Dogs 4 Us response to a recent t.v. programme

Several months ago Dogs 4 Us were featured in a t.v. programme in relation to the sale of puppies and where they are sourced.
The programme showed how individuals involved in the sale of puppies were not doing this in guidance with the U.K. law (Animal Welfare Act 2006). They were found to be buying in pups and selling them from their own homes professing to be the breeder of the puppies in some instances they produced a “false mum” to dupe the purchasers into believing this was the real mum of the puppies being offered for sale. This somewhat negates the statement “always see the mother of the pups”
This practice is something that happens on a regular basis and is well documented and discussed in the dog world. This is why it is most important that these types of sales on the internet, newspaper articles and beyond are policed and stopped. As mentioned in a previous post less than 5% of puppies sold are through pet shops. The other 95% are through privates sales as already mentioned.
A lot of these individuals are going under the radar and not paying tax, vat. etc as all seen too often in the press and media on a regular basis. Along with this type of sale comes a lot of heartache as once the puppy becomes ill the seller is often untraceable and simply does not want to know. Individuals have been known to rent premises where they freely conduct the selling of puppies on a mass scale with no one regulating them at all. Sadly this is happening all too often with puppies being brought into the U.K. illegally from abroad and being sold as the demand for certain types of breeds are becoming all too apparent.
Dogs 4 Us have always been open and transparent about its business and where we source our puppies. The breeders details are contained within the three generation pedigree and all of them are traceable.
This programme showed the reporter visiting one such breeder whom Dogs 4 Us had purchased a litter of Mini Dachshund puppies from. She travelled to the breeders home and said on camera that no one of that name lived there. This is entirely untrue and Dogs 4 Us holds factual evidence that the breeder does live at the address and were not at home when the reporter decided to call. The programme also featured a breeder in Southern Ireland where puppies were being raised in wooden whelping boxes. These images were distressing to see but Dogs 4 Us would like to reassure the public that we do not and have never purchased puppies from this establishment.
The programme also featured a breeder called Eric Hale. This breeder has supplied Dogs 4 Us for many years. He is particularly well known for his Norwegian Elkhounds, Basset Hounds & award winning Beagles. Mr Hale was treated and portrayed very unfairly in this programme and was targeted simply because an ex employee of Dogs 4 Us who had left over four years ago harbored a grudge against the Company. When she could not be reinstated in her former role she decided she would try and damage us with the help of the programme makers. We shall speak about this in more detail in another post.
We have never purchased puppies under age, without teeth, or fed them lactol, they are all weaned before leaving the breeders nor have we ever sold cross breeds as pedigrees. This is untrue and slanderous.
Instead of choosing to knock on Mr Hales door and asking if they could have a conducted tour of his premises the programme makers took it upon themselves to trespass in the early hours of the morning. Considering the puppies were not seeing their rightful owners and had camera lights shining into their faces all displayed a sense of calmness considering it was the dead of night and this was not the norm for them. Think for a moment that this type of filming in the dark using night vision cameras always appears much worse than in daylight conditions and so this was done for the purpose of sensationalism. This programme also showed dead puppies lined up at the side of the road which the reporters had allegedly come across during the making of it which we found very coincidental and once again has no connection with the business of Dogs 4 Us.
All of Mr Hales puppies were lovely specimens of the breed and looked of good quality this is the reason why we purchase them. They also featured someone who had purchased one of Mr Hales puppies that had sadly died. Unfortunately it is a very sad fact of life in general that puppies can become ill exactly like us humans and this can be very upsetting. However, this has simply been manifested into making the public believe that this is happening all the time when it is not.
Mr Hales licence was revoked for a very short period of time. He was required to carry out some remedial works and all these have been carried out to the satisfaction of his licensing authority. Mr Hale was clearly unfairly targeted as indeed were Dogs 4 Us. We have always and will continue to operate our business within the guidelines and regulations set out by our local authority. Every single litter of puppies that we purchase are of excellent quality and all breeders know that Dogs 4 Us are insistent that puppies and their mums are raised in conditions that are acceptable and passed by their own licensing authorities.
Dogs 4 Us have a vet in daily attendance at its Manchester branch and appointments can be made at our Leeds branch to see our vet if required. We continue to offer a seven day settling in period for anyone purchasing a new puppy. This is a comfort factor for many purchasers knowing we are always on hand to help and advise whatever the circumstances.
The law came into effect in April 2016 that all puppies are micro chipped before leaving the breeders premises. However, this practice has been in existence for the past 17 years at Dogs 4 Us having micro chipped our puppies long before this regulation came into effect showing that every single puppy we sold was traceable back to us. Dogs 4 Us takes very seriously its commitment to buying and selling good quality puppies and will never deviate from this practice. However, the public must appreciate that from time to time things will and can go wrong. We continue to offer our expertise and advice for any problems that may arise from time to time. Please be assured that Dogs 4 Us is a licensed, inspected and regulated business that has always worked within the framework of the U.K. Animal Welfare Act.
We are saddened to see that as being one of the largest sellers of puppies we are targeted in this way.
In our opinion all sales of puppies via the internet should be stopped and that puppies are only sold through a quality law abiding pet shop such as ours or an inspected, regulated and licensed establishment.
We do hope that this information will set free any stigma that has tried to attach itself to our business by the programme makers and that it will give our longstanding and prospective customers reassurances that Dogs 4 Us strives to achieve excellence in all aspects of its puppy sales business with over 50 years of experience in this field we hope this is a strong foundation to build upon even further.

6 thoughts on “Dogs 4 Us response to a recent t.v. programme

  1. I watched this episode of what was once a highly thought of current affairs program. It left me feeling uncomfortable for a few reasons, so I watched it again and again on catch up. At the point they are picturing Hale’s van and stating ” more and more and more puppies” leading the viewer to believe the van was being squashed to the brim with pups, if you re-watch it, you will notice that the van was in a slightly different position every time it panned back on it, this was not a van crammed with pups, as they would like us to believe, but carefully edited film of various times puppies had been loaded into the van on separate filming occasions. I don’t support ill treatment of any animal, but I can’t give any credibility to a program that in more ways than one insults my intelligence.

  2. The Programme makers should be held accountable for using unnecessary & disrespectful dramatism during the making of the programme you mention above.
    For using deceased puppies that have been allegedly ‘tossed’ at the side of the road in a manner to shock and distress the public into thinking that dogs4us have done this and are aware of it happening.
    The ex employee of dogs4us, well any ex employee who wishes to participate in the making of a tv programme immediately sets the alarm bells ringing. Why? Well that person 99% of the time holds a grudge for whatever the reason may be, Usually because they can’t get over the fact they no longer work there and cannot accept the truth and move on with their lives. Realistically who’s really listening – nobody, purely as there are more pressing politics to be dealing with like anti-terrorism, the EU, UK poverty in children etc and so on.
    Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester recently hosted a Rally to raise awareness against puppy farms run by a Facebook Boycott group, Sorry I must have blinked, Less than 30 attended.
    Definition of a ‘CROWD’ is, Verb, (of a number of people) fill (a space) almost completely, leaving little or no room for movement, Nope not that one…lol!
    Oh sorry it must have been a ‘RALLY’ then, Definition is, a mass meeting of people making a political protest or showing support for a cause, Nope not that one either…lol!
    I’ve worked it out and it was a ‘SMALL GATHERING’, Urban dictionary definition, A get-together called a gathering instead of a party, just in case people don’t turn up and it turns out to be.. well.. pretty dull, Yep that’s the one..PMSL!
    The Boycott group campaign director (as he calls himself…lol) is neither squeaky or clean – pardon the pun. A simple Google search finds the following, please copy and paste to your browser,

    I’m going to end my post here with a conclusion of the awareness campaign
    with another definition,
    WASTE OF SPACE – Sums it up really!
    1. A person devoid of any redeeming characteristics.
    2. Someone who consumes valuable resources without contributing anything to society. A bum. A drain on the economy.
    2. Having the qualities of the above.

    • This website just came up on my newsfeed on Facebook.

      I was not aware of any programme featuring this company. I have, however since watched it and was astonished at the total laziness of the programme makers.

      It’s clear that they really tried to pull on the heart string and did not make a fair representation at all.

      Of Course filming in the dark is going to make the whole thing look sinister and worse than it actually was – if you came and walked around my house in the dark it would look at lot different to what it does in the day!

      BUT by filming during the day would show the real representation and the effect of what they wanted to portray would be non existing.

      As for the ex employee having the paperwork – she’s a THIEF!

      • I watched this with interest and wondered why they had targeted this breeder Eric Hale out of all the thousands of breeders there must be in the country why him ? Now I could see so much wrong and questionable with the breeder from the south of Ireland where puppies were not seeing the light of day confined in small boxes. Eric hales dogs looked quite happy to see the film crew despite it being an invasion into their every day life. I remember noting this when watching them keep filming his vehicle saying how he was putting lots of puppies in his van. Well that van was extremely small and couldn’t transport a lot of puppies at all I noticed the van had been parked at different angles whilst they filmed. They all looked cute and healthy little things even though it was in the middle of the night and the film crew were stressing the mother. I’m beginning to think he was targeted in the programme as the ex employee named him as a supplier, Personally I couldn’t see he’d done anything wrong he is licensed so what’s the problem?
        There seems to be a vendetta going on with the ex employee who convinced the programme makers into making a story . I dont understand how someone could work there for so long with seemingly no problems then all of a sudden there are.
        It does not stack up, was she actively involved in animal welfare when she worked for you? or are these new found friends a means to her own ends?

  3. These ‘protesters’ are only a tiny minority and they are completely wrong in specifically targeting your business, a Bonafide business.
    I have always got my puppies from you and so have my family over the years and none of us have ever had a problem, these protesters will never stop the public from wanting to buy a puppy and they will just drive it underground, can’t they see how stupid this protest is !
    It is a malicious attack

  4. At the start of the program, it stated ” we have been investigating for 6 months ” The program was aired in May, count back six months brings you to December, allow a month and you get November, those poor little dead puppies laid out for maximum viewer impact, were in a very GREEN field for the time of year.
    It makes me feel ashamed to see the conditions in the Southern Irish breeders, but we need to address the fact that their animal welfare laws are totally different to those of Hale in Northern Ireland, who come under the mantel of British law.

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