Peter Gane Updated Profile

The Real Peter Anthony Gane and two false profile pictures

The Real Peter Anthony Gane and two false profile pictures

Peter Gane has conducted a campaign against our Company Dogs 4 Us for nearly 12 months. Initially in an anonymous capacity and after being exposed by us as the anonymous blogger he had no option but to own up to his deception conducted whilst living in Treworga, Cornwall and has continued with his campaign since moving to Shepton Montague in Somerset.

One of the ludicrous claims Peter Gane makes is that Dogs 4 Us have made 600+ attempts to smear him (if he didn’t keep giving us fresh ammunition we wouldn’t have any fresh bullets to fire).

Below are the blogs we have already done on Peter Gane

Peter Gane blogs as Gladys May Bull (deceased)

Peter Gane does a moonlight

Peter Gane profile

Peter Gane – the anonymous-blogger

Peter Gane – more on Treworga

Peter Gane is Treworga – the truth comes out

Peter Anthony Gane masquerades as Gladys Bull once again

Peter Gane exposed as a fraud

Is Mr Gane breaking the rules?

Please feel free to click the links above to read about this.

As you can see there are nine links plus this one … so to prove Peter Gane correct we have another 590 remaining to post!

It appears to us that Peter Gane enjoys being the centre of attention and as we like to accommodate people we are more than happy to oblige 🙂

For the missing 590 posts keep tuned to our blog… 🙂

23 thoughts on “Peter Gane Updated Profile

    • Thank you Sam, there is a lot of evidence on these links to support Dogs4us claim that it is in fact Peter Gane who is attempting to commit the slur and should accept responsibilty for his actions

  1. Fortunately d4u revealed what Peter Gane tried to cover up by using his deceased mother’s identity, he cant deny that !

  2. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. So why is it okay for this little old man to try and discredit a licensed business but its not okay for the truth to be written about him? People in glass houses really should not throw stones! He can cry all he wants, the truth of the matter is that he stole a dead woman’s identity and used it publicly on pl Facebook wall thus directly trying to fool the members of their page. It’s funny because I don’t recall the official spokespersons for either the dogs trust or the RSPCA doing this!

  3. Nice to have the memory refreshed 🙂 Keep it up dogs4us , this bloke sounds like the type of person your mother warned you about.

    • Oh dear not this dreadful man again. Let me say he can bleet all he likes but the facts are he abused his dead mothers memory and nothing can excuse his actions. I am absolutely appalled. I wonder never do this to my mummy ever.

  4. The point has been proved that he used his mothers identity to perpetrate a fraud, the more serious and worrying implication is his lack of conscience, failing to kick in and prevent him taking such a course of action.

  5. Gane stated on his profile ” he enjoyed the spectacle of dogs4us ripping into Gladys ” another of his attempts to slur people, if you scroll back the initial response comments show that Gladys was treated with the respect a person of her advanced years deserves, only when the profile was proved to be false were any adverse comments made to the person sick enough to create the profile, and none of these were as sick/derogatory as comments Gane ( owner/moderator) allows on his page.

    This comment was made by eminent vet Marc Abrahams on his site, who had offered publicity to further the plc, and states they refused to attend as Many Tears Rescue had been invited.

    “I find it absolutely amazing how quickly ( referring to pl) they can jump to conclusions and then subsequently put them into action without any proof, purely based on scepticism, with no facts at all”

    Well said Marc !

  6. Can I borrow your quote from Marc Abrahams ? it is very apt at the moment.
    Possible reasons this site may go quiet are : (1) to allow a cooling off period (2) no abuse taking place so no need to respond and set the record straight (3) Love yourself Peter is too busy elsewhere to keep up his stalking campaign or his ego is topped up at the time.

    COMMENTS: I am confident that the records would show the comments on this page will show different Uk geographical locations, I am equally confident that 97% of the comments on loveyourselfpeterganes page will show the same IP number or use of an overseas proxy server to avoid detection.

    No messages posted: three reasons for this could be : lack of stimuli: Dogs4us have withheld them due to the aforesaid cooling off period: Dogs4us consider the comments sent in about pl and loveyourselfpetergane as too derogatory to publish.

    Where is that quote from Marc? oh yeah “I find it absolutely amazing how quickly ( referring to pl) they can jump to conclusions and then subsequently put them into action without any proof, purely based on scepticism, with no facts at all”

    How right you are Marc.

    • another reason for the lack of posts and comments could be to legally prove that for a period of time they had not offered Peter Gane any stimulation to encourage his campaign?

  7. @julie

    In my opinion julie we can all see how ridiculous Peter Gane has made himself look,even after all the opinions expressed on this blog he still spouts out rubbish which no one is reading or interested in.

    So Mr Gane………….

    Get It?
    Got It?

  8. I see that as a punishment Gobi has put the link up to their only claim to fame they have lived off for 5 years, containing phrases such as “premises LIKE this” and inset interviews with celebrities.
    Funny that as the very same celebrity has recently recommended a friend to purchase a puppy from Dogs4Us.
    Being a celebrity she would have much experience on how tv progs can be edited to slant an opinion.

    Gobi…………. are we bovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvverred.

  9. Hello all
    Back of my jollies and i see Peter Gane is back in the limelight for all the wrong reasons once again. I did check out his story with the Dogs trust and they had no Gladys bull down currently working as a volunteer. So I directed them to your loveyourpuppy blog d4us thought it would raise a few eyebrows. Hahaha!

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