Some true facts for you to consider

These masked animal activists have had many dealings with the police and have several criminal convictions against their names. We will discuss this in more detail later on.
They target many licensed, regulated and tax paying businesses on a regular basis with their obscene views and totally impractical ideas.
One of the dreams these people have is to ban the third party sales of pets. To most intelligent people this ideology will not work. (For the record only 5% of puppies born in the U.K. are sold to pet shops. Most are sold on line! )
For instance this will guarantee the sales of puppies to go unregulated and underground.
Ask yourself this question – would you prefer to buy a puppy from a long established, law abiding, licensed, inspected and regulated premises where not only are the puppies welfare put first, with the best care available and a six month guarantee but also come from licensed professional breeders with decades of experience and knowledge or Joe Bloggs from down the road where there is no traceability of the puppies? They are not vet checked, have no comeback or guarantee.
Over time we will pick over their ridiculous and frankly libellous claims and expose these activists and their crimes too.

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