The Bullying & Harassment continues

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A typical example of how this group of animal activists conduct themselves on the Internet by leaving one star reviews on the google page (we have the screenshots to prove it) however they decided to remove some of the comments from their page, when it was mentioned in some of our recent content. This is the childish methods they use to bully, harass and intimidate the business of Dogs4Us trying to cause us potential harm. It is against the law to leave false reviews to deceive people but they think they are above the law. They have even organised telephone campaigns harassing our staff and business but this was dealt with very successfully when we informed the police.
They have been attacking us on social media for years but we are not prepared to put up with their continuous intimidation and bullying and feel it is time for us to speak out
We fail to see why they continually attack us when we are not responsible for licenses issued to breeders. They should be speaking to the local authorities around the country but this requires too much effort and they have been trying to target Dogs4Us for everything relating to the breeding of dogs.
We shall be adding some content regarding a recent documentary to our page soon.
More information to follow shortly.

4 thoughts on “The Bullying & Harassment continues

  1. This is the true meaning of internet trolls. What a shame that these people have nothing better to do then leave fake reviews. The time they take to slur not only this company but pharmaceuticals too is ridiculous. I really wish they went out and raised money for animals in need or volunteered at a centre… Ofcourse this is too hard and they do not get their 5 mins of Internet fame.

  2. I have just found this page through Facebook.

    All I can say is what an eye opener! People like this should not be allowed to target legitimate business. Our country is struggling as it is so for dogs4us to be targeted in this way is disgusting.

    I wonder if these people actually have jobs or are they all on the take whilst us tax payers give the dole money so all they can do is slander online?

    • They can’t possibly have jobs as they are blogging 24/7 from what I can see and coercing everyone to put a 1 star review on its disgusting, totally malicious!

  3. That they openly brag about leaving untrue reviews is apalling ! I have little respect for these people or their aims, they are not helping dogs one bit. Thank goodness this is not my son or daughter I would disown them but then again I guess it’s all in the upbringing ? !! I would sooner buy a puppy from a pet shop than on line or someone’s house and for seeing the parents it doesn’t mean a thing as we all know. I think all internet sales should be stopped and puppies only sold through outlets that are licensed and inspected that is the way forward in my opinion

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