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Thanks for reading this blog.  Whether you are here by accident or if you may have been directed to it from our Facebook pages …. Welcome.

This blog is dedicated to the thousands of pet lovers in the UK and further "puppy from dogs 4 us"afield. The UK is known as a nation of pet lovers. And Dogs 4 Us have supplied many happy pet owners with a friend for life. But for a long time now we have endured a minority of people who constantly seek to tarnish our good name and reputation.

But now we are busy putting the record straight on this blog regarding a small number of members of a National Animal Rights Organisation who claim that we buy our puppies from ‘Puppy Farms’ and that our puppies are sick, dying, etc, despite the fact that we give a 6 month guarantee. Needless to say this is totally untrue.

All dog breeders that we deal with are all licensed and regulated by their Local Authority. And so are we!

All Dogs 4 Us puppies are sold with a three generation pedigree and supplied with the name and address of the breeder. We have nothing to hide.  All the puppies mothers are documented on our computer files and those of the registration club, to ensure that the mother of the pups has not bred more than four litters.

This is the standard set down by the government.  So there is no overbreeding from breeders who supply us.  From time to time we inspect the breeding establishments and we can assure you that these are all up to a good standard.

It is plain to see when you look at or hold one of our puppies they are lovely, healthy, quality pups ready to settle down in their new home. We are sick and tired of these so called Animal Campaigners who sit at home all day at the taxpayers expense (indeed there are many of us) fabricating all of this garbage regarding puppy farms and trying to plant the seed of doubt in the public’s mind.

We are open 7 days per week so you can view our puppies without having to make an appointment (this is something most breeders will insist upon) and, therefore, see for yourself the quality of pups.  We also have a vet in daily attendance, again this would be very rare for any other establishment to offer this facility. So, what does all this mean for you the consumer?

We are passionate here at Dogs 4 Us about where we purchase our puppies from.  What these Animal Activists fail to realise is that we are a fully licensed establishment to sell puppies, therefore, this means that we are regulated and subject to announced and unannounced inspections at any time.

You do not have to make an appointment to come and see us, you can walk in freely at any time.  All our staff are dedicated professionals and have worked at Dogs 4 Us for many years.

Our staff all care passionately about the puppies in our care and are proud that for the short time they are with us, they are warm, well fed and cared for before eventually finding their real homes as loyal family pets.

The people we refer to are trying to mar what should be one of the most positive and joyful experiences in your life, when deciding to purchase your new pet. Because we offer such an outstanding service and guarantee, we have repeat customers, who also recommend us to their family and friends because it gives them confidence in us and our pups and it follows that they will return to buy an additional pet. We will reveal to you over the coming weeks and months just who these people are and how they operate.

We will show how all the people in this group are not prepared to identify themselves.  They do in fact use pseudo (false) names in the hope they will not be identified.  Some of them use several false names (however, we do know their identity and whereabouts) of a lot of these individuals.

We shall be updating this site on a regular basis with new information so please feel free to log in and also visit our Facebook pages (Leeds & Manchester) for further information on our beautiful pedigree puppies. Thank you for reading this long introduction, one that we feel was necessary so that you are getting the complete picture.

The Bullying & Harassment continues

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A typical example of how this group of animal activists conduct themselves on the Internet by leaving one star reviews on the google page (we have the screenshots to prove it) however they decided to remove some of the comments from their page, when it was mentioned in some of our recent content. This is the childish methods they use to bully, harass and intimidate the business of Dogs4Us trying to cause us potential harm. It is against the law to leave false reviews to deceive people but they think they are above the law. They have even organised telephone campaigns harassing our staff and business but this was dealt with very successfully when we informed the police.
They have been attacking us on social media for years but we are not prepared to put up with their continuous intimidation and bullying and feel it is time for us to speak out
We fail to see why they continually attack us when we are not responsible for licenses issued to breeders. They should be speaking to the local authorities around the country but this requires too much effort and they have been trying to target Dogs4Us for everything relating to the breeding of dogs.
We shall be adding some content regarding a recent documentary to our page soon.
More information to follow shortly.

Breeders & Licences

There are many individuals and organisations who play a central role in contributing to the pet industry therefore contributing to the economy itself. Firstly let us start with the breeders themselves.
There are licensed breeders who are inspected and regulated by their respective licensing authority. They are responsible for how many breeding dogs would be allowed on the premises the facilities that are offered and also for ensuring that standards are maintained and any improvements that are needed from time to time for the welfare of mum and her puppies.
Let us start with commercial licensed breeders. These breeders are allowed to breed on a larger scale (they are often referred to as puppy farms). This is unfair and gives a false representation as these breeders are and should be monitored closely to ensure that standards are high and being met at all times.
It is important to remember that it is the responsibility of each licensing authority who grants the breeding establishment a licence that all conditions are implemented and ensure this is the case by regular inspections of the premises whether this is announced or a unannounced visit.
Then their are unlicensed breeders these breeders must not produce more than four litters a year or they must register as a breeder with their local authority. It is against the law not to comply with this prerequisite.
There are many individuals as seen in the press and media who have been advertising and selling puppies online or from premises where they cannot be traced. Usually this has resulted in a lot of heartache as purchasers have been duped as the puppy has not been properly vaccinated or vet checked and the buyer simply has no comeback if something should go wrong. There are many of these individuals that are going under the radar or not declaring an income from these type of puppy sales.
In this regard our business is completely open and transparent and always has been.
Our site at Manchester has been in operation for over 50 years and meeting the criteria of our local authority. The welfare of our puppies is paramount and that is why every single puppy that we sell is vet checked, vaccinated, wormed and micro chipped before it leaves our premises. All puppies stay with us for a period of 48 hours before selling to the general public. It is well documented that we always encourage a responsible purchase and like to ensure that the purchaser has done some form of research into their breed choice and their home environment is suitable and will meet all aspects of receiving a puppy to ensure it has the best possible start in life.
We would never knowingly sell a puppy to have any kind of defect or illness as it would not be in our interest to do so as we give a six month guarantee with every pedigree puppy and are the only establishment in the country that offers this. However, one has to be pragmatic that occasionally things can go wrong as a living thing can be subject to illness. We always encourage a purchaser to take out some form of pet insurance to cover for any unforeseen circumstances that may arise. It is a fact that only 5% of puppies born in the U.K. are sold at pet shops.
We shall be covering more topics soon please check back for regular updates.

Some true facts for you to consider

These masked animal activists have had many dealings with the police and have several criminal convictions against their names. We will discuss this in more detail later on.
They target many licensed, regulated and tax paying businesses on a regular basis with their obscene views and totally impractical ideas.
One of the dreams these people have is to ban the third party sales of pets. To most intelligent people this ideology will not work. (For the record only 5% of puppies born in the U.K. are sold to pet shops. Most are sold on line! )
For instance this will guarantee the sales of puppies to go unregulated and underground.
Ask yourself this question – would you prefer to buy a puppy from a long established, law abiding, licensed, inspected and regulated premises where not only are the puppies welfare put first, with the best care available and a six month guarantee but also come from licensed professional breeders with decades of experience and knowledge or Joe Bloggs from down the road where there is no traceability of the puppies? They are not vet checked, have no comeback or guarantee.
Over time we will pick over their ridiculous and frankly libellous claims and expose these activists and their crimes too.

Dogs 4 Us Boycotters Unmasked

This page is dedicated to reveal the true characters of the individuals who protest against the licensed, inspected and regulated business Dogs4Us who are trading legally.
We shall prove the lengths they have gone to by bullying, intimidating and harassing our business over many years, not only to the business itself but to the staff and its customers.
Over the coming weeks we shall reveal the truth and background to the individuals behind Boycott Dogs 4 Us and the tactics and measures they use, all of which go unseen by the general public and social media users.
Please follow our page as we reveal the dark side of this group and their links to others.
We shall also be talking about the breeding of puppies in the U.K. and what really is a puppy farm and do they exist?
This is just another name for a commercial licensed breeder but puppy farm sounds more sensational and we presume why this term is used so much.
Why would these people want to continually target our business which is licensed, regulated and inspected by our licensing authority. We are not breaking any laws and have been trading as a pet shop for more than 50 years meeting public demand. We have many thousand of happy customers and repeat customers.
We are open and transparent and always have been.
The truth will be exposed on this page very soon!

Danny Jones from McFly visits Dog 4 Us

Danny Jones from McFly and his Pedigree Lhasa Apso Puppy Dogs 4 Us had a surprise visitor today as Danny Jones one quarter of the boy band McFly decided to pay us a visit. Danny was accompanied by his mum, sister and grandmother.

Danny and his family had obviously done their homework before coming to see us as they decided on purchasing one of our beautiful Lhasa Apso puppies.

The puppy was a birthday surprise for Danny’s mum and they have called him Hendrix.

Danny and his band members have enjoyed chart success over the years with hits including, It’s All About You, Don’t Stop Me Now, Star Girl, Baby’s Coming Back/Transylvania amongst others. McFly have sold 10 million records to date worldwide. McFly have just finished their Greatest hits Tour to promote their 2012 Memory Lane – the Best of McFly album and Danny was taking a break after all the travelling.

However, today it was all about choosing a puppy for his proud mum and here he is pictured with that stunning puppy. Danny tells us his mum was recommended to Dogs 4 Us through family friends.

Danny is one of a long line of celebrity clients to purchase one of our beautiful, healthy pedigree puppies and we would like to thank Danny and his family for once again endorsing Dogs 4 Us as the No 1 place to choose when considering your pedigree puppy.

We hope you enjoy your new addition and he brings you lots of untold happiness.

Yaya Toure – Manchester City

Bichon Frise Puppies For SaleWow, guess who has recently become the most recent of the many celebrity customers we have here at Dogs 4 Us? Yet another of the UK’s most famous footballing talents Yaya Toure of Manchester City.

The midfielder, who played over 100 matches for Barcelona before moving to Manchester, is now the proud owner of two beautiful and healthy Bichon Frise puppies.

Thanks guys for visiting Dogs 4 Us for your new Pedigree Puppy and we hope you enjoy having one of these beautiful dogs. Congratulations from all of us here at Dogs 4 Us.

Yet again, Dogs 4 Us has proven to be the favourite choice for celebrity owners when it comes to buying their beautiful, healthy pedigree puppies.

Peter Gane ~ Is he in danger of bringing any Charity into disrepute?

Readers of our blog will know the history of Peter Gane and his countless attempts to discredit anyone with opposing views to his own.

You are all aware that Peter Gane lived in Cornwall and has recently moved to Somerset and he is now alleging to be a trustee of local charities.

Readers and supporters of our blog will be fully aware of Peter Gane’s numerous false profiles and his negative activity on the internet.

This would have been an ideal time to clean up any negative material that affects his reputation, however, we have categoric evidence that this is not the case.

In view of his personal, vicious attacks and comments aimed at individuals and our Company Dogs 4 Us we have to question and bring to our readers attention if he would be breaking the Code of Conduct that applies to all Charities? Which is that Directors, Trustees, employees and volunteers should be unbiased, impartial and neutral.

This is our tenth post on Peter Gane (as he seems to be counting). Links to the other articles can be found on this article. Only 590 post remaining … :)

Peter Gane Updated Profile

The Real Peter Anthony Gane and two false profile pictures

The Real Peter Anthony Gane and two false profile pictures

Peter Gane has conducted a campaign against our Company Dogs 4 Us for nearly 12 months. Initially in an anonymous capacity and after being exposed by us as the anonymous blogger he had no option but to own up to his deception conducted whilst living in Treworga, Cornwall and has continued with his campaign since moving to Shepton Montague in Somerset.

One of the ludicrous claims Peter Gane makes is that Dogs 4 Us have made 600+ attempts to smear him (if he didn’t keep giving us fresh ammunition we wouldn’t have any fresh bullets to fire).

Below are the blogs we have already done on Peter Gane

Peter Gane blogs as Gladys May Bull (deceased)

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Peter Anthony Gane masquerades as Gladys Bull once again

Peter Gane exposed as a fraud

Is Mr Gane breaking the rules?

Please feel free to click the links above to read about this.

As you can see there are nine links plus this one … so to prove Peter Gane correct we have another 590 remaining to post!

It appears to us that Peter Gane enjoys being the centre of attention and as we like to accommodate people we are more than happy to oblige :)

For the missing 590 posts keep tuned to our blog… :)

Caught In The Act!! ~ Animal Activists trespass at Dogs 4 Us

Activists caught in the act

On the 27th January 2013 these four individuals (Aran Mathai, Tod Bradury, Catherine Parrish & Luke Beevers) amongst others were protesting outside our licensed, legitimate business.  They shouted abuse through megaphones and taunted our staff and members of the public as they usually do.  They also trespassed onto our land and premises and tried to film our puppies and staff. They were verbally abusive, all witnessed by our customers and they left just before the police arrived.

Luke Beevers, Tod Bradbury and Aran Mathai

Luke Beevers, Tod Bradbury and Aran Mathai (from left to right)

Not content with causing an “aggravated trespass” they returned after the store was closed and were seen to trespass yet again (the same four individuals – Mathai, Bradbury, Parrish & Beevers). Parrish is seen trying one of our doors while the others watch, all recorded on our CCTV cameras.

When our staff left the premises they were waiting for them and followed them and hurled abuse. One of our staff members was also followed part of the way home in her vehicle. These incidents were reported to the police and logged.

On the 14th March 2013 as several of our staff left our premises once again these animal activists: Aran Mathai, Tod Bradbuy, Catherine Parrish & Luke Beevers were waiting for them.  Our staff were actually on their way to enjoy a quiet evening with their friends for a meal when once again they were verbally abused and taunted after work.

Parrish and Beevers

Luke Beevers & Catherine Parrish

Luke Beevers & Catherine Parrish are due to attend Leeds Crown Court on March 21st 2013 after pleading guilty to two offences of interference with contractual relationships so as to harm an animal research organisation contrary to S145 of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 and face possible custodial sentences.

We are publishing these facts and images to show the public what we and other businesses who are trading legally and with a license to do so have to put up with.

The police are currently investigating these reports of trespass and abuse of our staff which has been reported to them.

For further updates on these Animal Activists stay tuned to our blog..


Kym Marsh … Coronation Street Actress Pops Into Dogs 4 Us

Kym Marsh at Dogs 4 UsKym enjoyed chart success as a member of Hear’Say and also as a solo artist. She also participated in Popstar to Operastar.

Kym has now become an established actress and is well known for her part in Coronation Street playing the role of Michelle Connor.

Kym is pictured here with her son David, daughter Emily and “Barney” their beautiful Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy purchased recently from Dogs 4 Us.

Kym was recommended to us by her colleague the lovely Michelle Keegan the well known actress also in Coronation Street who plays the part of Tina McIntyre in the soap.

Kym we hope you enjoy Barney the new addition to the family and thank you for choosing Dogs 4 Us the No. 1 place to purchase your pedigree puppy!