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These two came into our premises on two separate occasions recently  (in fact they come into Dogs 4 Us  on a regular basis)  the first being at  five minutes to nine in the evening when our staff politely informed them that we would be closing very soon.

They returned the following evening as they were obviously acting on instructions from Claire McNeill and Nicola Robinson (the ex-disgruntled employee of Dogs4Us) to obtain photographs of our beautiful puppies, litter information cards and any potential incriminating information, then passing the information on in an attempt to make a story out of it on social media. Sorry but you failed on all counts. We thought we would let you see the CCTV images of the 2 culprits as we would like to publicly make you aware that we know who you are and although we will save you the embarrassment of naming you we would like to make it clear that you are not welcome on our premises again.

We were also informed by a reliable source that one of the snitches is an Assistant Manager of a branch of Burger King! No hypocrisy there then!

Perhaps you will think twice about getting involved with people who have nothing better to do other than conduct a personal vendetta against the owner, staff and the business of Dogs 4 Us … we feel sorry for you that you obviously have nothing better to do with your time.


16 thoughts on ““THE 2 DOG SNOOPS”

  1. Omg d4u.. looks like you have X-ray cameras too lol the second screen shot is very unflattering.

    I presume this is more ‘undercover’ work orchestrated by dumb and dumber. I say dumb and dumber because what’s more dumb then taking photos of information and puppies which are on public display and then try to claim it as an exposè?

  2. They look guilty as hell too, this is ridiculous now, talk about desperation! Robinson and McNeill sending friends into your business to snoop for photos and information.
    Despicable and no need for it

  3. If you click on the pictures to enlarge………….. scary!
    More Lambs to the slaughter doing others dirty work, shame on them for dragging them in, Robinson knew you would have the pictures and show them.

  4. I am confused on what this achieved ? DOGS4Us will have their Own reasons for displaying their leave by date surely?

    How nice to throw people under the bus for zilch,nothing.

    They do try and make a story out of anything, if there is nothing to attack DOGS4US for, they simply make one up.

  5. Think on “Ladies” whatever you do in life nobody likes or trusts a snitch or sneak, if you have done it once you might do it to a future employer when you have left their employment. I doubt any burger chain would be happy knowing they are employing animal activists that may be collecting evidence against them.

    • Good point Sop-py I think the burger joint could do with an employee name being sent over anonymously (oops not so anon now – silly me) telling them who is working undercover to expose who the burger supplier is! I bet she’s already took photos of the boxes showing how many is in it and the sell by date…nooooooooooo…it’s too late…she’s gonna expose them on facebook all burger joints are gonna be closed down…what we gonna do? Eat salad, looks like a few people would benefit…maybe!

    • Exactly. You should send this information to their employers. I bet they would get the old heave ho and then be forced to go out dog walking for a living.

  6. What a big Whopper fail!
    Hypocrisy at its finest, how the hell can somebody who works for a multi national company like Burger King that slaughters 100,000’s of animals a year even attempt to attack Dogs 4 Us?
    I noticed that the attacking post attempted to discredit D4Us via social media but turned out to be a load of Sprite and led to Muffin. Bet you felt a right Doughnut!.
    You 2 girls should hang your heads in shame and if I was your boss and I found out about what you had done I would tear a Chicken Strip off you. Maybe I will contact your employer and drop you right in the Royale Chicken Wrap.
    I think the time has come for the Government to clamp down on facebook, twitter and such like who allow people to use it as a platform to attack people and businesses.
    Bob Skellern says to name and shame them but TBH I don’t think you’d miss them walking down a dark corridor, now that’s a Wrap!

  7. Nicola Robinson is ganghanded, foolishly getting others to fight her battles all because she was going to get the sack.

    Let’s not forget the footage of her physically attacking people on more than one occasion

    She is not credible in any way shape or form and it looks as though people are waking up to her childish and knee jerk reactions for not getting her own way.

    Saying that, McNeil is also subject to maliciously spreading fake information… this is proven on more than one occasion.

  8. To the women that crept in and took pictures, what was the point? this information is on public display.
    If your really interested in animal welfare, why not go to your nearest rescue and spend any time you have spare walking the rescue dogs?

    To be frank it looks like both of you would benefit from some exercise.

  9. Robinson is obsessed with this place. She can’t let go. Sending her minions in is just one way of grasping on to the life she used to have.

    She doesn’t work and has no intentions to either. She’s lazy, she won’t even protest outside… she sits in the car and gets others to do her dirty work. Just like what she did to humpty and dumpty.

  10. The obsession that Nicola Robinson has for this place is unbelievable. To go to the extent of sending people in to take photos is not borderline stalking …it IS stalking. Weird or what?

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