos her walking in excess of six dogs (the legal max requirement is six per person) off the lead. She has also posted a couple of videos of her walking 2 Dalmations in a local cemetery again off the lead which is against The Dog exclusions Act 2011, (pictures below). She thinks its ok to show these videos to bolster her new business. She is deluded!

Here we have a photo of one of the dogs urinating within the cemetery grounds.

In spite of the local cemetery asking people to keep dogs on a lead here we see her with two dogs running havoc through the beautiful flower displays and having little respect for the grounds or the people who have loved ones buried there.

Below is a screenshot of the Dog Exclusions Act 2011 and Salford Councillor and residents views on the matter of dog walking in restricted areas.

For the avoidance of doubt and as proof, we took a couple of pictures to show the location within Agecroft Cemetery where she allowed without sentiment the dogs to roam freely.

We think its time to stop treading the moral high ground McNeill as you are now making a living out of animals but want the breeding of dogs stopped.  Now that would be a disaster for you wouldn’t it no more dogs to walk or board?


Get it ? Got it? Good!

Much more to follow  keep tuned to our blog…


74 thoughts on “CLAIRE McNEILL – SHOWS NO RESPECT?!!

  1. Arrogant actions from an arrogant person.It is disgusting for dogs to be in a cemetery running loose and defecating on people’s loved ones. Shame on her.

  2. This makes me sick. Just how disrespectful and low can you get? Another reason to be ashamed of themselves!

    Her dog had its leg bandaged up for a while yet she still took it for walks.

    Surely that’s animal cruelty.

  3. I have family & friends buried in this cemetery and I am utterly disgusted to see a so called dog walker disrespect her surroundings. Does she have no compassion? Obviously not. Says it all I suppose.

    Admin please forward the details of this persons business to my email address so I can make a formal complaint to the council. I’m utterly disgusted by this persons actions.

  4. Maybe you should create a letter template D4 u asking people to write to the council just like they do .give her a taste of her own medicine
    Absolutely no respect for others has she?

  5. I’m pleased this subject has been brought up

    Dogs should not be off a lead when out walking them let alone running freely through a cemetery

    I’m upset to see this and will be contacting the cemetery and council officials

  6. A Cemetery should be a place of peace and tranquility, where you can pay your respects to your loved ones, not having to scrape dogs muck of your feet.
    It is irresponsible people like Claire Mcneil that cause the Dangerous dogs act and BSL act being brought about . Not everybody loves dogs and they don’t want a hoard of them running out of control….BTW Mcneil under the law control is classed as being within 2 mtrs of you !

    • Mcneil won’t care, it is the person who the microchip is registered too who would get prosecuted, the same as if you employ a waste carrier and they fly tip it in a public place, the person who owns the waste gets prosecuted along with the fly tipper.
      Being a ” Solicitor ” 🙂 she would know this ! But the prosecuted owners of the dog can take a County Court Judgement against her for any financial loss incurred !

  7. So one career choice was to annoy the heck out of people with PPI claims and the next career choice was to annoy people with dogs running amok and fouling in cemeteries ?
    I can see the connection as you have to be thick skinned to do either !

  8. I have been shown this blog and I am very glad this has been brought up. I walk my own dogs in this area and can assure all that read this that a lot of the dog walkers are unhappy with this person.

    She has been told by a number of people to control her dogs as not all our dogs are friendly to other. She does not care and shouts and swears at you.

    She is very confrontational and thinks she owns the place.

    30years I have been walking this are and no problems. This person turns up on her money making round causing havoc to all those that enjoy.

    Although she has a van people should be aware that she travels with some in the front unrestrained. This is illegal.

    This is very disrespectful. Thank you for showing this irresponsible business. It is known as 4pawsburyandmanchester

  9. For anyone who objects to these dogs fouling in a Public places this is a template letter to send to the following email link.

    Dear Sir/Madam
    It has been brought to my attention that a local dog walking service, Four paws dog walking and boarding, run by a Ms Claire Mcneill who live in Salford and is licensed by Bury council, has been filmed allowing dogs to relieve themselves and running out of her control in the grounds of Agecroft Cemetery which is considered sacred ground.
    This is against Council policy who state that dogs should be on leads in this area, will you please investigate these allegations and take action.

    Add you name/address and signature and click this link and choose “dog fouling”

  10. Solicitor my a**e! This woman wants reporting, she is an utter disgrace, I will definitely be reporting her, do you have her address admin ?

  11. False person with false eyebrows half way up her face ! are these false brows pulling her eyes so wide open that the sun is blinding her to the signs saying “DOGS MUST BE KEPT ON LEADS”

    • I wouldn’t mind knowing where she gets them done ? So I can avoid the place ! I would call the Botox Police, I might be being unfair to the woman they could be like that because she saw a ghost while walking in the graveyard!

  12. how disgraceful is this?
    she thinks it’s alright to film and show the public dogs fouling and running haywire in the cemetery ?
    I will report this to the council it has to be stopped immediately !

  13. I have just read about this woman, and I’m appalled, my parents are both buried in agecroft cemetery, close to where this woman let these dogs loose, can you please forward this woman’s full name and address please ? I will contact the cemetery on Tuesday morning and the police, I am livid!

  14. I am disgusted by this, I visit Agecroft regularly to pay my respects and the ashes of many loved ones (mine included) are scattered on those lawn area’s, I will be contacting the council and cemetry next tuesday.
    Shocked !

  15. It looks like Claire Mcneill will have to go back to law school !!! poor dab she must have failed the first time to grasp that Slander is the “SPOKEN” word and Liable is the WRITTEN word, you don’t have to discredit them…..they do it for themselves.Quote from Claire Mcneill ” she slanders people and hopes the public will read ” Numpty you would think a Solicitor would know the difference!!! pmsl

    the action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person’s reputation

  16. This woman thinks she can conduct a malicious campaign and doesn’t like it when factual evidence supported by a film shows her in a bad light
    if she can’t take the heat she should stay out of the kitchen

  17. Just seen this on Salford online on Facebook. What a disgraceful dog walking company?

    Is this a franchise or a one man band? She gives all dog walkers a bad name!

    Can’t believe they are walking their dogs off the lead in the cemetery. Fuming!

    I have shared the post and this on my Facebook for more awareness! My friends are sharing away too x

    • I saw this last night on Salford on line was given the link and because of the nastiness of two women came to look, their names had not been mentioned but I can see from this page they are the two nasties who where mouthing off, and the ones responsible for these dogs being in the cemetery, there is a sign saying dogs should be kept on leads. These pictures show they were not on leads. Fullstop. Disgusted

      • Somebody local texted me to log onto Salford Online, I didn’t comment just watched, I was shocked that people would stoop that low, it did not make a lot of sense, one moment it was about the rights or wrongs of people walking dogs in the cemetery the next all out war with nothing to do with dogs in the cemetery? I had to know what was going on so checked Claire Mcneills personal profile, where she had written “guys please help me they are crucifying me over on salford online”??????? Nobody was naming or attacking anyone before that just people saying that dogs should not be walked in the cemetery, even the Salford Online editor agreed that they should not, he actually said it twice and 10 people clicked like to his comment, so how can they turn this round against dogs4us? it shows how they react hysterically to the slightest provocation. I will be keeping a close eye on dogs being walked in the cemetery and if I see them I will call the dog warden, then they can attack me as I will also put any pictures taken on Salford Online !

  18. Walking dogs for dosh ! I know where the guy with the Dalmations lives,I will speak with him and show him the pics of his dogs running wild and urinating in the cemetery! Time for the boycott to start on four paws !

  19. It seems your item on Claire Mcneill walking dogs in a graveyard has really upset her, if she had not shown disrespect for the dead by walking dogs off lead in a cemetery, there would not be any issue would there?
    A copy of the film is available 🙂 The wonder of mobile phones 🙂

    Please ask for a copy.if the Council need to see it.

  20. McNeil & Robinson are low life’s of the same ilk, they hate the truth, so what do they do?
    Come out with a load of lies, you see the thing is every thing dogs 4 us says on their blog they can back up with evidence, it’s not fiction like you 2 dreamers come out with,. So get down to the job centre and take dopy McLean with you !

  21. i live close to the dog walker she’s not lived here long but long enough for her to lower the tone and ican tell you some interesting things
    Will pop in next week and have a chat with u x

  22. This woman is bang out of order why on earth would you take dogs into a cemetery at all let alone off a lead?. She clearly has no respect for the living let alone the deceased, watching her outside your premises makes me realise just how malicious she is, very very aggressive and anyone who has a differing opinion is shouted down
    She sounds like an ole fishwife

  23. Seems like McNeill doesn’t like the taste of her own medicine. Next step should be to leave 1 star reviews on her facebook page and politely messaging all her customers to let them know what she gets up to on her little treks. Let’s see how she likes it when her business goes belly up…Tick …Tock ….Won’t be long now !

  24. I wonder who is responsible for the dogs messing on the graves, the owner or the walker?

    I think all the owners of dogs that she walks should be contacted and told.

    No apology from her either. Disgusting human being with no respect for the deceased.

    I sincerely hopes no one craps on her grave when she’s pushing up daisies.

    I tell you for one thing lucky my parents are not buried here as I would have more than just this to say!

  25. This woman who claims that the people who work for dogs4us are abusive and are always swearing and verbally attacking the SLOP followers needs a huge reality check. This self obsessed woman has attacked the business of dogs4us via social media and on its doorstep for some time now. She is always the first to swear on her facebook posts and abuse people who make positive comments about dogs4us. She seems to forget that it was herself who decided to attack Dogs4us not the other way around.
    I’ve seen this woman walking these 2 dogs into a housing estate (I’m assuming she was returning them home) not far from the kennels and witnessed one of them having a poop, she just casually walked away leaving the poop where it was, now tell me that she is a professional and responsible dog walker, clearly breaking another law!
    Karma will I’m sure come your way dogs4us – don’t let them get to you.

    • she has no respect for the highways either? Where members of the public walk and possibly get this mess on their shoes?! It’s a serious offence for a dog to be fouling and comes with a hefty £1000 fine. someone should contact her own licensing authority to put them in the picture , this really is unprofessional and as I reside in Salford will contact my local council,she should not be walking dogs as clearly she is irresponsible as to the safety of animals in her care and the environment!

  26. The McNeill woman is taking the proverbial. the language literacy and personal insults is disgusting. Smacks of desperation
    You have to feel sorry for these types of people they really are the scum of the earth

  27. Claire Mcneill is trying to claim that this is not her walking dogs in the cemetery, she is twisting and turning now trying to claim it was not her.
    This shows what liars and manipulators of the facts these people are.
    Her video has now been removed, but it was filmed on a mobile phone (not by DOGS4US but shared with them ) while on her blog, her site name shows, her write up about her daily walk shows, time and date are shown and her rather large gob can be clearly heard calling the dogs in the clip.
    Unlike most of the allegations/pictures/clips that Mcneill and Robinson put up that could have been taken anywhere,anytime and of any place totally unconnected to dogs4us.

    I will text message this clip to anyone who requests it for a complaint to the Council.

  28. These two lie through their back teeth, please forward me the clip, and I will make a complaint to the council about McNeil!

  29. McNeills Facebook post (below) made me chuckle recently going on about D4U people being vile, lying, swearing and not being able to string a sentence together, You SERIOUSLY need to check out your SOP follower posts and your own for that matter before coming up with a load of utter tosh.
    Here goes,
    Dogs 4 Us only has one way of retaliation to anyone who dare say fact about them.. By bullying, making threats, causing damage to people’s homes and property,(< Libelous) trying to blacken their name on social media (< you started it) Thankfully, anyone with half a brain cell can see the utter filth that comes from their mouths (< see SOP post below) The kind of people we are dealing with show true colours on a daily basis ( < who can't string a sentence together?) That they are disgusting, vile human beings (< now who's calling people?) that cannot string a sentence together without filth coming out of them (< see SOP post below) At no point do they ever come across any different. The staff they have working for them, the managers, not one is able to have a discussion with someone without being aggressive or shouting. ( < 1, why would a member of staff want to have a discussion with any of you and 2, aggressive or shouting see megaphone comment below)
    Sums the place up really. The only way to deal with these types of people is to ignore them, ( < wish you would) they crave attention ( < rich coming from a narcissist) and will do anything to get some ( < you lot are the ones stood outside abusing customers and staff, using a megaphone shouting about bitches being raped????) Trying their upmost to detract from what they are doing ( < ? )Trying to ruin other people with lies and made up stories. ( < truth hurts doesn't it)

    Now below are some SOP comments

    K****een P Hussein Shame on you B**ch get a Job and Pay your Taxes like the rest of us you Lazy Cruel F***er

    P***la Bell Well it won't work. Anyone with golf a brain can these are s**t people with no conscious at all happy to feed of bloody misery

    Cl***e McNeill She is trying to destroy my business with lies….

    N****a Robinson The fact they are trying so hard to silence us says everything and when you resort to lies and insults you've already lost the argument

    Would love to know what a golf brain is…LOL!

    • Seen these idiots yesterday, they all look not rights to me, and that women dressed in black with megaphone shouting a load of tosh looked weird, nobody was taking any notice, in fact a lot of people just laughing at them !

      • Yes I seen her screaming down a megaphone and prancing up and down, she looked as high as a kite to me 😜

  30. Been following all this on social media for a while now and whilst reading Salford online on FB I am appalled by the Admin letting photos go on which have nothing to do with your kennels, I watched the programme and those boxes they (Salford online) are portraying are nothing to do with D4U !
    Also there was a nasty mocking comment on there about someone of trans gender, not funny …

        • Nicola Robinson was shouting ‘dogs are raped’ at children entering your premises as they walked across the car park.

          They have no limits this is not peaceful. I can show you the information of this on Facebook if need be.

          Verbal abuse is no way to win any campaign. No respect!

          Also Claire McNiell has not apologised for walking her dogs in the cemetery. Yet another example of nil manners. Been dragged up not brought up these two. Their families should be ashamed. I certainly would be.

  31. How to have a conversation with a pathological pair of liars….. you don’t bother as they pathologically lie a lie and lie, once one lie is exposed they make up another and another and another………yeah it gets boring doesn’t it ?

    Leave it to the public’s intelligence to work out the truth, that is why dogs4us are still in business surprise surprise 🙂

  32. I see people were complaining on Salford Online about Claire Mcneill and Nicola Robinson shouting out the word “RAPE” at the recent demo and so they should be ! what an insult to any man or woman that has ever been there!
    It is silly claims like this that make the establishment turn away from any of these activists.
    Try asking a Vet and enlighten yourselves, it is impossible for a dog to rape a dog,A bitch can only fall pregnant or accept a dog when in season/on heat, there would be no point mating her at any other time as she is not producing eggs and it is impossible for her to get pregnant.
    A bitch that is in season will actively search out a dog and offer herself to him, leave your gate open for five minuets and she will be gone, that is why we have the phrase when talking about people of low morals by saying, “she is worse than a bitch in season” .
    As for any unsavory images of “rape stands” these come from America and are used by the disgusting fighting fraternity to protect the male dog from being attacked by the much sort after vicious female to produce the best fighters.
    Try researching your facts before making silly wild claims as at the moment it’s like reading a comic.

  33. Yes I have seen the rape stand thing on scruffy Neil pyatts FB, I suspected it was from abroad, but here he is the one man crap builder, trying to associate it with dogs 4 us ! Another load of bull**** coming from one of these not rights, I mean take a good long look at all of them, not a days work between them !

    • Yes if you look at any images they are all pitbull types, but it makes good reading to make out it goes on in breeding facilities in this country, I think they are all off their heads on waccy baccy or something worse, they say it makes you paranoid, it’s the same thing when they keep saying “what have you got to hide” the answer is NOTHING, there are no dogs kept in/on the premises that are not on public display ! so the Public can see them anytime they want during opening hours ! ! ! Waccy Baccy rules 🙂

  34. I have an interesting thought for you to ponder….

    Why does Claire McNeils Facebook give an address which doesn’t correspond to her own home address?

    What is she trying to hide? Obviously something underhand could be going on here? Why find the need to lie about that?

    First she doesn’t own up to being the disrespectful dog walker of Agecroft – then she goes all cloak and dagger with her business. What is she hiding? Remember she is boarding the publics dogs in this house. Not quite the transparent and squeaky clean loud mouth she tries to portray?!?!

  35. Why would she put up a fake address??? I would guess it’s so if people want to trace her license details on the Council web page the details will not come up for people to make a complaint against her 🙂
    Anybody that wants it I have her license number 🙂

  36. Clare mcneill who owns 4 paws letting dogs run around in a local cemetery urinating on the graves, i see the video has been removed as there has been backlash from it

    this is so wrong and it wont be forgotten in a hurry!

  37. Robinson & McNeill sit there all day on their laptops, putting videos on you tube etc, but they haven’t put a video on showing irresponsible McNeill letting dogs run loose in a cemetery, and urinating on headstones, thinks about time some one did ?

  38. I saw her van parked half on the road and half on the pavement leading to Clifton country Park last Sunday (7th May). I bet the inside of the van was red hot, I couldn’t see any air vents or air conditioning. It seems like her licensing authority are not up to speed with checking dog walkers etc. Makes you wonder what else they get up!!!!

  39. A message to big gob Clair McNeill, if you can’t take it don’t dish it !
    More pressure heading your way !

  40. I see that Mcneill is whinging again, this time about her “positively fit for purpose van” that someone has complained about ! if it is so fit for purpose why would you even mention it? Of course Dogs4us get the blame ermm…she states the complaint was anonymous…… she wants to think on about the letter to her employers, was that anonymous Pet?
    Probably it was another dog walking service who are losing clients because of a new service in the area, but blaming Dogs4us makes much better reading from their twisted minds.

  41. Noticed a few times that she often walks dogs on local football pitches. Is this not part of the council dog exclusion areas? She obviously doesn’t know the law and is so unprofessional.
    I also saw a video where a dog is swimming in a river way down an embankment what kind of response time would she have if the dog got into difficulty in the fast flowing water or there was an under current. There would be no way she’d be able to climb down and attempt any rescue !!!
    To be honest it is only a matter of time until something goes wrong.

  42. It’s disgusting thinking she can brush it under the carpet , remove the video evidence and people will forget about it. I have contacted the council to make my views known . I saw one of those dalmatians actually jump at the headstone and then cock it’s leg, allowing this behaviour in a cemetery where my own relatives are buried It’s very upsetting knowing she couldn’t care less.

  43. The truth is they hang on every word written on this blog, live their lives around checking this blog, and actually obsess about this blog because they know everything spoken on it is the truth. I look forward to more to come exposing these people for what they are

  44. Arrogant, mouthy & disrespectful
    I saw her van outside your place there were dogs in cages and it had no ventilation … ..those poor dogs in the heat !

  45. McNeils dog van must be like an oven in this weather, them poor dogs she’s making money from must be suffering, it’s my duty to report her to bury council on Tuesday!

  46. McNeill is another one that needs to get a reality check.
    Desecrating the local cemetery allowing dogs to foul in the grounds and jump on a headstone. Allowing dogs to foul on a public highway and allowing dogs to overheat in her own van while she stands outside D4 u protesting.
    Why hasn’t she got air vents on that vehicle? I will be writing to bury council to air my disgust on Tuesday
    Another loud mouth hypocrite who is now making a living boarding and walking dogs
    Not for much longer hopefully!

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