Caught In The Act!! ~ Animal Activists trespass at Dogs 4 Us

Activists caught in the act

On the 27th January 2013 these four individuals (Aran Mathai, Tod Bradury, Catherine Parrish & Luke Beevers) amongst others were protesting outside our licensed, legitimate business.  They shouted abuse through megaphones and taunted our staff and members of the public as they usually do.  They also trespassed onto our land and premises and tried to film our puppies and staff. They were verbally abusive, all witnessed by our customers and they left just before the police arrived.

Luke Beevers, Tod Bradbury and Aran Mathai

Luke Beevers, Tod Bradbury and Aran Mathai (from left to right)

Not content with causing an “aggravated trespass” they returned after the store was closed and were seen to trespass yet again (the same four individuals – Mathai, Bradbury, Parrish & Beevers). Parrish is seen trying one of our doors while the others watch, all recorded on our CCTV cameras.

When our staff left the premises they were waiting for them and followed them and hurled abuse. One of our staff members was also followed part of the way home in her vehicle. These incidents were reported to the police and logged.

On the 14th March 2013 as several of our staff left our premises once again these animal activists: Aran Mathai, Tod Bradbuy, Catherine Parrish & Luke Beevers were waiting for them.  Our staff were actually on their way to enjoy a quiet evening with their friends for a meal when once again they were verbally abused and taunted after work.

Parrish and Beevers

Luke Beevers & Catherine Parrish

Luke Beevers & Catherine Parrish are due to attend Leeds Crown Court on March 21st 2013 after pleading guilty to two offences of interference with contractual relationships so as to harm an animal research organisation contrary to S145 of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 and face possible custodial sentences.

We are publishing these facts and images to show the public what we and other businesses who are trading legally and with a license to do so have to put up with.

The police are currently investigating these reports of trespass and abuse of our staff which has been reported to them.

For further updates on these Animal Activists stay tuned to our blog..


23 thoughts on “Caught In The Act!! ~ Animal Activists trespass at Dogs 4 Us

  1. FACTS! Unlike the rubbish they publish.

    Intimidation is a disgrace and this is what these animal rights people are all about.

    Pl are in my opinion a sick group of people who condone this sort of behaviour. How can any respected ‘campaign’ group want to be associated with this?

    Hang your head in shame Veronica Lambert You don’t see the RSPCA that you used to criticise so much supporting these actions do you?

    What are these asbo yobs achieving? Apart from the obvious trespass! So there you have it in black and white… Breaking the law.

    Lock these low life ****ards up!

    I feel sorry for the d4u customers that are subject to this intimidation when they visit. The kids must be horrified!

    • In ‘normal humans’ Evolution takes place and they evolve ….eventually into mature sensible individuals with a fully functioning adult brain,their language and behaviour SHOULD evolve onto a higher plane of verbal maturity….after much research into this lot It Is now obvious that these individuals are genetically not following Darwin’s theory and so one can only assume they are all missing a link.

  2. @ Chris kent
    You are right Mr kent. Trespass is an offence and these individuals are breaking the law.
    Intimidation and harrassment is also an offence. They wont keep getting away with this.
    Lock them up I would be much calmer and trouble free without these yobs in society!

  3. Experts allege that the abused turns into an abuser, is this their excuse for being abusers and bullies now?

    • Yeah the low lifes accuse people of animal abuse while they abuse humans! crossed wires in the brain but crossed fingers the turnips get a custody sentence!

  4. These drug taking benefit scrounging scum bags are a disgrace to society
    I for one would like to give them a good slap !

  5. As a law abiding citizen of this country and self employed it makes me very angry that I am contributing to these low lifes benefits! They are not making any attempt to look for work as by the looks of it they seem to spend all their time outside D4u premises and if they expect us to pay for their sponging, idle ways then they should have their benefits stopped.! They are a bloody nuisance to society and we should not have to put up with it. This country has gone soft!

  6. What a joke that you have it in black and white and the police do so little. God knows what would of happened if they managed to gain entry. Lets hope justice is done! And as for ginger, he should shut his mouth- so much rubbish comes out. These activists are hypocrites. People are exposed nationally for importing dogs from Eastern Europe yet their obsession with a legitimate business doing things right means more to them. By the way I see that stinky petes blog went down like a lead balloon. Maybe people are finally seeing sense that he is a nutty retired old man with nothing better to do. I do hope he doesn’t get his y fronts in a twist after airing his dirty laundry (quite literally) and no one actually giving two hoots!

  7. This is not on!
    Glad D4U are showing us this. How dare these idiots encroach onto private land ! The police need to get this sorted !

  8. I see that the boycott Dogs 4 Us group have copyrighted a photo and used it for their own use once again on FB.
    They state that the above cctv image is possibly, maybe, nothing like and not a chance any of the guilty party.
    When you have these ugly mushes in your face, intimidating you, following you home, at every protest, turning up at your place of work, posting images of themselves at various protests via social media, wearing black and balaclava’d, with megaphones in hand I would think the only evidence you need IS above.

  9. Has anyone noticed that Peter Gane has not published any real original content for months. The only time he posts is when something is said on here. Just goes to show he has exhausted all his “knowledge” of the pet industry.

  10. Its about time the penny dropped but nobody really cares what he says!

    His actions border on desperation for attention!


  11. Yep, sure is a nutter! He posts the same old thing in the FB pages. It’s years old- no new content. Pathetic. It’s like a broken record.

    Have you noticed that pl post very few notices from him. He does it on the activist page…. Maybe they can see the damage he is doing and how amateur their operation is with him involved?

  12. @ mr montague
    yeah i dont think they like grandad posting on their page either…why would peter gane spend his retirement in this way?…further proof he is obsessed with d4us and definitely not right in the head!

  13. What a disgrace if people in legal employment have to suffer abuse and intimidation from people who look as if they have never done a hard days work in their lives other than fill in benefit claim forms.

  14. @ Origo

    Well they should be! bearing in mind they joined in with his sick games of talking to his dead mother Gladys Bull. Disgusting!

  15. All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” is accredited to Edmund Burke however, Numerous searches by numerous people have failed to find this exact quotation in any of Burke’s writings,and it is now thought to be a 20th Cen. paraphrase or an adaption of Genesis 6 “But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must rule over it. ”
    If your going to make a statement get your facts right or you end up looking an uneducated silly billy 🙂

    Of course, the vexing, unsolved problem is to determine who or what is “evil” and who or what is “good.” I, for one, fear those in the world who are sure that they are “good” but are equally sure that those who oppose them are “evil.”

  16. The police should arrest them for trespass .

    Aggravated Trespass: Charging Practice
    Section 68(1) CJPOA formerly provided that a person commits the offence of aggravated trespass if he trespasses on land in the open air and, in relation to any lawful activity which persons are engaging in or are about to engage in on that or adjoining land in the open air, does there anything which is intended by him to have the effect:

    a) of intimidating those persons or any of them so as to deter them or any of them from engaging in that activity,

    b) of obstructing that activity, or

    c) of disrupting that activity.

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