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Thanks for reading this blog.  Whether you are here by accident or if you may have been directed to it from our Facebook pages …. Welcome.

This blog is dedicated to the thousands of pet lovers in the UK and further "puppy from dogs 4 us"afield. The UK is known as a nation of pet lovers. And Dogs 4 Us have supplied many happy pet owners with a friend for life. But for a long time now we have endured a minority of people who constantly seek to tarnish our good name and reputation.

But now we are busy putting the record straight on this blog regarding a small number of members of a National Animal Rights Organisation who claim that we buy our puppies from ‘Puppy Farms’ and that our puppies are sick, dying, etc, despite the fact that we give a 6 month guarantee. Needless to say this is totally untrue.

All dog breeders that we deal with are all licensed and regulated by their Local Authority. And so are we!

All Dogs 4 Us puppies are sold with a three generation pedigree and supplied with the name and address of the breeder. We have nothing to hide.  All the puppies mothers are documented on our computer files and those of the registration club, to ensure that the mother of the pups has not bred more than three litters.

This is the standard set down by the government.  So there is no overbreeding from breeders who supply us.  From time to time we inspect the breeding establishments and we can assure you that these are all up to a good standard.

It is plain to see when you look at or hold one of our puppies they are lovely, healthy, quality pups ready to settle down in their new home. We are sick and tired of these so called Animal Campaigners who sit at home all day at the taxpayers expense (indeed there are many of us) fabricating all of this garbage regarding puppy farms and trying to plant the seed of doubt in the public’s mind.

We are open 7 days per week so you can view our puppies without having to make an appointment (this is something most breeders will insist upon) and, therefore, see for yourself the quality of pups.  We also have a vet in daily attendance, again this would be very rare for any other establishment to offer this facility. So, what does all this mean for you the consumer?

We are passionate here at Dogs 4 Us about where we purchase our puppies from.  What these Animal Activists fail to realise is that we are a fully licensed establishment to sell puppies, therefore, this means that we are regulated and subject to announced and unannounced inspections at any time.

You do not have to make an appointment to come and see us, you can walk in freely at any time.  All our staff are dedicated professionals and have worked at Dogs 4 Us for many years.

Our staff all care passionately about the puppies in our care and are proud that for the short time they are with us, they are warm, well fed and cared for before eventually finding their real homes as loyal family pets.

The people we refer to are trying to mar what should be one of the most positive and joyful experiences in your life, when deciding to purchase your new pet. Because we offer such an outstanding service and guarantee, we have repeat customers, who also recommend us to their family and friends because it gives them confidence in us and our pups and it follows that they will return to buy an additional pet. We will reveal to you over the coming weeks and months just who these people are and how they operate.

We will show how all the people in this group are not prepared to identify themselves.  They do in fact use pseudo (false) names in the hope they will not be identified.  Some of them use several false names (however, we do know their identity and whereabouts) of a lot of these individuals.

We shall be updating this site on a regular basis with new information so please feel free to log in and also visit our Facebook pages (Leeds & Manchester) for further information on our beautiful pedigree puppies. Thank you for reading this long introduction, one that we feel was necessary so that you are getting the complete picture.

145 thoughts on “Dogs 4 Us – Setting the Record Straight

  1. These people blog anonymously because the are cyber bullies I.e. spineless individuals……luckily the law on anonymous cyber bullying In the UK Is going to change

    • Hi Pro Dog, I’m assuming you are either Mrs, Miss or Mr Dog? If not, that would of course, also make you one of those spineless individuals that refuses to put their name to their blog.

  2. animal righters are correct to care about animals , unfortunately they don’t always get their facts straight before mounting an attack

  3. Hi Dogs 4 Us. Could you please let me know if you tell buyers where the parents of their puppy are living? I assume the breeder wouldn’t mind people knowing?
    The RSPCA always tell us not to buy a puppy unless we see them with their parents, so i am assuming you are happy to share those details?

    • Most of the breeders I know will interview potential owners and will even do a home check. Quite often, potential owners will even get turned away because they are unsuitable. And quite a lot of decent breeders will guarantee their puppies for more than six months and it you should ever become unable to look after the puppy they will take it back and find it a new home even if it is an adult.
      I do realise that there are bad breeders out there. And gullible people think they’ve got a registered pedigree, when it is just registered with the DLRC.
      There are some breeders who do have decent, animal husbandry skills. Much better than a couple of NVQs.

      • @Taz..I am a private breeder and I register all my shit tzu’s with Dog Lovers register,I am not gullible and take offence at that,all my registered puppies are from kc parents whom I transferred over to DL because I was sick of the kc hypocrisy and high fees (the kc are a business too ) so, my puppies pedigrees have the same history and so are just as genuine as a kc one. It’s nice to have a choice of registries and DL are not for show which is why I chose them,I’ve no time for in-breeding/line breeding for show which us the ‘real’ cause of genetic problems in pedigree dogs today.
        Maybe you didn’t see PD Exposed ?

        • DLRC dogs are very expensive too . To be honest, I would never go to a breeder or a pet store to get a dog. I would always go for a rescue dog. My rescued pure bred Bitza is the healthiest dog I have ever had.
          Of course, you are entitled to your opinion. Just as I am entitled to mine.

          • Labradoodles,cavapoo’s etc are selling for twice as much as pedigree dogs now,the average price for a labradoodle is £750.00 so from what I see so called ‘designer’ cross breeds are twice as expensive with no registration at all,no registration means no regulation as they have no registry to monitor the one litter per year rule,nobody bothers about this issue,I sell all my puppies vaccinated,microchipped,vet checked,wormed and DL Reg..but my point is that no one is regulating the massive uprise and price of the designer dog,at least dogs4us are licensed and inspected and regulated

          • I would still rather go for a rescue dog. However, it does make me lol when people come into our work, after having paid out hundreds for a so-called designer dog. And they get aggravated when the dog gets put on the system as a mix or a cross. ‘ But he’s a pure bred pedigree dorkie!’
            Just lol!

        • it’s the qualification that a lot of pet shop workers have. There are a lot of pet shop workers who think that they are qualified to hand out veterinary advice to customers. Maybe that’s okay if you are a veterinary professional not if you’re just a pet shop worker. The classic one being
          customer: would it be okay after I have put some flea drops on my dog, is it okay to put the remainder on the cat?
          Pet shop worker: I can’t see why not.

          • a sad statement to make above. Sorry, but thats the way I personally feel, we have vets for a reason……I would never take an employed person at their word. They only work in a shop and the NVQ does not give them the right or the qualifications to give this stupid advice in the first place. Grow up all of you for pity’s sake.

    • Sue, you obviously haven’t read the blog before commenting! ‘All Dogs4us puppies are sold with a three generation pedigree certificate and the name and address of the breeder’.

  4. @sue price
    Bloggers can choose to remain anonymous,my point was about the owner/s of a website /blog /who remain hidden,they are the spineless individuals….I.e.the Domain owner who cannot be traced or contacted and who s**t stir but are not accountable…at least we know who runs this blog

    • Hi Pro dog
      Thank you for highlighting that point which is very important and frustrating from our point of view and that is why we have decided to set the record straight on this our blog. We are sick and tired of these Activists and we not prepared to accept this abuse any longer.
      We have lots of information to share with you, please keep watching our pages. Thank you for your support.

      • WE CARE! That is why we have created this blog, to put our point of view and show the way these activists have been conducting themselves, the part the public have not seen! It’s about time they did. We are not prepared for them to continue sullying our reputation any longer. It is absurd to target a licensed/legitimate establishment in this way.

  5. It just goes to show how crazy some of these people are …I think they have to much time on their hands to spend the day trolling on websites slating petstores and the people who buy from them . GET A REAL JOB ( unless of course animal activists get paid well ) which i doubt and IF what they believe is indeed true they should challenge the local authorities who licence the breeding establishments who pet shops and the public buy off . I have purchased dogs from yourselves over the years and so have my friends and some family , what you see is what you get and you at least you have some comeback if anything does go wrong which i never got from a private breeder i had purchased a dog from previously . I wont have anyone tell me what to do or where to buy my dog products nor will the majority of people who are able to think for themselves so well done to dogs 4 us for setting the record straight but to be honest you didn’t really need to explain yourselves the fact your still going after must be at lest 40yrs speaks for itself

  6. I made series of very pertinent points on Danial Webb’s anonymous blog this morning but he retracted them (retracted not redacted them ) and even deleted my post about my offering a lady help with her 4 rescue dogs which is surprising if he claims he cares about helping dogs !

    • Really? It appears that he sees himself as a bit of a spin doctor but in fact he is more like a witch doctor.
      A sad individual, he has a lot to say on his pathetic blogs but it comes as no surprise he is too cowardly to reveal his true identity. So what has he got to hide, we wonder? 🙂

      • My offer still stands to the lady with the 4 rescue dogs ,but as I say I made this point on Danial Webb’s blog and he retracted It which still bothers me to be honest as I felt this kind lady would have appreciated some help ?

  7. P.s Just to clarify, had he redacted my comments he would have edited them but he completely removed all my posts,none of which were menacing and none of which contained personal info.

  8. It appears a well known large dog charity has had it’s website hacked since all this anonymous blogging started, so much for helping rescue dogs,the anon blog has ‘allegedly’ done more harm than good !

    • I know of the site that was hacked and I say GOOD. That place needs shutting down. And if my posts are deleted here then that will prove to me that you have something to hide.

      • Unbelievable that you condone a website being hacked!! We do hope the people involved are reading this!
        So, your post has NOT been deleted as by posting it we are showing your nasty, vicious nature and the other posts you sent are nothing to do with Dogs 4 Us so we will forward them to the people concerned. If they wish to respond no doubt they will do so.
        P.S. Your language is disgusting by the way(says it all really) but we have retained these posts for future reference!.

  9. I would advise everyone to realise that the anonymous blogger is doing nothing to help dogs but (in my opinion) merely sitting at his pc stirring it up amongst others who really care,why would he do this? ….well one reason could be that it gives him a feeling of power and therefore he gets a kick out of it …delusional ? …maybe….cowardly ? Definitely …….he is merely a ‘wind up merchant’ …….so people if you want to blog on dogs go to a website where you at least know who’s site owner is….don’t be cyber bullied!

    • Hi Pro Dog
      As previously mentioned this is the reason we have set up our own Blog. We aim to show the public how Dogs 4 Us are accountable for everything we do. However, the same cannot be said for these individual(s) it is clear that while they sit behind their p.c. feeling in control and comfortable as they try to retain their identity, they have the freedom to say what they like when they like. As you rightly say, there is no bravado in this, merely cowardly actions, they give themselves no credibility by tryng to remain anonymous. We aim to correct this though. We have also been working with higher authorities regarding these groups and individuals who have been trying to sully our good name in the eyes of the public. We are not prepared for this to continue and they will eventually be made accountable for their actions. The anonymous blogger (you now know who he is) starts his topic and watches while they all sit there and squabble amongst themselves. Is this the way grown sensible adults conduct themselves? We think the public can now see them for what they are “a laughing stock”. We will not be “cyber bullied” any longer. More content and info to follow.

  10. The RSPCA say you should always see a puppy with it’s mother, before you decide to buy. Can you please explain how you justify selling pups that have been take away from their Mum at a very early age, and with no indication as to how it’s parents are living?
    Have any of the Dogs4Us staff actually been to the breeders kennels, to see for themselves how the parent dogs are living?
    This concerns me greatly as i have adopted an ex-breeding dog who came from a licenced kennels , but who has lived a terrible life and has many physical and psychological probelms, even after 2 years of loving care and good vets treatment.

    • First and foremost we are a pet shop licensed to sell pets (for over 45yrs) and the breeders we buy from are licensed to breed pups. There seems to be some misconception to this.
      The pups we buy do not leave their mother until they are at least 8 weeks old. The majority of people want to buy a puppy at this age rather than 16 weeks or older.
      The learning process for house and obedience training is better formed early in our opinion.

      We are pleased to say that we have inspected many of our breeders premises and we are more than happy to purchase our puppies from them as they are all up to a good standard. All the puppies supplied to us are of a high quality, therefore, we are more than happy to give a six month congenital defect guarantee. If you know of any other pet shop that offers this we would be pleased to be informed.

      You do not reveal where you purchased your ex-breeding dog from but it appears you were happy to buy and one assumes you visited the premises you purchased it from? So did you not do any research before you bought your dog and put any relevant questions to the owner?

      In our opinion it is always better to know the source you are buying from, as of course we do.

      • Yes, i did do a lot of research before adopting my ex breeding girl.
        Sadly, the rescue wouldn’t give me the name of the breeder and just described them as ‘a large commercial breeder’
        She was from a puppy farm in Wales, and I fear for her pups that were sold in shops, and also for the others that were kept by the farmer to be bred from again and again until they are no longer able to earn their keep.

        • Hello
          You went to a rescue centre to adopt your dog and you state that they would not give you any history. Any good rescue centre would have been happy to reveal the background and give details of the previous owner and some history. Perhaps you were foolhardy to take the dog on without this information. Unlike the Rescue Centre you got your dog from, we provide the breeders details to all our customers. Are you a member of PL by any chance??

          • FYI not all dogs in the rescue centres come in with a history. Quite a lot of them are strays or are even found in the morning, chained up to the gates. There are also lots of dogs are no longer useful to their ex-owners as they are too old breed or have been performing poorly in races. Owners do not need to give a history when abandoning their dogs to a rescue centre. Quite often, they just hand over the lead and walked out. Thankfully, there are some compassionate people out there who are willing to give these dogs a second chance.

  11. I feel sorry for the rescue ‘ Many Tears’ who, since Mr Webbs Anon blog have had their website hacked, late night menacing phonecalls and vandalism on their own property and apparently now the police are Involved…so well done Mr Webb I hope you are happy with yourself …….you don’t care about dogs or people do you !

  12. I have followed this blog and the PL campaign blog for a while what concerns me is that PL say they are nothing to do with Animal rights but why then did Bradford Animal rights join the demo on Sunday …and PL actively encourage them,you only have to look at Facebook pages…
    Bradford Animal Rights Group
    Dont forget the Dogs 4 Us Demo on Sunday 29 January in Bramley, Leeds. Starts at 1pm and finishes for 4pm.
    Does not seem right people buying puppie…
    See more
    Like · · Share · 25 January at 21:34 ·

  13. Bradford Animal Rights Group…direct quote..
    Well, what are the aims of Bradford Animal Rights Group this year. On a local level we have to keep making people aware that the puppies that are sold at Dogs4Us Leeds

  14. @concerned
    I’m shocked that PL campaigns are supported and joined on the demos by Animal rights activists, I thought them a more moderate group ?

  15. Luke Steele ? Is that not the animal activist? He’s in prison presently, on remand. I read about it on the internet. he’s a real nutcase!. I’ve read all about him. He doesn’t care about animals. He just likes the sound of his own voice,thats why he uses a megafone!

    • Yes he is an Animal Activist and you are right, he is a nutcase to put it mildly.
      He has no regard for any business or government department who are legal and licensed to do what they are doing, i.e. whether selling animals or experimenting on them. He is a law unto himself, a complete nuisance.

  16. It’s not the first time hes been in prison, he has done some sick things. I have read about some of the horrendous things he’s done. Do these PL campaigners have a connection with him?

    • Yes it is well documented that he has carried out some sick things. Amongst them arson, damage to buildings, stalking people, throwing paint on fur coats, etc etc. An outrageous individual!
      To answer your second question, yes, he is connected to PL Campaigners. They should all be locked up! (The Crazy Gang)

    • Why don’t you do something more constructive with your day instead of being continually logged onto our site? Or you could always go back to the playground. So sad!

  17. In response to Sue Price. on February 7, 2012 at 1:36 pm said:
    “I take it that you are all Dogs 4 us staff posting on here, talking to each other! Could you not do it at work?”

    No Sue me neither, I don’t work for Dogs 4 Us just cant stand bullies, keyboard warriors, shit stirrers or extremists of any kind so I too am following this blog and many others with interest.

  18. Just to say I purchased a puppy from Dogs 4 us in Leeds last November, a Boxer (Dino) and he is turning out to be the best dog I have ever owned. He is a fantastic specimen for a Boxer and has a lovely temperament, I go in there every week for my dog food and I have to say all the puppies look happy and healthy, I find the staff very friendly and knowledgeable. I would certainly recommend the place to anybody thinking of buying a dog!
    P.S. you get a 6 month guarantee with your puppy as well!

  19. This is copied and pasted from RSPCA website.
    “To avoid getting caught out by puppy traffickers, the RSPCA advises that people who want to buy a puppy should:

    Always see a puppy with its mother in the place where it was bred. If the breeder can’t show you the mother, be suspicious. Ideally, you need to see the father too.”

    • The RSPCA advice sounds good in theory and makes sense but i think its more amied at people who meet a breeder half way in a service station or some other stupid place ( which shocks me people actually do that ) instead of going to the breeders home .
      In my experience the first dog i bought a chihuahua 13 yrs ago was from a private breeder i seen BOTH the parents and the paperwork including the kc registration certificates and all was well till i found out later had an undecended testicle which wasn’t major for me as i wasn’t intending to breed from him but then a yr later when he ruptured a ligament in his leg which then lead to the diagnosis of luxating patella in both knees then a heart murmer and was oversized for his breed type but i didn’t have much joy when i phoned the breeder !. maybe i was just unlucky eh ?
      I have another chihuahua which i purchased from dogs 4 us 7 years ago who is a healthy dog and have had no problems with her although i would have had some reassurance if i did as they at least offer some comeback should you need it for defects similar to what i had with my first dog . So all this see the puppy with its parents, to me means nothing in my opinion although others would disagree so each to their own i suppose.

  20. Hi Sue
    I hear what you are saying about what the RSPCA are saying, about seeing the pups mother, but are you realy seeing the mother? You only have the breeders word that the bitch is actually the mother of the pup! I’ve had a couple of bad experiences over the years, buying from breeders ! At the end of the day they breed for profit not for the love of it, and for most breeders it’s their only source of income, so if you have a problem with the puppy after you have purchased it, you try getting your money back or some help! You have no chance! Tha’ts what I have found any way! Also why do we have to do what somebody says? Are we not adult enough to choose whether we wish to see the alleged mother or not ? Or where we purchase from? I think it’s called freedom of choice!

    • My point exactly ! I had the same experience so for me buying from dogs 4 us second time round seemed a safer option . Not all breeders are bad but its a lesson learned for me accredited kc breeder means nothing really.

  21. Animal care and animal welfare groups…. ok …but animal rights or animal rights activists are not ok, we all, like it or not, have to follow the ‘word of the law’…some of these groups cross the line into harassment,victimisation and activism… but they are misguided….what they want is for every breeder to stop breeding.I.e.they have crossed the line from their original plan… when in reality if they concentrated their efforts on government laws.I.e. changes in the licensing acts etc and if they lobbied government they may make a difference however small…every small step leads to bigger steps,it takes time but these things take time!….all I see is frustrated groups who haven’t got the time or mentality to go about their business properly and victimising legitimate business or individuals is not the way…Facebook is not the way….small audience so what is the point…..and why only target one business ? ….it is actually illegal in the uk to deprive any human being of their business ( this is law ) …now from what I can see,in my opinion the main group/s causing all the fuss are PL campaigns,closely followed by puppy alert,Beverley cuddy (yawn) etc…the list goes on but why are they choosing one business to vent their spleen at ? ….do they not know there are thousands of pet shops uk wide selling un registered pups,and what about the cross breeds…why no fuss about all the doodle breeders ?
    These groups like PL are getting no where and so they become embittered and nasty and by looking at recent events bring the rent a mob lot in,Bradford animal rights and so on… if you want to make a start go back to the grass roots and start again and do it within the Law

  22. Prodog…what makes you think that PL don’t target other shops selliing puppies?
    They also constantly write to MPs, Councillors, The Welsh government.
    The Dogs 4 Us protests are a tiny portion of what PL and puppy alert do in regards to protesting.

    • hi sue!
      i dont understand why you would target a place like dogs 4 us [where i bought my dog from] all the puppies i have ever seen in there look beutifull healthy & happy ! there is a vet on hand, and they are there 7 days a week for help, and they give a guarantee,which i know you wouldnt get from a are given the name and address of the breeder, who is licensed, as dogs 4 us is! i cant think of a better place to buy a puppy from! i just dont understand your problem!

      • My problem is the parents of those puppies that are sold in the store.
        Where are they living, and in what conditions?
        I hope you are able to read this before it is deleted, but there is a very informative video on youtube that will show you how the parent dogs are living.
        You may be getting a wonderfully healthy pup, but please please think about its parents.
        By buying from the store, you are insuring that the puppy farmer can carry on his serious abuse of ‘mans best friend’.
        If dogs 4 us are buying from good breeders, and have nothing to hide, why do they keep deleting my posts with links to that video?
        Many puppy farms are licensed….sadly it means nothing.

        • No,
          Licensing means a lot,things have come a long way but you and people like you Sue will never be happy,what you really want is no one to breed,if I go to a private breeder they are not licensed and not declaring that income and because they are apparently just hobby breeding from home no one checks on them,many of them know nothing about animal husbandry.
          A license is better than no license

        • hi sue
          i went to see a private breeder down south, who was recommended to me by the kennel club ! i have to say it wasn’t the best of situations, they had around 10 stud dogs and bitches, locked up 24/7 and just let out to mate, with no interraction with their owners, the pups were in a concrete shed, with heat lamps over them, and these are said to be top breeders who travel all around the world showing their dogs in competitions, it was clear to me that they were in it for making money first and foremost! i felt sorry for the stud dogs and bitches, but i think all breeders are a much of a muchness !

  23. @Sue price
    PL may write to their MP’s about other pet shops but it is Dogs4us they target 90% of their time,they are obsessed…… yes there are videos on YouTube etc which are horrible but these same videos keep being rolled out ( years old most of them )
    Why should dogs4us show your YouTube video when it has nothing to do with their puppies ?….also all the breeders details are on the paperwork,you can see who and where the breeder is and drive there if you wanted is not hidden….let’s face it PL just want to stop all breeders, they insult the kc and are even having a go at rescue centres now but they don’t stand outside any other kennels protesting,why always Dogs4us ?
    The more at look at this the more is see mob mentality and harassment

  24. For gods sake, ive been watching this blog with interest but cant believe that there is so many bad things happening in the world yet people will just set out to ruin someones business just for the hell of it, i suggest if you are that much full of hatred,see a therapist ! How would you feel if someone set out to ruin your business,wont the kids, dogs suffer ? Look at the bigger picture ! Get a life !

  25. In my opinion the fact that Dogs 4 Us has been a pet shop for over 45yrs speaks for itself. I and obviously a lot of others prefer to buy their puppy this way. They are a licensed establishment and the fact they give this 6 month guarantee I am sure gives people a big comfort factor, I do not know of any other pet shop that would offer this service and I am 100% sure that if something went wrong purchasing from a private breeder, they wouldnt want to know. Most people dont want to go to a rescue centre, so why try to force others to go down this route. I wanted to buy a puppy and train it “my way”, celebrate it’s birthdays etc. Can these so called activists not understand this? Oh and yes I have bought several puppies from Dogs 4 Us and have been very pleased. With my second puppy it had an upset tummy after a few days and I was able to see the vet employed by Dogs 4 us at their expense! I think this is fantastic that they offer this service. I personally don’t give a hoot what these activists say. I will not have them dictate where I buy my pup from. I know where they came says so on the pedigree!

  26. Wasn’t dogs4us shop used to be called mayfield some years ago?
    I woudn’t buy a puppy from any pet shop because I don’t believe in buying pups this way. That’s my personal opinion. I would maybe consider getting a puppy from someone local who has reared puppies in their own home but that’s about it.

    • Yes it was Mayfield 15 yrs ago. We have sold many many puppies since then to many thousands of customers who return again and recommend us to family and friends. If you wish to buy a pup in the way you state then of course that is your perogative. However, you would certainly not get the after sales service that we provide.

      • Thanks for your reply. So can I ask, if I bought a pup from you and it became very ill…say three months later, I obviously would have become attached to the pup by then and would not want to replace it if there was a chance it could be cured so would your vet treat it for free? Is this covered in your 6 months guarantee?

        • Thank you for your question. This would obviously depend on how the pup become ill and the cause.

          An example being someone purchased a puppy from us and it passed away within the six month guarantee period. However, when our vet carried out a post mortem it was found the poor puppy had been chewing tarmac which had poisoned it. Something like this would not be covered under our guarantee.

  27. Yes James. We have stood back too long and we intend to fight back and reveal some of the atrocities they have carried out. Why would anyone have any respect for individuals who rant and rave on the internet and try to enforce their crazy misguided beliefs on others. They stand and hold literature of pups (outside our premises) that do indeed look forlorn and poorly, this is false representation. They are not our puppies and never will be! We have seen customers put them straight in the bin, they just don’t believe what they are saying as they can see for themselves as soon as they walk into our premises that our pups are bright eyed and bushy tailed!

  28. DANIAL WEBB ………………NEWS UPDATE!!!!!

  29. Ha ha ,ida thats a great idea.lets all stand outside his work place or home with lies on banners and slate him all over the internet just like he does to dogs 4 us.if you can dish it out you’ve gotta be able to take it.

  30. HAHAHAHAH! I hope he gets the sack this week!!!

    Im really glad youve made this blog so we can see 4 real what you are really like!!!

    i got a bully from you and he is soooooooooo cute when he snores all the time and his tongue hangs ot when hes panting awww hes da man!!

  31. Well it looks like Bradford Animal rights turning up at the last protest have done PL campaigns no favours !
    As for all this police business…. the police must have had concerns about something otherwise why did that pc say what he said on the video ??

  32. OMG! I cannot believe what I have seen with the banner they are holding up. It’s a disgrace and so upsetting for anyone who lost their loved ones in one of those awful camps. Glad you are exposing these animal rights people for what they really are. They really are stooping low with their. shocking tactics, that must backfire massively. Look like a bunch of weirdos to be honest

    • How disgusting! I don’t see Danial webb making any comments regarding this disgraceful behaviour by these animal rights activists at dogs 4 us holding up placards like this, theres no denying that luke steele is a member of this group so how are they going to defend all the horrible things hes done.?? . I have no respect for these people, the more i read the more they sicken me and as for the accusation regarding dead rottweilers found at dogs 4 us i do hope they take legal action against this individual, i can see how desperate they are to discredit this business, well it’s my view the public will turn against them, because now they can see what they are really like! Horrible people!

  33. What I find fascinating is PL are now implying on their FB page that it was a few rebels causing trouble at the recent protest and yet they knew who were attending beforehand and they have since thanked them on that very same FB page for being there?!

    Also, at first they were saying that they were going to complain to the Police about the PCSO (who obviously got confused at the situation) and now Danial Webb’s new blog says that that shouldn’t be an issue?!?!?! They can’t seem to make up their mind. And to be honest, with all the badgering that woman was doing on that video, I’m not sure I would have been polite!

    I have tried looking to see if PL Campaigns are a registered charity or a business with Companies House but it looks like they are neither? As they take donations from the public, does this mean that these donations are being used to fund protests like this? Are the public aware of where their money is being spent?? I for one would not be happy!!

    I also find it amusing that on Danial’s blogs Deborah Winters and members of the rescue Many Tears went on there to try and explain the situation but were shouted down. PL and others are conspicuous by their absence on here. Apart from the mysterious Sue Price that is!!!!

    I await with interest other blogs from yourselves….

    • Well Matt maybe therein lies another story that is worthy of investigation? If you read any of their responses you will find that they don’t like being made accountable for what THEY actually do. So the question is why are they not a Registered Charity if they are not registered with Companies House? Maybe the public need to be made aware of how their money is being spent and if there are any accounting records for inspection by the public who are funding this organisation?

  34. There you are Matt, PL and the Animal Rights protesters are all In It together according to this facebook page Link below:

    ‘Campaigners lined the entrance to Dogs 4 Us on Agecroft Road yesterday to raise awareness about puppy farms and the over supply of dogs in the UK’..

    Like · · Share · Yesterday at 12:05 · .

    Gemma Hall- Yey its us! We mite b in the manchester evening news too x
    Yesterday at 12:35 · Like.

    Gemma Hall- Could u post to my wall please x
    Yesterday at 12:35 · Like.

    Puppy Love Campaigns -Well done all, excellent. Will post to your wall Gem.
    Yesterday at 12:48 · Like · 1.

    Gemma Hall -cheers ronnie x
    Yesterday at 13:01 · Like

  35. Stumbled on this by accident when seeing if i could find if out if any Border Terrier pups available. Didn’t know what pups were available, as i called in last Sunday to see if my favourite breed was there as i lost my gorgeous Hattie who was 16 in December. I bought her when it was mayfield kennels and as it is still the same place, thought i would be the sensible place to go! I was very tempted by a lovely west highland terrier but no, i want another border terrier! I have to say that the staff were lovely and very understanding about my situation – i know i cannot replace Hattie – but another chapter in my life is due! Thank you for helping me and i will certainly be in touch!

    • @ Mrs H
      Thank you for sharing your story with us about Hattie and having the confidence in us to consider buying another Border Terrier pup, this says a lot and also popping in to see us again after all these years! We look forward to hearing from you when you are ready to consider your new best friend again. Always delighted to hear from the many satisfied customers we have served over the years. Kind regards.

      • Our first family pet from here was a chihuahua we called Sparky which my mum and dad got us back in the early 80’s, I myself have since had 3 more chihuahua’s from you over the years and have even visited two of the breeders personally, they were all kc Reg and my last baby is DL Reg but It doesn’t matter who they are registered with as I don’t want to breed or show them anyway, never had a problem and saw for myself where two of them came from so each to their own but I will be back when it’s time for a new addition to my family x

        • @ Helen
          Wow you certainly love your Chihuahua’s! We are pleased to hear from yet another one of our happy and satisfied customers that have returned to buy more pets from us over the years. Thank you so much for taking the trouble to let us know. We are proud of our quality, healthy and happy puppies and we always strive to bring the best after care service and advice to all our customers. Our advice is free and freely given! Thank you again Helen!

  36. I bought my Cavalier King Charles from the Leeds branch nearly three years ago. She has the sweetest nature and is a much loved family pet, we have never had the slightest problem with her. I would recommend dogs4us to anyone.

    • Thank you for sharing that information with us Julie it is most appreciated. We are also pleased to know your Cavalier King Charles is bringing you and your family happiness. The Cavalier is known for its sweet nature, however, the appropriate training also plays an important part in this and that it obviously down to the owner.
      Once again thank you for your kind recommendation.

  37. I visited your Leeds store today and ill be honest, I had only heard bad things about Dogs 4 Us,so I decided to look for myself.the shop staff were friendly and happy to answer questions I put to them about the puppies on site,which confirms to me they have nothing to hide.the puppies they had in looked happy and healthy,I was very impressed with the ladies that were constantly monitoring the dog was being walked whilst I was there (it was fully vaccinated,I asked) and another being groomed,the dedication is impressive.and not what I had expected at all.Dogs 4 us I’m sorry I ever listened to these people.

  38. Just wanted to say that I first visited your store in Manchester this Sunday, blithely unaware of the internet controversey. We saw dozens of healthy, beautiful pups, kept in very clean and comfy kennels, we were very impressed – and I hope to come in tomorrow as there is a pup that caught my eye and have decided to see if I can buy.

    The only thing that was a bit sad was a gorgeous German Shepherd that was all on his own (most pups had other pups in their kennel to play and snuggle with) – I guess his ‘brother’ or ‘sister’ had already been sold as he was getting a bit big – however this as this is the pup I’m going to offer a home to, hopefully it will end as a happy story!

    Cheers Dogs4U, see you soon!

    • Neil that’s great you will give him a home but be quick cos the puppies don’t stay long there….. and the puppies are not in there for more than 2 or 3 days with their litter mates before their new forever home awaits…i have got all my puppies from here and I will continue to do so.

    • Hi Mr Griffiths
      Firstly we would like to thank you for coming to see us and our beautiful pups and also for visiting our blog, where we aim to put the record straight with regard to the animal activists who have targeted us for some obscure reason. We are extremely sorry to inform you that the German Shepherd puppy you saw on his own has now found a home. The reason for him being alone was that he was a little older and we felt he needed more space, he and his litter mates have actually only been with us a few days.
      On a more positive note though, we do have his sister available if you would like to revisit us.
      Thank you also for your very positive comments which we are always very pleased to receive. If you would like to discuss anything with us, please do not hesitate to call us. We do hope you get the opportunity to read our response quickly as we did not want you to make an unnecessary journey. Kind regards.

  39. I visited the Leeds store and felt sorry for some pups that were on their own,I spoke to a member of staff who was more than happy to take the time to explain to me that pups can be on their own for all sorts of reasons,one being his/her litter mates may have gone ,I asked many questions and she was happy to talk to me.I was very impressed to see the interaction with the staff and puppies, you can clearly see they love their job and their puppies.It must be hard work too.

    • Hi Curlycoated…this is not a common breed of dog, which we don’t usually have, however, if you contact us with your personal details we would happily let you know if we do have this breed in the future. Please ring either branch. Thank you.

  40. Dogs 4 Us i have been following this blog for a while ,i wasn’t sure what to think so i decided to go and take a look at your Leeds store today,the first thing i saw was a member of staff walking what i think was a Bichon,the pup looked very happy and was obviously used to socialising,such a friendly puppy.i walked into the puppy area and was happy to see the pups looking so well considering these activists make them out to be on deaths door,i overheard another member of staff talking to a customer explaining why some of the other pups could not be walked as they were not fully vaccinated and she was assuring them that they spend a lot of time with puppyies to help socialise them to help them prepare for a new home.I will definately visit again.its a lovely place.

  41. What a fascinating read this blog has been! Brace yourselves for a lengthy post.

    I first heard of D4U when my partner’s parents bought a puppy from there. I too was skeptical at first about a pet shop that sold puppies. But I went along and had a look for myself. The shop is clean, the puppies (regardless of what I read from these activists) DO look healthy and the staff are friendly and more than happy to answer your questions.

    I watched the new puppy with interest, reading so much online about how D4U sell “sick puppies”. I kept waiting for the day this little bundle of joy would keel over. The dog in question is now two years old, a calm and sweet dog with a great temperament. When picking this dog out my partner’s parents had also been looking at a rescue at the Dogs Trust. Despite them being retired and in all day they were turned down for the dog they were interested in at Dogs Trust because the staff wanted that dog to go to a home with another established dog. Poor thing would have had a wonderful home had these people not they been so short sighted with their wish list for a potential owner.

    I kept visiting the D4U store long after this event. I had lost my little dog to old age a year or so before I and I really wanted to get another with my partner when we were settled in our house. We too considered rescues but were turned away because we both worked. I’d love to know who rescue centres are looking for because in my world – people have to work to be able to afford to own a dog. It didn’t seem to matter to these places that we had already worked out care for our new family member throughout the day when we couldn’t be there. Breeders took the same view. So we were left with local ads and D4U. In this time I had actually joined the PL forum, out of pure curiosity. It seemed a strange place. They did make personal comments about the staff that worked there and indeed I too thought for all the members there only a few seemed to be vocal or attend the protests. After a few months of reading I came to the conclusion they couldn’t back up any of their claims and actually by taking the initiative to visit the store myself and ask questions I had found out far more about the puppies and how they are cared for than any of them had managed in months of snooping and shouting outside the store.

    One member of staff in particular (who I won’t name openly here as I’m sure she’d prefer not to have her name flashed around for people to get a hold of), was extremely helpful. After a few months we were on first name terms and she’d always greet me upon my visits to the store. The day we finally got the ok for a puppy from our landlord I went to look at pups (already having chosen a breed). Low and behold they had two in and the pups were brought out and we were allowed to play with them for up to an hour in the store while we mulled over which pup we felt best suited us. We were never rushed and we were left in peace to decide for ourselves. During all this talk the male pup clambered onto my lap and sat down, he picked me.

    To address the protesters that I see stood outside D4U sometimes when I visit, I’m not sure you are open to listening to both sides of the story. The placards say things like “this store sells sick puppies”. My puppy wasn’t sick, neither are any of the others that I know came from this store. Do I think D4U have sold a sick pup? Probably at some point. It’s all in the odds, when dealing with that many puppies naturally some are going to have problems as they grow. There is just as much chance of this is a pup comes from a breeders house too. They are living creatures. What I don’t understand is for a group of people who claim to love animals how you can stand outside this store and turn potential owners away, do you not care about all dogs? Do the dogs in this store have to suffer for you to make your point? Seems backwards to me. Let them find homes and happiness, who are you to deny them that?

    What I also know from reading online is that the protesters are very rude about the staff that work there, which is entirely uncalled for. These women (from my personal experience of having spent time talking to them!) really care about the puppies. They are friendly, chatty, helpful and don’t deserve the insults I see hurled at them. They work hard for their living.

    I often take my little guy back to the store to buy him toys from the shop and let the girls who helped me see how he is growing and getting along. I always think it must be satisfying for them to see the happiness the dogs have found.

    So thank you Dogs4Us. You brought a lot of joy to our lives, we can no longer remember what we used to do before we got the little guy, he’s the centre of our universe and we love him dearly. I’m so glad I gave the store a chance as I can’t imagine life without him.

    • A wonderful post @ Yorkshire lass and glad you shared It,I hope PL read It because there are right ways to sell puppies and wrong ways and D4U are doing It right, I have always bought my pups from here over the years and always found the staff friendly and helpful and never had a problem.

  42. @yorkshire_lass
    Firstly, we would like to thank you for your very aspiring comments regarding the puppy you purchased from Dogs 4 Us. It is always pleasing to receive positive comments from another one of our satisfied customers. Of course as we are all aware, it is very unfortunate if a puppy/adult dog becomes sick at any time in its life, but regretfully as we are dealing with living things, alas like ourselves things can and do go wrong from time to time as you state. Thank you for pointing out that any would be purchaser has to be sensible about this and realise that wherever they decide to purchase their puppy from, problems could arise. Pet insurance is always advisable from the onset.
    We shall also pass your comments onto our staff members based at our Leeds branch, as the majority of staff do not have time to dedicate to our blog (we are assuming this is where you purchased your puppy from) they will be most welcome and appreciated as all of our staff involved with the puppies do work very hard, as their welfare is paramount to us, before they find their new homes. It is also very disconcerting to hear the experiences you had with the rescue, how sad the criteria was set this way.
    Great to hear your little fella is bringing you joy! Unfortunately for Dogs 4 Us the animal activists don’t appear to want to hear about the many many satisfied customers whom have purchased their pup from us over the years. Thank you once again!

  43. I have purchased several dogs over the years from the Dogs 4 Us Manchester branch and I must say, the puppies are in an excellent and clean environment. All the dogs I have purchased from D4U have had a lovely temperament and have had nothing wrong with them. It is inevitable a sick pup will be sold from ANYONE, regardless if it is a breeder or a pet store. Many of my friends and family have purchased dogs from Dogs 4 Us and have had no problems. I recommend anyone who is looking for a beautiful, healthy pup to consider Dogs 4 Us. I personally would not go anywhere else. My cousin and her daughter and going soon to purchase a puppy after receiving many recommendations not just from me, but many people who have gone there. The staff are very helpful and willing to answer any questions you may have. The protesters claim they are doing it for dogs, yet are making lots of noise which may cause the puppies inside to be scared? They make no sense. Thank you Dogs 4 Us 🙂

  44. Chaos out there on Sunday on protest day.
    First you have got National Grid digging a whopping big hole or 3. I personally think they were looking for Peter Gane’s ego, nothing was found, no gas leak or ego anywhere for miles, maybe the hole wasn’t big enough .

    Then you have Mr Rocky McLean, Adrian, Rocky, Adrian, Rocky, Adrian, Rocky, Yeh! I bet you were all doing the voice again weren’t you ?

    This man finds the fact that Dogs4Us staff carrying a banner onto the car park funny, personally I find Peter Kay, Lee Evans and Billy Connelly funny.
    So by request on the next ‘Britains Got Talent’ can I ask that the D4U staff enter the competition doing the above, maybe one day they could get a slot at Butlins Skegness.

    Thirdly – We have Mrs Gwilt, with her gas guzzling sports car, supporter of McDonalds (or was) and confirmed hypocrite.
    One question I have to ask you, Why bother?
    Check out your own morals and lifestyle choices before attacking others.
    Fourthly – 7
    Fifthly – Ms Crapinsky, Please check that you know what you are talking about. Saying, and I quote, ‘Oh no, we are nothing to do with pl, we are just a group on our own affiliated to them’

    Meaning of affiliate (verb)
    to connect; to associate with; to accept as a member

    Never said a word about being blonde – honest.
    Nuff said.

    And finally

    Sixes & Sevens

    Coz thats where I am at the moment, wandering why they bother.

    Don’t forget 95% of the UK are behind you, the problem with that figure is that John Hobbit was counting, he couldn’t remember what number came after 12, eventually he remembered it was F**k Off, after all it seems that this is his favourite word.
    Probably because its the word he has had to listen to most of his life, picture it now,
    JH – ‘Sham on dugs 2 bob, cluck it doon ya ammal boozers’
    Anon – ‘OY ginge, F**k Off!’
    JH – ‘Doooooh, knot agran’

    Get the hint – YOU WILL NEVER CLOSE DOGS 4 US

  45. Here we go fellow bloggers.
    Below is a link to another pain in the ass gob sh*te.
    This particular person feels the need to constantly attack Dogs 4 Us with his pathetic verbal diarrhoea.
    So what is your problem Mr hobbit? Don’t like bullies eh? You’ve been at the receiving end, granted fireworks etc are a tad excessive, but it appears that you like to throw your toys out of the pram when you don’t get your own way.

    Feel free to copy to your browser.

    Also it appears this little man is a bonafide waste of police time, no doubt with a record to match, this was found on a Newcastle AR forum by somebody who calls themselves, One life, sums it all up really.

    Join Date: Jun 2009
    Location: north east of england
    Posts: 42

    NOTE – I have left Newcastle Animal Rights due to Jon Proctor being a total idiot within campaigning, his methods are fairly unsuccessful and always draws police attention, stopping people from actually making a difference. I left NAR just before Xmas 09.

    Also just to grind at yet another nerve, whilst you and I and many others are hard at it trying to make a decent living for our families, this little turd is claiming JSA.
    I am not against legitimate claimants of JSA but what I am against is people like the ‘Master’ who portray themselves to be ‘The Victim’. Everything they do is right ! Not !
    Do me and the country a favour, Stay in Tyneside, Use your computer to find a job and not to threaten people, find something you may be actually good at which may I add is not spelling or talking in sentences.
    … and finally ditch the high viz jacket it makes you look like a lollipop man.
    Now there’s a job you could do !
    Dependent on a CRB check of course…mmmmm !

  46. Yep seen this one in action annoying people using a megaphone on the streets, he doesn’t need one though as he has such a big mouth..cant string a sentence together mind when using it and cant spell either!

    Yet another one of lifes losers!

  47. A nursery nurse ? Can’t see it myself.
    Wouldn’t let that tramp anywhere near my goldfish never mind anyone’s kids.

  48. They must be getting desperate now over on the boycott page proctor etc all offering bribes for anyone providing inside info hahaha !

  49. @ Ed you should not read rubbish it might make you go blind ! but if they really are offering bribes for inside information give them some 🙂 like dogs4us don’t kill puppies or let them die in their kennels, nor do they knowingly sell sick puppies, nor do they abuse any animal ……… please send any renumeration for this information to donations @ PDSA thanks

  50. A fantastic new video compilation from the makers of Glamsticks aka Mr & Mrs Deboo (OOPS) Sorry just realised it was supposed to be a secret – Sorry Jon!

    Northern Animalrights States on his facebook wall,
    ‘Vegan as f@ck productions made it *for security reasons im not naming the owner of vegan as f@ck productions *

    Think its time you changed your trainers to the velcro type because the ones with laces are forever tripping you up.

    I am sure many comments relating to libel and slander will follow from this post.

    Would be good to know what pictures and text actually relate to Dogs 4 Us.

    This is a very strong message you are attempting to send, I just hope for your sake that every bit of that video is factual. Knock Knock !!

    • May I sit corrected.

      The above mentioned persons I have been led to believe are no longer the owners of Glamsticks.

      I would also like to sincerely apologise for mentioning the product you talk about so proudly.

      The above post has probably only ever been seen by Dogs 4 Us followers and AR persons, not the world, So if its not your business anymore why ya bothered ?

      If your hubby works for one of the biggest law firms in Europe, the world or whatever, I know a lot of people who will not use that firm now – Thanks!

      Boycotts can work both ways.

  51. Hobbitt or whatever your name is, you need to get off jsa and do something worthwhile like attempting to look for employment(i thought that was what jsa is.. actively looking for work?) instead of being a nuisance to legitimate businesses and society in general.

    do you know how stupid you make yourself look? probably not as your mentality levels are sadly lacking, it is an offence to harass and intimidate people is it not? an infringement of their human rights? You must be sailing very close to the wind on your stupid protests annoying the local residents getting quite a name for yourself for all the wrong reasons.

    Your local job centre (or whatever they are called nowadays) need to be made aware how you spend your time ,

  52. A very interesting compilation that is.

    I most certainly hope the owners of this business and its solicitors/lawyers are in contact with each other because if I was them I would Whoop your arse big time.

  53. What kind of message are you trying to portray with the name you give yourself ‘Veganasf-ck’.

    You state, getting the message to people about becoming vegan is all about education, as do many other potential vegan tutors !.

    How do you expect to gain peoples respect in veganism with a name like the above.

    Check out the number of views you have on the video’s you have posted on you tube, 11, 21, 64, 26. even the world famous lady gaga at 111 views didn’t drum up a viral sensation time to keep your opinion to yourself I think as it looks like nobodygivesash*t.

    Yeah I have looked at the Dogs vid on you tube, Yeah I have bought a puppy from there and it is doing ab fab. i would rather buy from here than a KC breeder, too full of themselves because its a so called ‘KC’ dog with a crufts winning Dad and blue bloodline etc etc and it ends up being a pile of shi*e. £1800 later and that’s without vet fees, i am very bitter. Bad experience never to be repeated thank you.
    Dogs 4 Us it is from now on. THANK YOU !!

  54. you cant get a message across by raving or sounding as if you are hyped up on some illegal substance, look at the bulging eyes……….hear the viciousness in the voices……….look at the body language, my my I hope they dont own a dog or any pet………let alone have a child.

    And they wonder why the public dont listen to the message………..perhaps they were brought up like this with raving parents so know little better, what a waste of time and energy……… as for using a name like veganasf@ck how many hardworking people will that turn away from the cause? they must mix with some very low life people and shows their ignorance for reality to think of using the F word, it really is not used in the majorities vocabulary.

  55. Mathai is playing hitler once again with the below comment, people have already commented “if there is no problem why pre-empt one ” to which Mathai has answered ” no comments just vote”

    Aran Mathai

    A number of members of this group have proposed the following rules for the campaign: “No one that is a member of any fascist group ie. BNP, NF or EDL will be welcome within the campaign. No racist or discriminatory language on demos or on the Boycott Dogs4us page will be allowed. Everyone else welcome.” While we have had no issues in this regard it was thought by some a good idea to pre-empt this – please vote on this, polls wil close in Monday 11pm.

    Could it be the BNP,NF, EDL are not allowed to express an opinion on animal issues? or could it be that the EDL held a demonstration in Bristol last Saturday with over 300 hundred supporters while the Harlan Beagle protest on the same day with numbers quoted in the press “approx 200” Mathai states his page is a democracy so why does he sound and look more and more like fascist dictator ?
       /ˈfæʃɪzəm/ Show Spelled[fash-iz-uhm] Show IPA
    ( sometimes initial capital letter ) a system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism.

  56. As an ex member of NAR the reason I left was because of the In-fighting and constant disagreements between Proctor and the rest,he makes a B*lls up of everything.
    If you want some ‘inside info’ you can PM me and I will (for cash remuneration) give you the Inside story on this lot

    • I’m not surprised you left little to do with helping animals lets face it . Has it not always been the case in NAR of too many chiefs , dictators and glory hunters ? ( excuse the pun ‘hunters’ ) but it’s as i see it and as i’m told . I’ts worth a try but i don’t think they need to pay cash for inside info on NAR ;0)

  57. Would just like you all to know that there is a new book out on Monday called;


    There is only 1 page in it, so to save you all going to the shops or buying it online via Amazon or whatever I have copied and pasted the page for your perusal, here goes;

    Northern Animalrights – To the other person – F*CK RIGHT OFF YOU.

    There we go, hope you enjoyed it, I was thinking of downloading it for my Kindle but I don’t think I’ll bother, What an ending tho’.

    Thank You

    (works every time I believe)

    • He can’t string a sentence together with the F word,even one of the members on his page last week said ‘why do you have to swear all the time ‘

    It has been revealed by the at the front of all the action, Ms Catherine Parrish, that members of staff were at work inside Dogs 4 Us today, Here we have Ms Parrish’ amazing exclusive press release,

    Cath Parrish
    We did a small demo at the Leeds store today and noticed that Colin Yarwood was there in his dogs4us van with a woman we hadn’t seen before, she had dark hair with a fringe and glasses. They also seemed to have a new employee today :/

    Friends of hers commented with the following,

    Mandy Gwilt – We’ll done Cath :o)

    Jan Gilmour – Oo well done xx

    Ooooooo the feeling around the camp is one of shear excitement and as the word gets around more comments are sure to be added. Ooo 😮 /

    So folks if you see somebody called Colin Yarwood driving a dogs4us van please be wary as he may be sat next to a woman with a fringe – and we all know how dangerous that can be !

    Hold on guys I think I have some more headlining news… 😉
    another member of the people at the front gate has issued the following,

    I also saw Colin Yarwood driving out in the Dogs4Us van with a middle-aged woman ( OOer Missus) with dark, short hair and a fringe who wore specs. Didn’t recognize her. Any ideas?

    Poor man can’t go anywhere without being spotted – damn it ! He seems to be generating a fanclub ;-}

    Competition time;
    Anybody who has any idea as to who the fringed, bespectacled, dark short haired woman is who sits in the dogs4us van please dial 101 and explain to the Police what a complete tu*d you are and the fact you are in desperate need of a life.

    The winner will be picked at random and the prize is……

    A weeks supply of the new Verbal Immodium tablets,
    please get somebody to read the instructions for you before taking them,
    people with g*n*er hair must take double the dose as they tend to be full of more sh*te 🙂

    GOOD LUCK. x

    • Yes, gingers need to be careful especially short loud mouthed gingers, I fear Immodium will be wasted on him because It just pours out on a daily basis…no hope for him but never mind he’s retiring soon and trying to get a proper job, alas I had to have a word with his interviewer to warn him.
      Good luck,have a nut cutlet.

  59. Fame at last for Mr Yarwood. Have they nothing better to do with their time?.This is what you get when you try to educate these types of people.

  60. Talking about nothing better to do……..

    A tale has popped up on a little known blog, about the influx of small dogs into rescue.The tale is a near replica of a recently aired TV program with a much loved celebrity presenter about a young girl giving up her two year old small dog to this well known rescue, she had it from a puppy.

    At no time was it implied or inferred the puppy was purchased from a pet shop, the girl stated that she accepted the reason this small dog had turned vicious was ” she had treated it like a baby and not as a dog “. this was proved when the dog was handed over to a smaller respected rescue, under their care and guidance and after being allowed to act like a dog it transformed into a normal happy animal.

    The moral of the story totally lost on the OP , dogs are not babies and treating them as such has dire consequences and results in them ending in rescues, they ruined the dog, cannot cope with the consequences and bung it in a rescue,nothing to do with whom bred it and where it was sold.

    The lack of originality and ability to twist a story is astounding.

    • Yes I saw the programme too and it just proves It Is the owner who has to take responsibility of rearing the dog correctly,no one forces anyone to buy a puppy and the general public will always want puppies.
      At least the lady in the programme admitted It was her own fault I.e. Not the breeders fault and not the pet shops fault.
      We should treat dogs as dogs and not anthropomorphise them.

  61. Gemma Krzesinska, the organiser of the peaceful protest at Manchester a big well done for the turn out today ‘7’, 2 dogs and an empty wheelchair. WELL DONE !!

    Time to consider early retirement from the protest outside Dogs 4 Us group and take up some more art lessons coz you’re crap at that too.

    Oh, and in response to the question by the infamous Ronnie ‘The Hat’ Lambert, quote – well done everyone xx any pups sold?

    Ms K’s reply was – not that we saw, but some going in… maybe poor retured pups 🙁

    Retured ?? what’s that then?

    No mention of the fact that Dogs 4 Us is a shop where pets and customers are more than welcome as it is a shop where people shop to browse and buy things if they want to because it’s cheaper than Pets at Home which is also a shop and when they have finished they then leave the shop and more often than not go to another shop or go home – get it?

    My honest opinion, Yawn!, I missed most of the peaceful protest, Yawn!, because I fell asleep, Yawn!

  62. Popped down to dogs 4 us today to look at the pups. There were six odd balls stood outside protesting, i asked d4u what they were doing and they filled me in and directed me to their web site. How shocked i was to read all this stuff, crazy people! Only six sorry looking individuals i could count and the carpark was full, had to drive in and then drive out again, parked outside on the main road. I was pounced upon straight away when walking past these animal activists but I didnt want to listen to the garbage and declined one of their leaflets they were trying to push in my hand.

    I fell in love with a Beautiful shih tzu and i bought him and have called him banjo.

    Didnt see any gladys bull or peter gane look alikes though,, from pictures i could identify on your blog.. never mind maybe next time eh? ha!

    These people really should get a life they looked rather pathetic stood there, no one was taking any notice of them and the place was buzzin, must be something to do with the fact you sell beautiful looking puppies,,,!

    Thank you for my banjo hes adorable. I am watching your blog with amusement!

  63. Sue Chan posts on the Peter Gane pl blog, ” Sylvia at Many Tears Rescue will be happy to enlighten him about the many puppyfarms she has seen” Good advice SUE CHAN as while there I am sure Sylvia will enlighten you on the downright stress PL have put her rescue under with their Danial Webb exposure on her, causing her web page to be hacked and crash, criminal damage to her property, the constant snipping by pl members on Dog Rescue Pages every chance they get, their own web page refusing somebody to post a dog looking for a home from Many Tears with the reason from Gilmour “we do not support Many Tears as a rescue”.

    You lot of downright bullies and liars have forgotten all this…….. others have not nor will not forget it!!!!!!!

  64. Another wannabe thinks it is ok to use Dogs 4 Us to benefit herself, Ms Redhead.
    Thanks for your poster you sent to our Manchester branch. We all think you have a brazen cheek to want Dogs 4 us to support your business when all you are doing is slagging off ours without the faintest bit of knowledge about the place
    You seriously need to wake up and smell the coffee – You make money from animals, which is against the principles of boycott dogs 4 us, but for some reason they choose to ignore that fact. But then again JP ignores Starbucks misgivings, because he chooses to and Morrissons’ support of the badger cull, because he chooses to. HYPOCRISY AT ITS FINEST.

    Here is the post,
    Jemma Redhead
    Doh, Dogs 4us facebook has banned me from posting on their page 🙁 I only posted my dog training page. a few times. You would think they would be happy that someone wants to try and fix the poor screwed up puppies and save them from being chucked into a shelter because of their behaviour problems! Ho hum

    Nope your’e wrong all I see is slander Ms Redhead, get your facts right before you mouth off.

    A licensed business are we?

  65. I don’t know whether I have sent this to the right place, but who was that mouthy piece outside your place who got carted off by the coppers.
    I was laughing me socks off when I saw it, she’s always there with her pimp, watched em’ loads of times running on your car park, sticking leaflets on cars, shouting at your customers and chasing cars, proper nut jobs they are. Why don’t you just ban em’. I work over the road at the sorting office and they even get on my nerves. Nice one hope they go away for good…scum they are

    • Hello Hazel
      We do have some beautiful Basset Hound puppies presently and you can see some of them on our Facebook pages. However, if you would like to discuss this or require any further information please do not hesitate to call us 0161 736 5010 (Manchester) or 01132 573510 (Leeds)
      Thank you.

  66. got my Doberman from here 9 years ago best dog I have ever had friendly with everyone nice no health problems
    sadly he died 27th January 2017 after a good 9 years after I’ve grieved for him will be going back for another one

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