Members of The Crazy Gang on a Protest Day

Crazy Gang Protest

Can you take these people seriously?

This is a recent protest day at one of our branches. Can you honestly take these people seriously?

These people attended our Leeds branch on Sunday 28th October where they intimidated and bullied our staff and customers.

One of our staff members was pushed to the ground by one of these animal activists on the day when they were trying to leave the premises. These activists were calling our staff scum and taunting them. Absolutely disgraceful! Further evidence of how the Crazy Gang conduct themselves.

This incident has been reported to the police and an official complaint logged.

Absolutely deplorable that a licensed and regulated business has to put up with the disgraceful behaviour from these animal activists.

How scary and intimidating do they look? We are sure you will agree that they appear frightening to anyone let alone children.

Watch this space for further information on these activists….

31 thoughts on “Members of The Crazy Gang on a Protest Day

  1. Steven Mclean writes; It was great seeing everyone today .. great demo .. and we turned away 9 customers .. RESULT :):):) .. STICK THAT ON YOUR BLOG PAGE DOG4US!!
    Betty Crocker writes; Your parents must be so proud of all you. What you achieve is truly amazing, intimidation, bullying, abuse, draining public funds and wasting police time to name a few.
    I do hope that one day my child will grow up to be just as successful as you are (can you hear the sarcasm in my writing?)
    So you turned away 9 customers? How do you know? Did they shout out of the car, ‘I’m turning away now!!’ (In a Lee Evans voice) .. RESULT ;););) .. Don’t think so big lad .. Stick that on YOUR BLOG along with all the other lies you spin out.
    PS. Good to see you in a different coloured pair of pants though ! .. LOL

    • Is Steve McLean the one with half a brain that talks like yogi bear ? Thought so ! What a plonker ! He and his warped sad friends with no lives ! Should be ashamed of themselves ! Stood there in black cloaks and masks, they should be f****** sectioned the lot of them!

  2. Absolutely disgusted that all of this is being funded by the taxpayer for the services of the police,and draining the public purse when there is nothing in it to begin with. People will not like to see this, what an eye opener, now we can really see what d4u have to put up with! How would they like it if someone stood outside their residence bawling through a megaphone and bullying them?

    They should be charged with breach of the peace and harrassment. Fullstop!

  3. Aw poor things, too frightened to show your faces then ?
    You are intimidating no one,In fact by the looks of this photo you’ve prob pis**d on your chips Alf haha

  4. I was there and got your leaflet which brought me here, like a bunch of kids playing a vid game, pathetic ! it’s disgusting anybody has to put up with these *i*kheads let alone a business that has served me well for many years, Pah!

  5. @ spot on, they don’t have to as they have it all over their facebook pages where they will be on what day!
    @Cheshire cat, you forgot to STRESS that it IS Veronica Lambert using her alias Ronnie Smith who added them as a friend, trying to hide her association with activists.
    @ Dogs Delight that link says it all really, intimidation, foul language and lets hope their reproduction rate is as low as their mentality.

  6. ALF Mathai posted the following, I have added the bits in brackets –
    Really great demo at Dogs4us yesterday, 25 of us in total (LEARN TO COUNT LAD YOU’RE AS BAD AS GINGE)
    – thank you to all that came. Dogs4us are so concerned (NOT) about our protests that they hired 2 people to hand out libellous leaflets about all of us (I DIDN’T SEE ANY NAMES), (COPY OF SAID LEAFLET TO FOLLOW)
    one Dogs4us customer (UNPAID BY D4U) was so angry that he tried to run me over (UNPAID BY D4U) and as the workers left a protester was pushed to the floor by a cop (UNPAID BY D4U BUT WELL DONE) knocking a Dogs4us staff member to the floor in the process (BOOOOO!).
    9 customers turned away, after hearing the truth about Dogs4us. (AS ABOVE POST IN A LEE EVANS VOICE).
    Join us in shutting down the abusers (SLANDEROUS) at Dogs4us – this campaign is heating up! (YA RIGHT THERE FELLA, THERE WAS A LOT OF HOT AIR ON SUNDAY BOUND TO HEAT UP A BIT)

    Here’s another post by by ALF Mathai,

    Smash Dogs4us. Support the ALF!

    (Such a big boy – so proud of you)

    I always thought Alf was the following,

    Who does this look like?

    But then again I am sure Dogs 4 Us followers will think of many names that start with ALF, here is mine

    ‘ARROGANT LITTLE ……..’ I’ll leave the rest for you to work out.

  7. Mathai has finally given up any pretence of being a ” law student animal activist ” and become what is officially classed as an urban terrorist.

    Was the ALF supposed to strike fear into people?. It did not work.

  8. Just as a point of interest to anybody that may be remotely interested, Apparently people from D4U take photo’s of the oppositions houses and then put them on facebook etc.
    Mr Hobbit-Rights I would like to state that where you live aint worth taking a picture of mate.

  9. Hi
    Was in the leeds store today, they have gorgeous puppies in, wish I could take them all home with me, one of the staff told me that a puppy had just been returned, cos it had a heart murmur ! Well that’s live stock for you, your always gonna have a problem now and then! At least the owners got a full refund, which you wouldnt get from a private breeder, I know I’ve been there! Once you part with your dosh that’s it ! Guess what the two mongs were outside with their stupid banner which has nothing to do with d4u, anyway not wanting to sound personal but what a strange looking pair, she looks like she needs a good wash, followed by a good meal, thank god my daughter doesn’t look like that, I would be so ashamed! And he looks like he’s spaced out ??? They both need to get a job instead of bleeding the system! Oh I wish I was prime minister ! No freebies for these low life !

  10. The almighty one is in court – Likkle Hobbit – the angel who does nowt wrong but complains profusely.
    The little man who can find tons of energy to protest but not put an ounce into a job and keep it – one day you will give in and get a job at McDonalds just like the rest of em’, Mandy Gwilts daughter did…LOL

    Banner for outside the court to be ordered asap;

    ‘Come On Linden Foods Abattoir and Meat Processing Factory Make My Day !’

    See ya there!


      Newcastle Magistrates’ Court
      Newcastle upon Tyne, England
      View map · Get directions

      So they don’t want to be seen as ALF members,bit late now ha ha what hypocrites !

  11. @ I do believe it!

    Yes this little hobbit pretends to be whiter than white and is up for sentencing on 15th November in Newcastle (Dont wear your ALF shirts they request) LOL !

    • they have not got the sense to realise that by turning up as a mob it will probably get him a longer or worse sentence………………. he he he.

  12. Dogs4us should include this public information of criminal convictions on the usual suspects in their leaflet to be handed out at the next demo.

  13. Peter M. Quinn
    sorry to hear this Jon, you may be a annoyance but your no criminal. i may come down with Roy.
    Follow post · Wednesday at 08:27

    ‘Annoyance’ …understatement, good pal you’ve got there Jonny

  14. I dont fink he stands any chance of being a nursey nurse or working with children now he has a criminal record. Fancy messing up your future for a bunch of oldies that cant be asked to do the dirty work themselves.

  15. Reading all this and most the other various rival blogs/ forums, what I have concluded Is that none of these Animal activists and the other campaigners out there have ‘thought this through’ …. If they got their wish ( and they won’t as the public want pets) then If let’s say they succeeded,It would only drive puppy breeding underground.
    For example breeders would maybe not register their pups,breeders wouldn’t be able to get a licence and breeders would still breed and sell, a sort of black Market would emerge where even If pups were registered no one would find the origin of that puppy because breeders could potentially request under data protection not to give out their details ?
    Breeders under fear of activism could potentially hide everything and the whole thing could backfire and we lose the systems now in place.
    This Is only my rather futuristic prediction but It could happen, In other words the activists could theoretically shoot themselves in the foot in the long term .
    We all want the best Animal welfare and disclosure but push too hard things could get much worse. Just my opinion.

  16. Word on the street is that Beevers and Parrish are not allowed to associate with each other – therefore if anybody see’s them together at any demo’s, clothes shopping (doubtful), helping out at the local dog rescue (even more doubtful), at work (stop it!) or anywhere please ring your local constabulary and report them.

    They have both been charged with three counts of interfering with the contractual relationships of an animal research organisation mainly commiting criminal damage to suppliers of Harlan Interfauna, namely SRCL and Sunlight Serices…now where is that leaflet from outside Dogs 4 Us that I found?

  17. Sorry forgot to omit that the above are bail conditions, Yip BAIL. What comes after bail? SENTENCING.
    You are wearing yourself down and the proof is everywhere – YOU DO NOT WIN !!!!!


  18. Well, well, well, what a kerfuffle regarding the recent d4u leaflet.
    Low and behold after all the hullabaloo it seems certain members of ‘The people at the gate’ are building a bit of rapport with the constabulary.
    Hello, Hello, Hello, what do we have here then? Catherine Parrish (dumb).
    Then we have Luke Beevers (dumber) on bail, who seems to be by all accounts getting quite friendly with what they call ‘The Filth’.
    Dumb & Dumber are not allowed to be seen together as part of their bail conditions for criminal acts against a business and suppliers to it.
    If you see these two together whilst you are out and about or better still near any Dogs 4 Us store please ring your local police station straight away and state their names and the fact they are in breach of bail.
    You are wearing yourselves down !
    Next step – Sentencing then Jail, fingers crossed.

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