Dogs 4 Us – Setting the Record Straight


Thanks for reading this blog.  Whether you are here by accident or if you may have been directed to it from our Facebook pages …. Welcome.

This blog is dedicated to the thousands of pet lovers in the UK and further "puppy from dogs 4 us"afield. The UK is known as a nation of pet lovers. And Dogs 4 Us have supplied many happy pet owners with a friend for life. But for a long time now we have endured a minority of people who constantly seek to tarnish our good name and reputation.

But now we are busy putting the record straight on this blog regarding a small number of members of a National Animal Rights Organisation who claim that we buy our puppies from ‘Puppy Farms’ and that our puppies are sick, dying, etc, despite the fact that we give a 6 month guarantee. Needless to say this is totally untrue.

All dog breeders that we deal with are all licensed and regulated by their Local Authority. And so are we!

All Dogs 4 Us puppies are sold with a three generation pedigree and supplied with the name and address of the breeder. We have nothing to hide.  All the puppies mothers are documented on our computer files and those of the registration club, to ensure that the mother of the pups has not bred more than three litters.

This is the standard set down by the government.  So there is no overbreeding from breeders who supply us.  From time to time we inspect the breeding establishments and we can assure you that these are all up to a good standard.

It is plain to see when you look at or hold one of our puppies they are lovely, healthy, quality pups ready to settle down in their new home. We are sick and tired of these so called Animal Campaigners who sit at home all day at the taxpayers expense (indeed there are many of us) fabricating all of this garbage regarding puppy farms and trying to plant the seed of doubt in the public’s mind.

We are open 7 days per week so you can view our puppies without having to make an appointment (this is something most breeders will insist upon) and, therefore, see for yourself the quality of pups.  We also have a vet in daily attendance, again this would be very rare for any other establishment to offer this facility. So, what does all this mean for you the consumer?

We are passionate here at Dogs 4 Us about where we purchase our puppies from.  What these Animal Activists fail to realise is that we are a fully licensed establishment to sell puppies, therefore, this means that we are regulated and subject to announced and unannounced inspections at any time.

You do not have to make an appointment to come and see us, you can walk in freely at any time.  All our staff are dedicated professionals and have worked at Dogs 4 Us for many years.

Our staff all care passionately about the puppies in our care and are proud that for the short time they are with us, they are warm, well fed and cared for before eventually finding their real homes as loyal family pets.

The people we refer to are trying to mar what should be one of the most positive and joyful experiences in your life, when deciding to purchase your new pet. Because we offer such an outstanding service and guarantee, we have repeat customers, who also recommend us to their family and friends because it gives them confidence in us and our pups and it follows that they will return to buy an additional pet. We will reveal to you over the coming weeks and months just who these people are and how they operate.

We will show how all the people in this group are not prepared to identify themselves.  They do in fact use pseudo (false) names in the hope they will not be identified.  Some of them use several false names (however, we do know their identity and whereabouts) of a lot of these individuals.

We shall be updating this site on a regular basis with new information so please feel free to log in and also visit our Facebook pages (Leeds & Manchester) for further information on our beautiful pedigree puppies. Thank you for reading this long introduction, one that we feel was necessary so that you are getting the complete picture.


(Aran Mathai’s own words)

Thank you to Neil Parish MP (Chairman of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee) who joined Boycott Dogs4Us and Stop pet shops selling puppies and holding puppy ‘stock’ outside Parliament. Thank you to him and other MPs for speaking strongly for a ban on the sale of puppies in pet shops during the debate as well.

Here is Aran Mathai stood with Mr Neil Parish MP for Tiverton & Honiton. We contacted Mr Parish and told him the truth about Aran Mathai and his associates, ie, that they are unemployed benefit scroungers some with criminal convictions, who persist in targeting licensed and regulated businesses. We also forwarded links about Mathai’s warped views.

Mathai and his mother told Mr Parish that they were his constituents!


As you can see from the letter (below) to Dogs 4 Us from Mr Parish he was deceived by the Mathai’s.

Mr Parish also apologised for standing with Mathai and does not support his extreme animal activist views and did not realise that the banner he was holding was in relation to attacking the business of Dogs 4 Us.

We accept Mr Parish’s apology and believe he was deceived by this group as are so many other people!


In his attempt to further blacken the name of Dogs 4 Us Aran Mathai and his cronies are actively encouraging people to leave fake Google reviews about our company.

These people have never had any dealings with Dogs 4 Us but are following like sheep Aran Mathai’s suggestions.

You and your cronies are treading very dangerous ground Aran Mathai  as in this very recent much publicised article in the national newspapers shows a case being taken to the High Court for the very same thing……  Oops!!!!

This has been well publicised in The Independent, Daily Express, Daily Mail & The Sun.


Aran Mathai animal activist in need of a reality check?

Your totally fake reviews as per the screenshot above where you actively encourage people to commit fraud may come back to bite you on the butt!

Same suit different protest!

Mathai is linked to the Animal Liberation Front and has been for many years.

Non-Humans first? But how many sentient beings have you rescued = None!

Pictured here trying to convince The Green Party & Leeds council! 

Even with numerous appearances in the UK courts he is still clutching at straws.

Dogs 4 Us recently received a letter from Mr Neil Parish MP for Tiverton & Honiton (see below) who apologised for standing alongside Boycott Dogs4Us outside Parliament. He was told at that time by Mathai and his mother that they were his constituents, however, he realised afterwards this was not the case but they were in fact animal welfare activists. He regrets any misunderstanding and is not calling for a public boycott of Dogs 4 Us

No politician or party is interested in what you have to say. You can create as many online petitions, protest wherever you want or attack business’s making false claims via social media but it is having no impact at all!


Firstly may we apologise to those of you of a nervous disposition, expectant mothers, infirm or easily frightened the photographs below are of protester and Dogs 4 Us hater Steven McLean. This guy has a bit of a habit of posting on social media about people being ugly.

We thought the public would be the better judge !!

McLean has been a prolific moaner…oops…protestor outside many a licensed business over the years but never seems to get any results…I wonder why? No credibility maybe?

Somebody during an online slanging match stated that the dirty thuggish hippies (including McLean) like SHAC and ALF supporters (Mathai and others were also part of these groups) should be spat on and executed, McLeans reply to this was, I aren’t dirty, I aren’t thuggish and I aren’t a hippy, I dress smartly and are well educated (that’s debatable).

We thought the public would be the better judge !!

Ever heard the radio advert ‘wanna get your moneys worth’? Well McLean certainly does, these smart pants and smart jacket certainly gave him his money’s worth they’ve been to more protests than Nicola Robinsons had KFC…and believe us that’s a lot!


If this is what Veganism and Roll-Ups does to you I think I’ll give it a miss thank you.


Finally just for the record, Mclean recently posted about having a photo of his house put up on a blog and stating that he lived their 2 years prior and was hoping for Dogs 4 Us people to protest outside his house he then said he was disappointed nobody turned up. How did you know nobody turned up if you didn’t live there any more? Also for the record a certain Nicola Robinson was the member of staff that was crouched under your window that day and nearly got spotted by you!

Proving once again she was 100% behind Dogs 4 Us and totally against the people who protested outside our business.

More to follow so stay tuned… to our blog


Claire McNeill has an awful lot to say about our licensed, regulated and inspected business Dogs 4 Us.  She stages regular protests outside our business premises along with Nicola Robinson the ex disgruntled employee who no doubt you will have read all about on our blog.

As she cant stop talking about us we don’t think she will mind us returning the favour.

Claire McNeill professed to a member of our staff that she was a solicitor (telesales to you & us) but recently has turned her hand to being a self employed dog walker/home boarding although we doubt very much she has received any formal training or holds any qualifications in this respect. What a hypocrite she is using puppies and dogs to make a living.

With her band of merry men who turn up on protest days she states puppies should not be sold in pet shops and wants third party sales banned and has singled out our legitimate business trading in excess of 50 years in slating it non stop.  She alongside the ex employee Nicola Robinson who started a personal vendetta against the owner and our business because she was dismissed from our employment way back in 2012 for gross misconduct.

What double standards Claire McNeill has as we have seen on one of her facebook videos her walking in excess of six dogs (the legal max requirement is six per person) off the lead. She has also posted a couple of videos of her walking 2 Dalmations in a local cemetery again off the lead which is against The Dog exclusions Act 2011, (pictures below). She thinks its ok to show these videos to bolster her new business. She is deluded!

Here we have a photo of one of the dogs urinating within the cemetery grounds.

In spite of the local cemetery asking people to keep dogs on a lead here we see her with two dogs running havoc through the beautiful flower displays and having little respect for the grounds or the people who have loved ones buried there.

Below is a screenshot of the Dog Exclusions Act 2011 and Salford Councillor and residents views on the matter of dog walking in restricted areas.

For the avoidance of doubt and as proof, we took a couple of pictures to show the location within Agecroft Cemetery where she allowed without sentiment the dogs to roam freely.

We think its time to stop treading the moral high ground McNeill as you are now making a living out of animals but want the breeding of dogs stopped.  Now that would be a disaster for you wouldn’t it no more dogs to walk or board?


Get it ? Got it? Good!

Much more to follow  keep tuned to our blog…



Aran Mathai has been an  activist  since the age of 15. He has been arrested on numerous occasions,  appeared in court for harassment  to legitimate businesses and also  to members of the public. Injunctions have been obtained against him and his mother Rachel Mathai. He appears to jump on any cause that may bring him public acclaim and notoriety as an activist.

Fullscreen capture 05082016 174859

Mathai and his fellow associate activists have been described as “quasi-terrorists” using extreme measures to strike fear into innocent employees of companies that conduct a business opposing any of their fanatical views.

They were involved in a campaign against a large pharmaceutical company some of the “quasi-terrorists” activities was to send used sanitary towels claiming that the sender had aids, they also paint stripped people’s cars, sent them false and real incendiary devices and spray painted outside of houses, found where employees lived and wrote to neighbours claiming that the employee was a rapist, others made claims that employees were paedophiles  and to be aware of this. Three individuals committed violent assault on employees of a company they opposed. These are just a few of the things  Mathai and his associates are alleged to have been involved in.

When challenged recently if Mathai had a job he replied “yes”. We assume this is running his numerous activist web pages.

Please see  the links below which are in the public domain:

You can copy and paste to your browser or click the link if it allows you to.

Aran Mathai & his mother Rachel Mathai have orchestrated a similar campaign against our company trying to terrorise staff by following them home, trying to break into our premises when staff were locked inside (please see previous post on this blog). He has dressed in AR garb trying to strike fear into our employees and customers, made numerous false, harassing telephone calls to the company, made numerous FALSE complaints to our licensing authority and others (no evidence was ever found to substantiate his wholly untrue allegations)

Fullscreen capture 17032017 162619

Aran Mathai and Rachel Mathai were prosecuted  by the police and convicted in 2014 for persistently making use of a public communication network to cause annoyance/inconvenience/anxiety to our company.

Aran Mathai, Rachel Mathai and Luke Beevers have criminal records due to their activists campaigns.

Along with Dogs 4 Us they are still continuing their campaign of persecuting other legal and licensed businesses, the latest one being Cambridgeshire against Astrazeneca planning. If you wish to view this site please conduct a facebook search for Cambridge against Astrazeneca Planning  where you will see Aran Mathai and Rachel Mathai extremely busy running to numerous locations up and down the country.  We do wonder who pays for their travel costs?!

You can also conduct a Facebook search for Rickmansworth against Skanska where you will see numerous pictures of Aran  Mathai and  Luke Beevers lounging around causing a nuisance in companies reception areas, for some reason they do not feel they should post these pictures on CAP site (which is run by Rachel Mathai)

Further updates to follow…..
















 20170220_094816 (3)

These two came into our premises on two separate occasions recently  (in fact they come into Dogs 4 Us  on a regular basis)  the first being at  five minutes to nine in the evening when our staff politely informed them that we would be closing very soon.

They returned the following evening as they were obviously acting on instructions from Claire McNeill and Nicola Robinson (the ex-disgruntled employee of Dogs4Us) to obtain photographs of our beautiful puppies, litter information cards and any potential incriminating information, then passing the information on in an attempt to make a story out of it on social media. Sorry but you failed on all counts. We thought we would let you see the CCTV images of the 2 culprits as we would like to publicly make you aware that we know who you are and although we will save you the embarrassment of naming you we would like to make it clear that you are not welcome on our premises again.

We were also informed by a reliable source that one of the snitches is an Assistant Manager of a branch of Burger King! No hypocrisy there then!

Perhaps you will think twice about getting involved with people who have nothing better to do other than conduct a personal vendetta against the owner, staff and the business of Dogs 4 Us … we feel sorry for you that you obviously have nothing better to do with your time.