Dogs 4 Us Boycotters Unmasked

This page is dedicated to reveal the true characters of the individuals who protest against the licensed, inspected and regulated business Dogs4Us who are trading legally.
We shall prove the lengths they have gone to by bullying, intimidating and harassing our business over many years, not only to the business itself but to the staff and its customers.
Over the coming weeks we shall reveal the truth and background to the individuals behind Boycott Dogs 4 Us and the tactics and measures they use, all of which go unseen by the general public and social media users.
Please follow our page as we reveal the dark side of this group and their links to others.
We shall also be talking about the breeding of puppies in the U.K. and what really is a puppy farm and do they exist?
This is just another name for a commercial licensed breeder but puppy farm sounds more sensational and we presume why this term is used so much.
Why would these people want to continually target our business which is licensed, regulated and inspected by our licensing authority. We are not breaking any laws and have been trading as a pet shop for more than 50 years meeting public demand. We have many thousand of happy customers and repeat customers.
We are open and transparent and always have been.
The truth will be exposed on this page very soon!

20 thoughts on “Dogs 4 Us Boycotters Unmasked

  1. Are theses the tree huggers i have seen outside? they all look like they could use a good scrub but suppose thats what happens when you live the life of benefits and have no ambition in life. Really sad looking individuals

  2. I’m so pleased this blog is back up and running I was at your store on one of the last protests I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this lot outside.
    There was a little guy in a suit he looked like he’d just got it out of the attic it was so dusty and creased! They just looked strange as if they were spaced out and they kept trying to block the exit when I wouldn’t take one of their leaflets if looks could kill I’d be six foot under. I’ve googled a few of these and it’s not good reading. I’m sorry you have to put up with their presence outside and the lies they tell on the internet it’s shameful what you have to endure.

  3. Yes I was at the agecroft store a couple of weeks ago, and there was about 8 people stood outside with banners, my car was stopped on the way in by a tall scruffy guy shouting at my car window, my young daughter was terrified
    I’m sure there all unemployed & on benefits, I really think they should take a look at their own morals in life, and get a job and a bath, contribute to society instead of screwing it ! Then I might listen to what they have to say, in the meantime mr tall scruffy man LEAVE ME ALONE !

    • I read your comment with interest and this sounds like the man who was intimidating and threatening the lady who runs the grooming salon within the grounds of dogs 4 us. apparently she was attempting to leave on the day of a protest and this person stopped her and her daughter leaving the premises by leaning in her car. He told her he knew where she lived and was coming back to get her.
      I could not believe what she told me she has informed the police so if he starts his threats and intimidation again he will get carted off to the police station. Its dreadful that you cannot go about your daily business and the likes of these scruffy looking beggars are in your face. I told her to get a hosepipe on them and see how they like that!
      Thats what we would do in my day, i just would not put up with it
      I looked at the picture of them and I could not put in to words what they look like !

  4. I would just like to thank the staff at Dogs4us for the advice they gave me when I bought my cocker spaniel, he is the most wonderful dog and I wouldn’t change him for the world. I would recommend my family and friends to buy one as they were very friendly and helpful and the place was lovely, clean. I’d never buy a dog off the internet after all the horror stories I’ve read!

  5. I was also at dogs 4 us when the protest was on. They were Balling and shouting through a megaphone (aren’t these illegal?banging on car windows and standing in the road. My poor children were terrified from the experience and my son just wouldnt stop crying.I was tempted to call the police but i just wanted to get my traumatised children home and calm them down. How dare people behave like that, these people are supposed to be adults ?And if I ever see the woman with the red coat on who was slapping a flyer on my windows i will give her a piece of my mind. All I can say is this behaviour is shocking. They should be ashamed of them self’s.

  6. I worked for dogs 4 us in leeds, the same time as Nicola Robinson I can’t believe the lies she is now telling, saying dead dogs in kennels, dogs sold under 8 weeks old, no teeth, false pedigrees, this is all lies and she knows it ! When I worked there all the dogs were very well cared for, and so was Robinson, she was even given loans by the company to buy furniture etc, she loved working there, and hated the group of protesters that she is now pally with, she was always calling them lazy scruffy pot heads etc she used to go to their houses and photographed where they lived, and now she has turned completely all because she was dismissed for fighting at work amongst a lot of other things I remember her throwing tins of food at a young lad in the store once and she couldn’t get her job back that she loved, shame on you Nicola Robinson. You are no angel that’s for sure !

    • I have been watching Nicola Robinsons antics with great confusion. I do not understand why she is trying to portray your business in such a bad way considering that she had left then came back and was there for a total of four years.

      Any normal person can see that she must be full of lies if because what she says really was true then why would she carry on working in such a place… ??

      Looks to me as if this woman likes the limelight a bit too much – a quick Google search shows she is desperate for any sort of tv show to show her face on. Tweeting all different production companies to have her and her corgis on a behaviour programme.

      Funny that…. She also has a Twitter page advising people on behaviour issues!

      I think she is as confused about herself as I am with her!

    • I watched the tv programme
      is this her claim to fame? She is deemed a whistleblower but that is someone who is alerting the relevant people whilst working somewhere and not four years down the line?? !

      I hope you will tell the readers of this blog your side of the story dogs 4 us ?

      • Yes the reason Robinson didn’t report anything to the authority’s or papers etc,while she worked there, was because there was simply nothing to report, she desperately wanted her job back, but the company had had enough of her, so she harboured a grudge, and 4yrs later came up with a concoction of lies, got her 5 mins of fame on TV, she is a fantasist nothing more, I worked with her remember !

        • If this Nicola Robinson left 4 years ago and she has only just joined this sad bunch why wasn’t she protesting straight after she left ?
          And not some four years down the line looks spiteful and vindictive to me I watched the programme and she looked like she was lying then nobody would work in an establishment that length of time and return. Smells fishy to me!

          • She looks like a cruella to me
            If puppies didn’t have any teeth and were given milk how the hell did dogs 4 us sell them. ?

  7. Just a question for every one out there,Which is the lesser of the two evils ?
    A commercial licensed &regulated hard working dog breeder, who pays his/her way in life I-e pays income tax, national insurance etc etc
    Or fit & able people like Robinson, mathie, beavers,parish, and the rest, who are lazy bone idle and have no intention of finding work, just happy to screw the benefit system for all they can, and hard working people are subsidising these low life The answer is so obvious !

    • Yes, I agree. Most of these tree huggers use animal products without actually knowing. I mean look at this ex employee….. Did she wear leather at the protest?

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