Jonathon Proctor

Proctor - Animal ActivistJonathon Proctor is anย animal activist and law unto himself.

On November 15th 2012 heย was convicted of causing criminal damage to Linden foods. Judge Earl ordered him to pay ยฃ1100 in compensation for his crime.

Proctor has lodged an appeal to the Crown Court and states he has no intention of paying this fine. He also received 30 hours of community service and was ordered to attend a day centre once every two weeks. He states he is now back to full time campaigning whilst on jobseekers allowance and now started up a new campaign called Linden Killers. Not exactly the measure of a man wanting to get back on the straight and narrow and make something of his life.

He is one of many animal activists who target licensed, regulated and legitimate businesses up and down the country who are trading legally. They use intimidation and bullying tactics, however, the public are now seeing for themselves what he and the majority of these animal activists get up to. The language and persona they display is simply vile.

He has made no less than 131 Freedom of Information requests to the Police, City Councils, Universities, etc and this is how he spends the majority of his time on the internet and being a nuisance to society in general instead of actively seeking gainful employment.

The police are more than aware of what we and other businesses have to put up with from him and the rest of these animal activists. One day he will go a step too far, that day cannot come soon enough.

Here is a message for you Mr Proctor:

You can stand outside our licensed business premises until the cows come home but it will not stop the public from having freedom of choice and buying our beautiful, quality, healthy and happy puppies from licensed breeders.

When they see and hear you screeching your lies and obscenities through your megaphone they see you for what you really are and turn a blind eye.

Good Luck with your job interview but somehow we think any prospective employer should be aware just how you really behave.

Keep tuned to our blog for the latest updates on these animal activists…

77 thoughts on “Jonathon Proctor

  1. Mmmmm I wonder if that’s a cotton shirt he is wearing? environmentally friendly? or environmentally destructive?

    If it is Polyester, what about the environment? Just think of all those chemicals that were used in its manufacture. I do hope none of those nasty chemicals have been tested on animals.

    The inks in that wallpaper? Very unfriendly to the environment Tut Tut and the paste to hang the wallpaper, goodness knows what goes into that, plenty of toxic ingredients I’m sure, I do hope the companies are closely regulated and licensed.
    Do you have carpet or laminate in your house?
    Just wondering with all the animals you rescue, You don’t want it getting messy and smelly now do you?

    I just don’t know how you have the time to fit in all your campaigning, work with animal shelters and job hunting. Gosh!
    You must be whacked out lad!


  2. As a taxpayer, and a person who has never ever claimed hand outs from the government, and I am 44yrs old not 20 ! This kind of low life scum makes me so angry ! Hope I never meet proctor for his own safety !

  3. As someone said on a previous blog. Throw him in the army for his wake up call.!
    This horrible little boy (and thats putting it nicely) should take a reality check !
    Get a life and a job you lazy layabout !

  4. This little waster should be MADE to work. I have to go to work everyday while this idiot writes bulls*it on the net all day long !

  5. what a waste of a life, perhaps next year we will see him winning an award for the person who rescued most dogs in one year………….. note : I did say perhaps but I suspect very doubtful as he would rather talk the talk than walk the walk like so many of these type of people, it’s much easier to wack a keyboard.

  6. Haha just had to pick myself up from the floor through laughing so much. Well done d4u, another great post showing the truth behind these animal activists.

    And his response to this?… Even funnier. What a low life loser.

    I like the bit where he says you will hear from my barrister! Who’s paying for that? Us the tax payer? Or as over on puppylove exposed say, maybe pl have a legal fund which they are paying for little jonathon proctor to get off the hook?

  7. Ha ha ! What a laugh, just read this little termites blog ! And guess what d4u who are lawful regulated licensed business, selling beautiful pups and guaranteeing them, are the ones in the wrong!!! But proctor who has just been fined for criminal activities ( which he says he won’t pay) is in the right ???? I know he doesn’t look the sharpest knife in the box, but surely he knows right from wrong ???

  8. Victor Meldrew’s prodigy Jonny boy needs banning from being anywhere near a computer connected to the internet for life. I have never heard anybody moan so much about everything before until I heard about this guy, he is such a whinger it’s unreal.
    If there has been 131 FOI requests made by him it just proves he has naff all better to do and is a drain on anybody’s resources..
    If he had to pay for these FOI requests he wouldn’t be making them.
    These people abuse every free service they can for self benefit and gratification, but for what reason? NONE, because very little or none of the information they gather from these authorities is used for anything constructive.
    Why would anybody want to know how much policing a protest cost outside a fur shop?
    What benefit does it have to you to have this info’? NONE apart from your ego trip.
    FOI requests need to be stopped unless required in an official capacity or to be paid in full if requested.
    You are such a drain on resources..
    So, I have heard that this guy is on the waiting list for an apprenticeship.

    Whoosh here’s hoping he gets one soon!

    If Victor Meldrew did apprenticeships this guy would be top of the class.

    “You’ve Been watching!”

  9. More words of guff over on the pl gane spin off site, Dear Ronnie gave a quote in Your dogs Nov issue in an article on puppy farming, which said ” nothing has changed for ten years” so whatever pl have been claiming to be doing has not helped any dog, time to take a look at yourselves and see what others see, a load of wafflers!

  10. Why would trainee lawyers let Proctor make such a fool of himself? You can’t get legal aid to take an action, only to defend a criminal action taken against you.

    He has been found guilty so in the event he wins any appeal, the fact is he was found guilty and that is protection against liable.

    Why do they let him make a fool of himself by claiming that he owns the copyright to a photo in the public domain which he has shared on numerous web/fb pages with no copyright protection claim afforded to it.

    While on the subject is Gane aware that using public records to stalk/harass a PERSON is a criminal offence?

  11. The gospel of blogging according to P.A.Gane is if you post on this site and post on the exposed site agreeing with any sentiments or use any information posted on this page it proves Dogs 4 us own both !

    Silly Silly man they clicked the link, here you go I will put it up again so new visitors can click on it

  12. They are nothing more than immature bullies who try and cause trouble for businesses and pet shops.
    When people see this kind of thing they just switch off.

  13. Just been to the leeds store, and the same old crazy gang are there ! About 10 of them, making absolutely no difference to what the customers think! And the ginger minger said to the police he is a law student ! Ha ha ! He can’t even spell correctly ! What a prat ! I mean how can anyone believe a word that comes out of these saddo’s mouths ?

  14. Hey gane, Gladys or whatever you call yourself these days, (silly old git) take a look at d4u website, just look at the most adorable puppies all 26 of them, that allegedly come from puppy farms! You have to agree they are the most beautiful healthy specimens you could ever find! You are barking mad the lot of you !

  15. I think it is laughable how these people can assume they are of a higher intelligence than every other human being on the planet.

    Jonathon Proctor
    And the ginger minger said to the police he is a law student – “Snoopydog2 How would you know that hmmm COLLIN – It makes sense now”

    Glad something does cos you certainly don’t

    …and a comment from one of his followers

    Debbie Deboo a student is anyone who studies something, you study law. I didn’t realise that being a member of a college was a prerequisite to being a student. I am a student of photography, I don’t go to college for that.

    Seriously though Debbie Deboo just because Mr P says he is doing something is everybody supposed to believe it?
    More like he studies Babestation thats why he has squinty eyes and we all know what that makes him!!

    Going back to the original comment by JP esq you need to assess your friends and colleagues??

    You could have a whistleblower in the camp !!

    Snoopydog2 = keep guessing fella.

  16. On a serious note I have been looking on their FB page at the latest photos of this weekends protest and the one video they posted, It looks like a big joke to them I.e. Their behaviour as a whole,the obvious disrespect for police who,let’s face It shouldn’t have to put up with It and It Is Jon proctor who Is really making their cause look stupid,I have no Idea why the rest of them put up with proctor.
    Theoretically speaking If I were an Jon proctor be an embarrassment to my group and our aims,he seems to be at the protests to protest against the police more than anything ?
    I am against ARA and If anyone wanted to become one then Jon proctor Is not a good advertisement,hopefully his behaviour will backfire on him.
    PL supporting him Is doing their rep no good at all either.

  17. Just been on puppy love exposed website, and linked thru to an article from the Cambridge news, which reports on a protest which aran mathai attended, this protest was to highlight the senseless war in Afghanistan, the loss of life, and the need to bring our troops home ! For once I agree with mr mathai, and applaud him and the rest of the people who took part, this is what mathai and the rest of the crazy gang should concentrate on ! THE LOSS OF HUMAN LIFE ! I for one would join them!

  18. I see Lambert and Gilmour pop over onto the boycott page to give an opinion but you don’t see the likes of Jon Proctor or Luke Beevers popping over and commenting on the pl facebook page, won’t she let them on? would they destroy her “trying to keep clean” public image. I shall be posting this on the also, just incase anybody misses it.

  19. At these activists claims, do they not check what each other say on their page? there you have Mathai claiming 28 people went, and then Proctor saying there were 20 Police Officers for only FIFTEEN people! Noticed how they only take photo’s of them spread out in a line, so it makes it look like more attended. In reality this demo is just an excuse for a load of down and outs to have an eyeball and act the fool.

    • Its all academic If they dont know how stupid they look let them keeping making fools of themselves. and to taunt the police and say what they say on the internet shows the mentality of them all!

  20. Peter Gane in an attempt to get credibility offers a little statement about his business career and how proud he was of who he worked for. The below is pasted from Wikipedia

    Do I see there not paying taxes but claiming tax benefits? laying off 4000 plus workers but increasing executive pay by 27%

    Nuclear Reactors ? and his conscience did not bother him one bit as long as he got his pay check, and he has the cheek to comment on others business morals !!!what a hypocrite !

    “Recent contraversies

    The six reactors in the 2011 Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant catastrophe had been designed by General Electric. Their design had been criticised as far back as 1972.

    In March 2011, The New York Times reported that, despite earning $14.2 billion in worldwide profits, including more than $5 billion from U.S. operations, General Electric did not owe taxes in 2010. General Electric had a tax benefit of $3.2 billion. This same article also pointed out that GE has reduced its American workforce by one fifth since 2002.

    In December 2011, the non-partisan organization Public Campaign criticized General Electric for spending $84.35 million on lobbying and not paying any taxes during 2008โ€“2010, instead getting $4.7 billion in tax rebates, despite making a profit of $10.4 billion, laying off 4,168 workers since 2008, and increasing executive pay by 27% to $75.9 million in 2010 for the top 5 executives.

    Environmental record
    GE has a history of some of its activities giving rise to large-scale air and water pollution. Based on year 2000 data,researchers at the Political Economy Research Institute listed the corporation as the fourth-largest corporate producer of air pollution in the United States, with more than 4.4 million pounds per year (2,000 tons) of toxic chemicals released into the air.GE has also been implicated in the creation of toxic waste. According to EPA documents, only the United States Government, Honeywell, and Chevron Corporation are responsible for producing more Superfund toxic waste sites.

    In 1983, New York State Attorney General Robert Abrams filed suit in the United States District Court for the Northern District of New York to compel GE to pay for the cleanup of what was claimed to be more than 100,000 tons of chemicals dumped (legally, at the time) from their plant in Waterford, New York.[63] In 1999, the company agreed to pay a $250 million settlement in connection with claims it polluted the Housatonic River (Pittsfield, Massachusetts) and other sites with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and other hazardous substances.

    From approximately 1947 to 1977, GE discharged as much as 1.3 million pounds of PCBs from its capacitor manufacturing plants at the Hudson Falls and Fort Edward upstate New York facilities into the Hudson River. GE fought a media and political battle to avoid cleaning up the river and countered that dredging the river would actually stir up PCBs.[66] In 2002, GE was ordered to clean up a 40-mile (64 km) stretch of the Hudson River it had contaminated.[67]

    In 2003, acting on concerns that the plan proposed by GE did not “provide for adequate protection of public health and the environment,” the United States Environmental Protection Agency issued a unilateral administrative order for the company to “address cleanup at the GE site” in Rome, Georgia, also contaminated with PCBs.

    The nuclear reactors involved in the 2011 crisis at Fukushima I in Japan are GE designs, and the architectural designs were done by Ebasco, formerly owned by GE. Concerns over the design and safety of these reactors were raised as early as 1975.

    Legal Issues

    On August 4, 2009 the SEC fined General Electric $50 million for breaking accounting rules in two separate cases, misleading investors into believing GE would meet or beat earnings expectations.

    GE has faced criminal action regarding its defense related operations. GE was convicted in 1990 of defrauding the US Department of Defense, and again in 1992 on charges of corrupt practices in the sale of jet engines to Israel.

  21. Yes Its just an an excuse for them to ridicule the police and thats the only reason they are there,Its a day out for them……mob mentality

  22. What a hypocrite !!! This is GE policy on animal testing in 2005 :
    GE Healthcare Position Statement on the care and ethical use of animal in medical research.

    And here they are trying to stop a shareholder vote on the subject :

    And now Peter Gane is criticising others for animal welfare issues, driven by conscience no doubt.

  23. In his recent bullshit ‘I am a God’ statement the golden haired *uc*wit says,

    The police may give dogs4us cooperate pfi marshal security but this is not going to stop us we have made a series of complaints against West Yorkshire police (MAKES A CHANGE DUNNIT?) for their baits actions are in the process of complaints to the IPCC and our legal team is in touch with solicitors to seek legal remedy.

    Haven’t a friggin’ clue what you are on about.

    Legal team (FRIENDS)? What a *osser you are, dreaming up yet another department in your empire of in your imagination business’s.
    Are you a Director of the legal team by any chance? Or are you studying it? Or is going to be part of your apprenticeship? NVQ? Did you know NVQ = Not Very Qualified. Naff all chance of a job even with that, you are 10 years behind.
    Are you on the waiting list in your head to hear about the apprenticeship and you will let yourself know in a couple of weeks?

    Such an idiot I don’t know how your Father puts up with you, Unless he is cut from the same cloth?

    Don’t hold grudges Mr P? But glad to see the back of the rest of your family including your own Mother, SO YOU SAY.
    I say she has done the right thing.
    As they say good riddance to bad rubbish.

    • I take it the golden haired uck wit is reference to proctor and not gane? cos baldylocks Gane and the three bears are still wittering on trying to get famous.

      • Has to smile @ the nickname baldylocks Gane ๐Ÿ™‚ who is so desperate to get in on the act has taken to posting on the boycott page to get attention, he also states he has “advised pl” Ha Ha into disrepute ole boy !

        After this posting on : concerning how pl get film of dogs, baldylocks has made various comments although he was not a member of pl when the programme was made/aired ( joined November 2010 ) so can only be going on “hearsay”

        And the tedious link to hearsay is, Gilmour saying not once has this blog or dogs4us stated they are anti bad practise puppyfarming, Clean your glasses luv, stop picking out only adverse comments and read the positive ones, it has been stated time and time again that nobody on this blog supports bad practise in the breeding of puppies/animals.

        As for Baldylocks Gane guessing who owns what site, your just proving to who owns it, you really aint got the faintest idea chuckles ! and proves how much pl work on supposition rather than fact ๐Ÿ™‚

        And the tedious link to supposition is one of the tales pl have of one poor little puppy dropping dead for no reason, it did have a reason, the owners didn’t tell pl about as they didn’t want to be classed irresponsible dog owners, on PM it was found to have been electrocuted after chewing through an electric cable, so yeah it did drop dead pretty quickly! Now you can run round like headless chickens and decide which of your many “supposed” stories that could be !

        More coming about that soon on the PL exposed page.

  24. Okay, I have just had time to catch up on all that has been going on and what can I say….?

    Firstly to the ginger ninja. One minute he is threatening me with his ‘legal team’ and wanting to take me to court for expressing my views, you know, the free speech and all that rubbish they go on about, then in the next breath he is saying that I am not brave enough to say stuff to his face. Now this next bit may seem that I am stooping to their level but unfortunatly thats all they know.

    Mr Proctor I would gladly say what I say on the internet to your face. But to be honest I would have to contain my projectile vomit as every time I see your face at these demos I have the sudden urge to be sick. I will tell you what, give me your bank details and I will transfer your train fare so that you can come down to Kent where I will be brave enough to discuss things with you. After all I know you are on the scrounge so thats why I offer to pay for your journey, that is unless puppy love will not cough up the funds for you? Maybe they can put it on their expenses? Because thanks to puppy love exposed you are all linked together.

    These people are the reason I dislike this country so much. Lazy layabouts, bored retired pensioners who have nothing better to do than sabbotage businesses in the UK who provide employment for the local community.

    Honestly, posing for pictures and making fun out of the police officers? Disgusting. Hang your head in shame Mrs Lambert to want to be associated with these people. None of you are helping the cause and the dogs that need help. Shameful, absolutely shameful!

  25. Well said mr Kent, good of you to offer to pay ginger nuts train fare ! But you see proctor only shouts off when he is with his crazy gang (mob rule) or when he is sat behind his lap top ! So well done to take up his challenge, but I wouldn’t hold your breath !

  26. I keep an eye on all these blogs,I have to applaud the pl exposed one so the public can see the other side.

    One thing that caught my attention is these people saying “adopt don’t shop” a simple message from seemingly simple folks, as their other message is ” Rescue’s are full to bursting with dogs purchased from pet shops”

    The message shoots themselves in the foot, as if you chose to adopt you would be taking on one of these dogs.

    There is no way a pet shop, responsible breeder or a rescue can detect an unsuitable person trying to purchase/obtain a dog, as people are aware of the criteria and lie their way around it.

    Do a net search on rescue dogs being returned or biting their new families, many of them mongrels so nothing to do with breed or how and where bred.

    New Year and new cause for the animal welfare people, start a petition that it becomes law and compulsory for dog owners to take out comprehensive insurance cover when purchasing ANY dog.

    This would go a long way in preventing dogs ending up in rescues, where the animals are still prisoner behind wire cages and other than a coat of paint the conditions are little better than the alleged puppy farms.

  27. So Proctor didnt take me up on my offer. These people get off on one by being a menace to society. How on earth can they be expect to be taken seriously? And how very strange that Kiz wants to be associated with them….does she not know the damage she causing to her so called campaigns? And as for intimidation, thats what the protesting lot are doing. Covered faces = scared children of d4u protestors. What a disgrace to the human race.

    • Proctor is another one who is all mouth, they love the sound of their own voices it gives them a buzz of power to see a little film of them ranting on youtube, they think it will be top ranked lol.

      The cariad petition to ban the sale of puppies in pet shops had little support despite her well publicised week spent in a shed, 4.901 people signed ( their target was 10.000 ) and if you check the list at least a third of those signing are overseas, so that leaves 3250 UK signatures which is not enough to make the Government consider it, this is less than the joint membership on the boycott and pl fb pages. Little tip girlies if you want to impress the UK government next time put on the top of the petition “only sign if you live in the UK”.

      No doubt we will see pictures of them presenting it to a secretary at Downing Street ( I hope she has taken off those little pink ankle sox ) what you won’t see are pictures of the door closing and it being filed under ” no hope”, still they will get a nice day out in London to do a bit of Xmas shopping at the expense of the dogs.

      • You have summed that up perfectly it seems the majority of the UK public want to excercise their democratic right of freedom of choice where they can purchase a puppy.

  28. What a sad act trying to impersonate me. After watching the puppyloveexposed blog for some weeks now it seems as though there is more than meets the eye that I even knew about.

    Glad to hear that Proctor has had his facebook account deleted. I guess if you are going to act like a childish prat all your life even a social media website do not want anything to do with you. Its probably down to all the swearing and the fact they call me Chris C*nt!

    Dispicable that pl still want to be associated with this group of weirdo’s. Even a small company who supplies d4u is under attack.

    This country is on its knees and pl are condoning closing down businesses. Well ronnie, as you have not worked a day in your life it doesn’t bother you. But to tax payers like me it does. We do not need any more people like Proctor surviving off the state.

    Im so glad that the exposed blog is doing what they say. Its been a real eye opener and I look forward to every else which is shown. Its funny how you have not acknowledged that blog. Maybe its because they have spoken about the truth?

    The thing is people come to d4u and other pet stores to buy a puppy. They are not dragged in with their arm behind their back forced to buy a puppy. See, people have a choice. And they have the right to exercise their choice as to where they buy their puppy.

    People also have the right not to be intimidated by protestors. As do the staff leaving the premises at night. You put a statement up saying you were no longer involved in protests. Yet in the next breath you are advertising them. Gane talks about all the lies flying around, but guess what darling….. they come from your mouth only. The public are seeing through your underhand tactics. You would not believe the amount of people that would comment about you sad people who have nothing better to do on a sunday rather than get cold outside. You are not making a difference. In fact people came in and said ‘I never knew you sold puppies’. So thanks for the advertisement because they come in talk to us about the truth of where my pups come from, see the spotless conditions and the care and love we have for our puppies and realise you are grannies on a crusade. Thanks to you I sold 5 dogs on one of your protest days. Making a difference? Not at all. Food for thought!

  29. Deary me! Looks like Stephen Leigh is as thick as he sounds and looks! If you can actually read properly you will see that “darling” was with reference to Ronnie smith your leader.

    So get your mum to read it back to you tonight when she tucks you into bed tonight. Ok ‘darling’?

    Well d4u seems like the protestors should stop protesting at the circus and join it instead. What a bunch of muppets you have to contend with!

  30. Somehow I don’t think Gemma the red head has seen Chris Kents puppies as he is in Kent. Unless she travels there? I doubt that he and dogs 4 us sell puppies that are fearful. In actual fact I suspect they get more socialised than the average litter that are bred by joe bloggs or any other kennel club breeder

    • Another one who latches onto an idea with little thought, what does Gemma redhead suggest society does with nervous puppies? Put them to sleep? It has little to do with where and how it was bred whether a dog is nervous or aggressive, it is the owner that makes a dog what it is, either in ignorance or deliberately.

      Exactly the same as with humans, the same parents can have four children, one may go to university and become a doctor, another may become a teacher, another may have serious mental health problems leaving them incapable of working and the third could get pregnant at 16 and just want to be a wife and mother. All with the same genes and brought up the same way, some have confidence others nervous wrecks.

      The same as in humans as with dogs, there is big money to be made out of problem dogs, training, re-training because the one before you thought they knew it all and failed, more training after you because you didn’t know it all, Vets, rescue’s, dog psychologist, dog physiotherapists .

      When all most dogs needs is to be treated like a dog and loved and respected because it is a DOG.

      But as Gemma is posting over on the boycott page, Now hand on heart Gemma answer this question if only to yourself, if Mathai, Proctor or Parrish walked into any rescue you were involved with, and you had SEEN the footage of the angry, bitter and twisted faces at these protests let alone the words they write, you would let them adopt a dog?

      If they cannot control their tempers in public what extreme do you think the temper reaches in private ? you cannot say the temper shows because of the cause, you either have a temper or not, much the same as with dogs.

  31. Hi every one !
    Just to let you all know as from Monday the 10th December, I will be bombarding judge earl at Newcastle county with many letters asking why proctor, has not paid his ยฃ1100 fine which like all people found guilty of a crime have to do ! I ask all you law abiding taxpaying people to do the same, I will post the name and address of the county court etc on this site over the w/ end, please join me in giving this criminal a bit of his own medicine !

    • Here you go peeps for those of you who wish to write in regarding this matter the address is :
      Newcastle Magistrates Court, Market Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne NE99 1AU
      The hearing was November 15th 2012

      My letter is on the way ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. I will be doing just that ! The judge needs to know proctor has no intention of paying his fine, I have the court details already. Is that not contempt of court?

  33. Lambert, Gilmour and co really know how to take the proverbial *iss. They claim 48 (according to fb page) attended a protest today at the manchester store. Well sorry to shoot you in the foot but there were 8 people. One of these was called lottie lulu and for those of you not in the know its a man with a talking dog!! Didnt hear him shouting butchers though as he claimed? DIPSTICK! Such a pathetic bunch
    P.S. No sign of gladys, lambert, gilmour though. Shame on you ! HA HA

    • Ha Ha Ha I noticed the invite had been sent to pl campaigns which caused me to smile as I thought bit of a waste of time and effort, Lambert will not come out from behind her PC when she can get others to do the dirty work for her ๐Ÿ™‚ You have to admire her powers of manipulation.

  34. On Sunday Jonathon Proctor esquire amongst other silly comments, posted on Twitter ” why are Sundays so boring” They don’t have to be Proctor you could get off your arris and visit one of these numerous rescues in your area and make a dogs day, I even found the list for you so that you won’t be bored next Sunday !

  35. Yes do something constructive with your time proctor, after all you have lots of free time on your hands at the taxpayers expense, you lazy son of a gun !

  36. Well I have now sent 3 letters to Newcastle magistrates court, regarding proctors refusal to pay his court fine, so I hope the bailiffs knock on his door soon, you see proctor when you commit a crime, you have to do the time ! Or in your case pay the fine ! You can’t wriggle out of it you slimy little worm!

  37. Just to say mortisha (parish) was carted away by the police yesterday outside leeds d4u ! What a waster this young girl is so sad to see ! I blame her parents !

    • Something Is obviously lacking In these Individuals formative years for them to haven chosen this path ?
      They could put their time to good use In so many other ways If they wanted to help dogs but that would mean a days work and getting their hands dirty…but they don’t ‘do work’
      Rebels without a cause maybe ?…. No,more like sad attention seekers who feel they can only only fit In with like minded attention seekers,Its a social life for them.

  38. Catherine Parrish was arrested? Good to hear, I doubt justice will be done if we go by proctors case! I see he is consulting his solicitors about harassment. Well seeing it is a civil matter and he hasn’t got a pot to *iss in, I doubt legal aid will cover it. And he needs to understand the term harassment. If he think a few posts on the Internet is harassing then what does he think protesting outside a regulated company and slandering them on the net is? Someone who doesn’t want to be harassed doesn’t have a website devoted to him, and does not instigate any comments that may be made against him!

    • Shes only just come off bail! Hope she gets locked up. What happened to Lurch (Beevers) was he not arrested too? After all they are joined at the hip these two troublemakers.

  39. Nor do they post videos on youtube of themselves ranting ! I suggest proctor reads the fine detail advice on the link posted for watchingthepolice……….. it says words to the effect ” be aware that the police will search the net for any posts you have made that could be used as evidence against you” yup they sure will along with any civil case who will also search the net for comments that show your true character ๐Ÿ™‚

    Remember lads and ladetts what goes on the net stays on the net for life, in ten years time a good researcher searching your names will find it! Your facebook pages might be cleaned up, I hope dog4us make sure this blog never will.

    • After a response to your comment Jackie by Ms Deboo I have just posted a comment on puppylove exposed assuring them that screen shots pasted to a private blog will stay in the public domain, if no crude, malicious or hate filled comments were made, there would be nothing to screenshot to prove their true character, would there?

  40. Proctor, parish beevers, etc are just sad individuals that don’t work and scrounge off the state, they make my blood boil ! Lazy scruffy a*seholes, they will end up like yogi ( McLean) if they carry on !

  41. You can spot a dosser from the constant use of the following statement, ‘I am going to consult with my solicitor and we will be in touch’.

    Such a wimp, It’s like ‘I’m gonna get me Mam’ !!!!

    You Mr P are one of the many millions of scroungers in this country who believe you have a god given right to government funded freebies.
    The annoying fact is that you use your ability to scrounge to carry out your obsession, to cover your backside when your actions get the better of you and also to intimidate the companies and individuals you target.
    I know many people who have had a genuine reason to apply for legal aid, for example to gain contact to see their own child due to a relationship breakdown, and had the claim turned down, they have been on low wages but have not met the threshold, this has left them in tatters.

    Whereas you get aid and are lining the pockets of one of the most corrupt professions in this country.

    But it seems we are all starting to learn it’s ok to do that because you say it is.

    What a waster.

  42. Have to agree with this comment wholeheartedly.Proctor thinks it acceptable for all us taxpayers who have to work in order for him to claim his benefits.

    in reality hes probably better off than many of us in this country.

    It makes me so angry to know this is where our taxes go to keep the likes of him! Infuriating!

  43. This guy thinks he is big because he doesn’t have to pay his fine yet.
    What’s up?
    You just found that out and feel the need to try and get one over on D4U.
    You bored or something? Scratching around for things to do?
    Rescue a Turkey or try and close down an abattoir or if you are really good volunteer at a rescue!

    Here is his latest drivvle, swearing has been left in to show his true character.
    Jonathon Proctor
    i wonders how chris c*nt and pong face snoop dog 2 ‘s writing to the court campaign is going lol

    the silly buggers who write to the court will find our that during an appeal your under no obligation to pay the fines and its out of the magistrates courts hands so DOUBLE FAIL

    …and? Do you think anybody really gives a *oss what you say… nope didn’t think so.

  44. Don’t worry proctor, I won’t waste my time in contacting the courts about you. And they are not Your barristers or your solicitors they are ours! As we are the ones paying for them. Not you. You can’t even afford an ยฃ1100 fine which you were found GUILTY of. Talking of finding things – found a job yet?


  45. Hey proctor
    I have just sent my 5th letter to Newcastle county court about you !
    Explaining as a law abiding tax paying citizen, how outraged I am that a little termite like you is trying to delay paying his fine ! I have spoken to one of the clerks at n c c and he said you will have to pay even if it has to be deducted from your benefits ! So pay up you ugly little cretin ! And GET A JOB ! stop sponging off the state ! **seholes like you make my blood boil !

  46. Have you paid your fine yet ginger ? No didn’t think so, suppose you’ve spent all your benefit on *iss ups and drugs ! You pond life !

  47. I wish the crazy gang would do something better for the dogs rather than speculate and talk about d4u and recently myself. Welfare of animals is obviously not top priority of Peter Gane and the rest at boycott. If it were surely they would be targeting more than a couple of individuals! After all with the amount of puppies being bred in the uk, I don’t believe that d4u are the sole sellers. There are loads of pet shops in Essex. And for the record, not that I need to justify my lifestyle to them lot, but I do visit Spain frequently as we have not one but two properties in Spain, one in maestranza puerto banus and the other in Mijas costa. Why are they so interested anyway? I can go anywhere in the world whenever I want and we can own whatever property we want anywhere we decide to. Get a life and stop snooping in ours.

  48. Well said mr Kent, but do you not think these old dears are a little jealous ??
    I mean the main instigator lives in an ex council house for gods sake ! She’s bound to be *issed off ! Wouldn’t you be ? Lol keep it up !

  49. Still not paid your fine yet Proctor?
    Not long before your next court visit.. hopefully the judge will sort you out
    Stop clowning around and get a job, you total waste of space

  50. Proctor how can you call any one a clown? You ! No Job sponging off the state ! Committing crimes, going to court, wasting your life stood outside pet shops, you are the biggest clown on the planet !

  51. I read that parrish and beevers are also due in court AGAIN soon. All this wasting police time and public funds!
    These people should be made to pay for police attendance they wouldnt put their hand in their pockets if that were the case. I shall be writing to my MP about this lot and suggest that is what should be done.
    Proctor pay your fine you silly little boy and get a job instead of keep claiming benefits!

  52. Proctor has verbal diarrhoea,every other word Is F**k….look at his latest pathetic post-
    ‘more like err f*ck with me you f*ck with us all’

    oooohh aren’t you all scarey haha

  53. I see beavers and Parrish are back in court next month ! And the retards back in court in may ! Apparently they may all get custodial sentences ! All at the taxpayers expense as usual ! These morons make me so angry !

  54. Mr Proctor was convicted in 2012 but has only recently been “Personna non grata” following his anti-Corbyn postings. Labour supporters should bear this in mind.

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