Peter Gane ~ Is he in danger of bringing any Charity into disrepute?

Readers of our blog will know the history of Peter Gane and his countless attempts to discredit anyone with opposing views to his own.

You are all aware that Peter Gane lived in Cornwall and has recently moved to Somerset and he is now alleging to be a trustee of local charities.

Readers and supporters of our blog will be fully aware of Peter Gane’s numerous false profiles and his negative activity on the internet.

This would have been an ideal time to clean up any negative material that affects his reputation, however, we have categoric evidence that this is not the case.

In view of his personal, vicious attacks and comments aimed at individuals and our Company Dogs 4 Us we have to question and bring to our readers attention if he would be breaking the Code of Conduct that applies to all Charities? Which is that Directors, Trustees, employees and volunteers should be unbiased, impartial and neutral.

This is our tenth post on Peter Gane (as he seems to be counting). Links to the other articles can be found on this article. Only 590 post remaining … 🙂

39 thoughts on “Peter Gane ~ Is he in danger of bringing any Charity into disrepute?

  1. whats this taken from Peter Ganes site which he owns and moderates ?

    Anonymous13 March 2013 12:29
    Anyone wishing to contact Kym Marsh to highlight her mistake in buying a puppy from dogs4us, can do so here.

    I recall other incidents of this nature on the aforementioned site

  2. read all ur blogs and on behalf of all of the people and business’s this person and his cohoots have singled out to make personal attacks on thanks for this blog.

  3. @gograndad

    No no you have it wrong he is claiming they belong to someone else. Now how would he have got hold of them? I believe Peter Ganes actions and motives have to been questioned.

  4. @ emma
    Im shocked at this mans behaviour- peter gane has never let up on attacking d4us and its owner this looks like malicious intent. since reading the blog i have been to visit and judge for myself, the premises are spotless and all of the pups i saw were beautiful. I would not hesitate to buy a puppy from this petshop. the staff spent ages chatting to me about different breeds and they were more than happy to listen and answer my questions.

    I havent seen any mention that Peter Gane has visited the premises .He deserves to be ridiculed , how would he react to someone attacking his business day in day out?

    Where is his mentality?

  5. Gane has a post by Christopher Robin, busy bloke is this Mr Robin posting on forums and links, mainly Ganes propaganda and silly childish comments, unknown to the user this site creates an IP profile, Peter Anthony Ganes profile shows one of the many false names he is using on their site is Christoper Robin.

  6. I get the impression that Peter Gane paints himself as the “victim” rather than the fact of him being the instigator. If he does not want the facts of his actions to be published, then he should change the way he acts, although to claim facts as a slur would lead you to believe he is aware that his actions are demeaning on a character.

    There is nothing on his fogs…… sorry blogs, concerning the welfare of animals.

  7. Peter Gane has denied posting as Christopher Robin, funny that as have we not heard that before? YES! Peter Gane also denied faking the profile of the dead lady known as Gladys Bull! Furthermore to prove the unlikelihood that Peter Gane did not post as Christopher Robin, if you dug around on his blog you will see that he referred to Chris Kent as Christopher Robin. Not so much of a coincidence? So not content with Gladys Bull’s fake profile he has made another. Normal people i know do not behave in such a way.

  8. More on his ego stroking claims, Member of The Chartered Institute of Marketing “It was founded by 12 sales managers who shared a common goal to improve sales techniques and bring greater professionalism to their chosen careers”

    “the credibility of the CIM and its qualifications are on the line” taken from this interesting article on their business practise and management :

    “The oversight came to light last May in discussions between Fisk and CIM auditors BDO Stoy Hayward. Fisk alerted the IBT to the fact that the CIM was in possible breach of its charitable covenant, as it had not separated its commercial and charitable activities, was not complying with charity accounting standards and had paid three trustees for time spent on CIM activities, when their contribution was supposed to be voluntary.”

    “The Chartered Institute of Marketing has been struck off the Charity Commission’s register, after it held talks with the Commission to explore whether there was any scope for CIM to remain a registered charity.

    You reap what you sow !

    • Interesting reading , calling into doubt the credibilty of the qualifications, I note the article was published by the well respected reputable Brand Republic which is part of Haymarket Business Media Group.

  9. Bragging is generally done by those with feelings of no or low self worth. What they say is highly exaggerated, and has no substance.
    There is no need for embellishment, modesty usually prevents it.

  10. If your truly a worthwhile person other people will sing your praises, you don’t have to do it yourself but if you scour the internet back before this blog was started in 2012 you won’t find one single person singing his praises so I guess he did have to do it himself.

  11. Have you noticed he has made various changes to his profile ? including the allegation off that he is a director of a national charity?

    • Companies House records for SSCAB show 11/04/2013 APPOINTMENT TERMINATED, DIRECTOR PETER GANE
      so that is the answer to your question.

        • Maybe decent respectable folks do not wish to be associated with him? Ask yourself, could you ever trust somebody who thrives on publicly dishing dirt out on people?

          • It looks like all Peter Ganes claims to respectability have been shot down in flames, he makes himself look a total wazzock.
            Me thinks the only place they would not care about his antics on the internet is………….. yes folks some sort of animal rescue……… go for it Gane and put your money where your rather large mouth is.


    Pensioner Pete is getting himself overly excited at the thought of being famous as somebody other than himself has clicked and visited 21 links on his page

  13. Has anyone noticed that Peter Gane on his latest blog has stated ” I have pointed out to Google, ONCE AGAIN……. So he admits there have been other legal complaints.?and were any of these successful one wonders? Is that the reason why he purchased on February 27th 2013 a Godaddy domain before any others could be removed to enable him to keep up his campaign of verbal diarrhoea.

    For anybody not familiar with the history of Godaddy their CEO posted a video clip of himself on youtube standing over the body of a wild elephant that he had shot in Africa, where he travels to annually to shoot wild game. It seems to me that Gane in an attempt to prevent himself from being gagged then flees to a site that is questionable regarding animal welfare ethics. Check it out how many animal welfare groups immediately removed their domain after this video evidence came to light.

    A very strange home for the animal rights activist group PL to have.

    • I did check it out but did not watch the video, who would want to? plenty of articles on them other than the elephant shooting, one alleges they sell you a seemingly cheap domain name then add charges for hosting it and extra’s after they have got your bank details, Ha Ha lets hope it costs Gane a fortune !

      • Ha Ha the man blunders from one thing to another, Pl using that site shows their lack of ethics and morals when it suit’s their needs.

        On other forums Peter Gane uses the name “Bolster” is that to bolster his failing ego? 🙂

  14. Peter Gane seems as though he has denied being Christopher Robin – seeing that it is only him and jan Gilmour that has referred to Chris Kent as master robin, maybe it is The Gilmour girl? Why does the all knowing Peter Gane become a spokesperson for a campaign group? Is it because they think it gives them credibility to be associated with this amateur wannabe VIP?

  15. There is Peter Gane putting himself out as fronting charities and this is what he does in his spare time or should one say full time.
    Purchasing questionable domains to host his pathetic blog. . Holier than thou Gane has really been caught with his pants down.
    Oh dear Gladys will you ever live it down?!

  16. The origins of this post ask the question, ” is he in danger of bringing any Charity into disrepute? ” I would consider the answer a resounding yes, and not just a charity but any organisation he would like to involve himself with, he has bad judgement, a childlike mentality and has shown little regard for ethics and morality in pursuit of his quest, which has nothing to do with animal welfare.

    He needs to take a step back and see what he has become, as others have done then decided they wanted nothing to do with him.

  17. Any charities reading his antics will be raising an eyebrow in disgust. How can you take someone like Gane seriously and regard him as anything but strange when he does and says what he does. That site he is running really shows him for what he is.

    As someone said on this blog you cant change whats inside a person. How little he must have in his life..the more he continues the more he drops himself in it.

    • @ Terminator

      If this wasnt so sad it would be funny. He is showing these charities his mentality levels and they must cringe in the knowledge seeing what he does on the net So he quickly altered his association with certain ones in the hope no one had noticed when in fact he has drawn more attention to himself. When will peter gane learn?

      He should be boasting about what he does to help animals but as we all know he doesnt do anything in this regard at all.

  18. It is clear that Peter Gane does not join or help these charities out to benefit them or to fill his time. In my opinion, as the truth has been shown and people can see the person for who he really is, he realises that he is not in a good light. Therefore to try and show his community and his online reputation he makes out to the general public that he is doing a good thing.

    Notice how he has not helped at a dog rescue? Why? Well, because that would involve picking up dog excrement and walking them etc, FAR more work than the title of a ‘director’ of a charity.

    Lazy b*”””. Still trying to dupe people into thinking he is really not.

    Rembember, this is the man who stole a dead womans identity! Very credible – NOT

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