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Dogs4us Customer Leaflet

This is the entire leaflet that Peter Gane failed to publish on his Crazier than Crazier blog. Unfortunately he decided only to publish a carefully selected number of words, presumably with the intention of giving a false impression.

So we are showing you the full content of our leaflet as the facts about many of these extreme animal activists are now bringing more and more people to our blog to see how many of these animal activists behave at various businesses up and down the country. Just a simple Google search will reveal the truth about some of these protestors whom we have chosen not to name individually.

We believe some of these protestors who appear outside our legitimate, licensed and regulated business which has been serving the public for 50 years are very disgruntled that we have handed this TRUTHFUL leaflet out.

However, the leaflets they hand out to our customers and members of the public and the banners they display calling us animal abusers, a concentration camp, pimps, etc are UNTRUE! and libelous!

Please continue to visit our blog for further updates on the ways that many of these activists conduct themselves in public.

16 thoughts on “Dogs 4 Us – That Leaflet

  1. I was given one of these leaflets when I visited the store on Sunday and the reason why the leaflet brought me to this D4U blog. I saw how they were obstructing vehicles trying to enter and get out of the premises on this day, surely it is against the law for them to do this? The police should have arrested this gang for obstruction and trespass. people should be allowed to go about their business without being harrassed and bullied, this is what this lot do and people detest this type of behaviour, load mouth bullies is all they are.

    They will not put me off shopping at the d4u store in fact from the customers i saw and spoke to these activists were the subject of much ridicule. They need a lesson in manners and respect. The puppies there are beautiful and looked very healthy and well cared for.

    ALF if thats what you are all called…Do get a life !

  2. It seems that the leaflet may have hit a little nerve.
    Do I sense an opportunity for the people pictured in the previous blog to play the victim.
    Before any of the goons claim I am insinuating that they have a criminal record, get a grip, collect all your toys and get back in your pram.

  3. That will teach only on paper director peter gane to put the full story up in future, this is what they do tell half a story to mask the truth, good @u for even having it printed and distributed !

  4. Just like the media! They only pick the points out without revealing the whole story to twist and your words.
    What a wally! Surely he would think that d4u would publish their EXACT leaflet?

  5. Broken the law you say? True animal activists then! They can be a nasty lot. I would have thought that an organisation like pl would have more credibility than that.

  6. @ salt n pepper very true about the media who twist and turn things to get maximum impact, no real interest in animal welfare just in furthering their career.

  7. What I dont understand is all these protesters bang on about puppy farming and keep referring to the channel 5 programme of years ago ? But I’ve watched this programme a few times and there was not one shred of film showing any signs of puppy farms ! Ie bitches being over bred etc etc admittedly there were sub standard kennels at one of the breeders, but that’s about it !

  8. Proof if proof were needed that Peter Gane Is a liar, I don’t know why pl have anything to do with him If they want to be seen as a caring group, why add his libellous links to their fb page ?

  9. Im going to d4u shortly so i will let you know if i see a peter gane or gladys bull lookalike. Seen pics of them on here so i know what he/she looks like ! By the way anyone got any pics of Veronica Lambert ? ?

    Will check back later peeps 🙂

  10. Hi
    Back again. No sign of peter gane or gladys bull @ d4u today (mind you shes long gone isnt she?) dont think veronica lambert was anywhere to be seen either but then again havent got a clue what she looks like, wouldnt know her if i fell over her. The only people i did see were a few sad individuals at the gate of d4us, some person bawling something from a car at the activists shouting abuse? Yuk I mean come on im not being funny but you cant help but look down your nose at these pathetic people can you?
    Didnt look like they were having much affect on people buying though, walked thro to look at the puppies and it was very busy. People were waiting to buy puppies all looked happy with their new additions, only wish i could have taken one of the gorgeous things home but I have two dogs already.
    Really dont know what the fuss is about to be honest, this pet shop has been there since time immemorial and as long as people want to buy pets thats where it will remain 🙂
    D4us do a great job that place is mint !
    So stick that where the sun dont shine you silly activists 😉
    p.s. And just in case your wondering. I did buy my doggies from d4u

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