Aran Mathai has been an  activist  since the age of 15. He has been arrested on numerous occasions,  appeared in court for harassment  to legitimate businesses and also  to members of the public. Injunctions have been obtained against him and his mother Rachel Mathai. He appears to jump on any cause that may bring him public acclaim and notoriety as an activist.

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Mathai and his fellow associate activists have been described as “quasi-terrorists” using extreme measures to strike fear into innocent employees of companies that conduct a business opposing any of their fanatical views.

They were involved in a campaign against a large pharmaceutical company some of the “quasi-terrorists” activities was to send used sanitary towels claiming that the sender had aids, they also paint stripped people’s cars, sent them false and real incendiary devices and spray painted outside of houses, found where employees lived and wrote to neighbours claiming that the employee was a rapist, others made claims that employees were paedophiles  and to be aware of this. Three individuals committed violent assault on employees of a company they opposed. These are just a few of the things  Mathai and his associates are alleged to have been involved in.

When challenged recently if Mathai had a job he replied “yes”. We assume this is running his numerous activist web pages.

Please see  the links below which are in the public domain:

You can copy and paste to your browser or click the link if it allows you to.

Aran Mathai & his mother Rachel Mathai have orchestrated a similar campaign against our company trying to terrorise staff by following them home, trying to break into our premises when staff were locked inside (please see previous post on this blog). He has dressed in AR garb trying to strike fear into our employees and customers, made numerous false, harassing telephone calls to the company, made numerous FALSE complaints to our licensing authority and others (no evidence was ever found to substantiate his wholly untrue allegations)

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Aran Mathai and Rachel Mathai were prosecuted  by the police and convicted in 2014 for persistently making use of a public communication network to cause annoyance/inconvenience/anxiety to our company.

Aran Mathai, Rachel Mathai and Luke Beevers have criminal records due to their activists campaigns.

Along with Dogs 4 Us they are still continuing their campaign of persecuting other legal and licensed businesses, the latest one being Cambridgeshire against Astrazeneca planning. If you wish to view this site please conduct a facebook search for Cambridge against Astrazeneca Planning  where you will see Aran Mathai and Rachel Mathai extremely busy running to numerous locations up and down the country.  We do wonder who pays for their travel costs?!

You can also conduct a Facebook search for Rickmansworth against Skanska where you will see numerous pictures of Aran  Mathai and  Luke Beevers lounging around causing a nuisance in companies reception areas, for some reason they do not feel they should post these pictures on CAP site (which is run by Rachel Mathai)

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46 thoughts on “ARAN MATHAI

  1. I am all for freedom of speech but what this lot get up to is ridiculous, I have never see any evidence or mention of any of them being gainfully employed, I guess it’s a case of “the devil finds work for idle hands”
    Very sad what this country has become and allows.

  2. This human being is disgusting. The length and the lies they steep to are beyond words.

    What a sad world we live in. A menace to society.

  3. What disgusting people these are, how low they stoop to meet their goal and we are supposed to believe that they treat animals with more respect?
    I pity any animal they own, watching some of these poor dogs dragged to demo’s makes me cringe, the poor things are scared to death with terror in their eyes at the noise and being kept standing around for hours in the same spot. A dog moves on mentally from a bad situation but it does not need to be put back into one that is totally alien to its nervous nature.

  4. Mathai has not included this info on his ” meet the team ” link on his web page.

    All three with criminal records !!

    I guess it would not fit in with his “trying to give us credibility theme” lol

  5. So what do you do today Aran mathai to make you feel proud ?
    I balled through a megaphone calling people names, I intimidated some staff of dogs 4 Us and their customers and wasted police time
    People switch off when they see this type of disgusting behaviour and the methods you use. Why are you not doing a proper job like helping in a rescue centre if you care about animals so much?!!

  6. Scumbags! Scumbags! very willing to abuse humans! One day their criminal acts and abuse will come back and bite em on the butt! Karma is a wonderful thing.Once you break the law to get your way, people switch off from listening to the message.

  7. If I saw this lot I would cross the road to avoid them
    I’m not being funny but they look a sad bunch and probably haven’t done a days work between them in a long time

  8. Omg just watched the links to mathai , him and his mummy need sectioning
    They are beyond belief, benefit scroungers !

  9. These people are nuts! I work hard six days a week and it makes me angry that I am providing benefit hand outs for them out of my taxes, why are they not contributing to society instead of taking from it? The system needs a radical overhaul ! why dont you look for work instead of dossing around every day? !

  10. Crazy people and a nuisance , they aren’t helping animals themselves so why would anyone take them seriously ? Egotistical maniacs! Wasting the judicial systems time,,,who’s paying for it?!

  11. I watched one of their site video’s of the last vigil, shouting through loudhailers, the public were walking up, looking at the placards, turning their noses up and walking away, the public reaction might have been different if they were doing a vigil for children in dire need.
    It is the same thing when people pip their horn at protesters, it is not always in support, lots are meaning ” f… off and get a job 🙂
    Although he claims different, there has not been one single successful protest out of all the things he and mummy decide to protest about, totally full of meaningless waffle that bore people to death and do no good for the chosen cause, that is why the AR do not want him on their side.

  12. Exactly what has he achieved over the decade of protesting against businesses? As a claimed to be Vegan most probably zilch, maybe the odd restaurant has stopped selling Foie Gras, but what the dipstick doesn’t seem to realise is that the said restaurant is still selling Suckling Pig, Duck Consomme, West Country Steak and other succulent meat dishes!! FAIL!!
    So Mathai in his quest for world domination decides now to stand outside places like Skanska a huge UK construction firm wearing a not so scary mask. Does he really think that he along with 5 mates are gonna convince anybody to believe what they are harping on about. Nope! FAIL!
    In his commitment to close down Dogs 4 Us he continues to protest, If that’s what you can call it, I’m sorry but one look at the pic holding the loud hailer is all I need to be convinced there’s a spanner missing from the tool box!
    For one he needs to realise his hand me downs suit can be dry cleaned and he doesn’t have to stand in the rain to try and clean it.
    Also nobody is taking notice of your pathetic protests, Another FAIL!
    Save your pocket money and go and do something more useful with your time like working in a charity shop! Oh and take your mother with you.

    • ahhh but they are convinced that this blog is because they are having an affect on DOGS4US…………… wrong !!!! it is to show the public these people who tread the moral high ground…… really do not have any morals or integrity, if they engaged their brain before operating their mouths they would realise this.

  13. I agree, furthermore they need to realise that stopping pet shops only forces the trade underground.

    They are better off finding and stopping back yard breeders who do not comply with the same strict standards that d4u has to.

    • They have yet to taken into account that the companies and shops they demonstrate against are under UK law legal activity.(unlike his)
      Would he like them to get fed up with his demo’s, pack up and leave Britain for a third world country where they will underpay their workers, not have such stringent guidelines with no chance for anyone to demonstrate as the cops have and would use guns?
      Let alone the massive compensation that the UK government would have to pay these companies for what were legal activities when they make it illegal? who have sunk, millions into a legal business and then have it made illegal.
      And yes People that includes compensation to any pet shop if they changed the law 🙂

  14. Just read about Mathai and his mother trying to close down a restaurant
    Because they cook and sell live lobsters , which most good seafood restaurants do !!!!!!! I for one love fresh lobster, these 2 weirdos need to get a life and a job !

  15. After reading your links and doing my own search, I found one that you missed on Facebook : Aran Mathai Marketing seemingly a new venture offering advice on how circumvent Face book charges and how to get rich etc.
    Can he assure us he is only offering his profound knowledge on the subject to Vegans or vegetarians or does his capitalist nature over take his moral principles?

  16. I have seen a statement from mathai and his mother, allegedly stating they would sooner see a new born baby die than a new born puppy??? I feel sick to read this, they are twisted disgusting people, how the hell can anybody stand next to these 2 and support their radical views ? I love my dog, but I love my children a million times more, they can never be replaced, my dog can ! I think mathai and his mummy need serious psychiatric help !!!!!

  17. It seems Mrs Mathai is not to keen on her and Aran’s criminal records and Quasi Terrorist activities being exposed.

    In the link below you will see that either her or Aran gave a quote to the press in an article on behalf of CAP, also Mathai is in the included Photo.

    In this same article you will see that either them or groups they actively support have posted notices on the University Of Cambridge campus site offering students “easy cash” ” Animal rights extremists offered money in exchange for personal details, including names, addresses, pictures, phone numbers and emails of people involved in vivisection”

    If that is not Quasi Terrorist activity I am not sure what is ! is Ms Mathai seriously going to try and convince us they were just going to pop round for a cup of tea?

    • It was not so long ago that they were offering cash rewards on their page to any body that worked for DOGS4US that would give information and that would spill the beans 🙂 and look who suddenly popped up out of the depths of the swamp !

      The thing is these people need to realise, sick dogs are not sold by DOGS4US, but any living thing can become sick at any time. the same as humans can !

      • Yes I remember this, I wonder if Robinson was not so desperate for money and take up their offer of cash, would her hate campaign begun?

        Just goes to show that they have to offer money to get any type of information. That’s desperate in its self. Very underhand too!

  18. Hi Bloggers –
    I think the information below explains 100% the people Dogs 4 Us have to deal with and the fact that it is most positively genetic speaks volumes…enjoy!

    A 2012 book on power-hungry narcissists suggests that narcissists typically display most, and sometimes all, of the following traits:

    An obvious self-focus in interpersonal exchanges
    Problems in sustaining satisfying relationships
    A lack of psychological awareness (see insight in psychology and psychiatry, egosyntonic)
    Difficulty with empathy
    Problems distinguishing the self from others (see narcissism and boundaries)
    Hypersensitivity to any insults or imagined insults (see criticism and narcissists, narcissistic rage and narcissistic injury)
    Vulnerability to shame rather than guilt
    Flattery towards people who admire and affirm them (narcissistic supply)
    Detesting those who do not admire them (narcissistic abuse)
    Using other people without considering the cost of doing so.
    Pretending to be more important than they actually are.
    Bragging (subtly but persistently) and exaggerating their achievements
    Claiming to be an “expert” at many things
    Inability to view the world from the perspective of other people
    Denial of remorse and gratitude

    Also studies have found that narcissism as measured by a standardized test was a common inherited trait.

    • I can think of a few more admins from another protest group with the same tendencies
      I like these few analyses of Narcissists, the best,

      Pretending to be more important than they actually are. PMSL!

      Claiming to be an “expert” at many things. ROFL!

      Bragging and exaggerating their achievements.
      (What achievements? 10 mates turn out for a gathering at Leeds Library – That aint no protest me little pudding chops). LOL!

  19. @ in the know
    Thank you for bringing this information into the public domain…The medical students description of these people was 100% correct “repulsive unthinking terrorists” And they are a public nuisance!

    • It astounds me that all these objectors seek and demand attention from the media, positively demand and revel in it, but get shirty when it is bought to the attention of the public by this blog.

      The same type of people post comments on public social media sites, then bemoaning that they are being watched, do they not realise how thick they sound?

      Their ability to twist and distort reality is mind boggling.

  20. So let me get this right, Aran mathai and his mummy, Luke scruffy beavers,
    Lieing Nicola Robinson etc etc, are all fit and able to work, but choose not to, instead they screw the benefit system at our expense, all these have criminal records
    Dogs4 us are a licensed and regulated legal business, doing nothing wrong
    But these muppets think they are the ones in the right!!!!
    Doesn’t stack up does it? Lol

  21. I wonder what they were going to do with those names, addresses & phone numbers?
    These people are nuts & anyone that stands next to them having their photo taken should have done some research before they stepped into the swamp. I bet aran and rachel mathai have never stepped foot inside a rescue. so many serious issues in this country and the world in general. All they want to do is stroke their own inflated egos.

  22. I went on Facebook and have seen that when they were at a protest at the Houses of Parliament last week they were laughing at a lady who was mourning the tragic terror attack we had two weeks ago nearly.

    I have the screen shot of the lady complaining.

    These are not human beings, they care for nothing but themselves.

    Aran mathai was there. Hideous behaviour.

    Aran Mathai and your mother …. SHAME ON YOU

    • i saw the ladies comment (her name was ruth) and she was very upset at their rudeness and insensitivity. This lady also stated she had personal connections to the horrendous terror attack in london.
      Disgusting that the mathais were there and showed no compassion to someone who was clearly and visibly upset.
      i do hope someone has a screenshot of the ladies comments as i believe it has been removed from their page?

  23. SAVE THE LOBSTER! I’ve heard it all now, these 2are not wired up right!
    Complete waste of police resources on these loonies
    Mathai needs to wash his hands dirty b*** !

  24. I have too been on Facebook. On a page called boycotters unmasked….the links given really do show these people for who they are!

    Dangerous people.

  25. I have to ask how low can the Mathai’s and Beever stoop ?

    They proudly display a photo of themselves at Westminster, giving grateful thanks to an MP for trying to stop puppies being sold in pet shops.

    The very same MP who has publicly stated he is going to vote to repeal the fox hunting act, and until this year (only due to ill health) has attended the boxing day meet of the Tiverton hunt giving a supportive speech before the hunt starts !!!!!

    Hypocrisies at it’s finest, no pups in pets shops but it is OK to kill and main foxes !!!
    Who will Mathia get into bed with next??????

  26. Quote taken from this article:
    “Mr Thomas joked: “I did get an email to say that when he heard the Brexit vote he fell off his perch and broke his hip.

    “He is still recovering, he was due to ride here today which is a promise he’s made for many years and not kept, which is why he’s still an MP.”

    Mr Thomas did pay thanks to the hard work of Neil Parish and his support to keep hunting going.”

    Wow wow says it all really other than keeping the Scottish quiet so they can slip the repeal in……… tut tut.
    Shocking comments in the whole article from some one who cares about the welfare of animals, winning votes are more important than welfare in both instances.

    Nice article find 🙂

  27. Maybe DEFRA would have listened to EFRA if they didn’t know his real mind set ??? pot kettle black fits him, some MP’s are genuine !

  28. If he’s been doing this since 15 he’s not having much of an impact
    Another biased know it all going round in circles . His ego is bigger than any cause he professes to believe in, obviously loves wasting police and the judicial systems time, no doubt all funded out of the public purse?!

  29. The Mathai family and Luke Beevers are continually banging on about some old rubbish. They need to get a bit of a life and put some fun back into their relationship, they always look so damn miserable no matter where they pop up.
    Narcissistic Aran Mathai who has never been an obvious lover of animals just a pain in the rear so called animal liberator (no animals liberated may I add) who has verbally and physically attacked members of the human race in his quest for notoriety. Google & social media searches prove that Mathai has never published any photographs, jobs or posts relating to him taking part in any animal rescue related activities.
    Rachel Mathai a self employed life coach and Reiki master, well I think you should use some of the Reiki skills on your son he might not look so ill, at the moment he looks like Uncle Fester wearing a wig, obviously the Vegan diet is having an unhealthy effect.
    For those of you sat scratching your heads wondering what the hell Reiki is, here goes,
    Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one’s “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.
    Then we have Luke Beevers now this guy looks like theres no one home, is he a missing member of the adams family?

  30. They look like door to door sales people that bash on your door trying to sell you knocked off goods, I wouldn’t buy off them nor would I listen to any message these three put out. Credibility is everything if you want to get a message out, elections coming up soon, would you vote for anybody who looked like them?

  31. These people are control freaks,more than willing to resort to illegal acts to gain adulation and inflate their ego’s.
    You need to be respected before people listen to your message.
    The proof is in the pudding that they are still at it 7 years later 🙁

  32. Objectors not activists ! they want everyone to live their lives to their mantra.
    Did that MP know about the background of these people before that photo was taken??????

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